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Youth Speaker, Amanda Hammett has heard some CRAZY stories from teenagers across the US about their dating lives.

I think we are on to something here. The more weekly videos that come out from me about dating the more questions we seem to get. So this week, we decided to focus dating rules for girls. I only cover 3 in this week's video. I made sure that the 3 I cover this week have been hot topics of discussion amongst the students I meet from across North America. Trust me…I hear some totally cray-cray stories (including the one I share for the 1st rule….I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I heard this story!!)
And don't worry guys…we'll have you on the hot seat next week!!
Don't go pick him up or meet him somewhere. If he really wants to go out with you, he can make the effort to come and pick you up at your house…even if it means he has to go through the scary process of meeting your parents. I had someone tell me recently that a guy she went out with texted her from his car…which was in her driveway to tell her that he was there to pick her up. Seriously…who does that? WTF man??!?!?!
If he asks you out on a Thursday for Friday or even Saturday night…you have better things to do because basically going out with you is an after thought or maybe his weekend plans changed and now he is trying to line up a Plan B. Don't be his PLAN B!!! You've got too much going on (and too much self-respect) to sit around waiting for him. I don't care how cute he is!! If he wants to see you he needs to plan ahead. And I think it goes without saying…but don't just be sitting with your cell phone in your hand waiting for him to call or text. You have a life…live it…and text him back…later.
I recently spoke at a student organization and had some time afterwards to hang out with a small group of students and the topic turned to dating. One of the guys in the group told me that every girl he goes out with will either barely speak on their date or she won't stop talking long enough to answer the questions she asked him.
So here's the deal…a date should have conversation. And conversation isn't one sided. At the end of your date you should have learned as much about him as you have told him about yourself. Now if you are so shy that you have a hard time thinking about things to ask your date about, then maybe you should take some time before your date to do a little prep work…you know some conversation starters…some things you really want to know about your date. This will at least help you get some conversation rolling.
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  • CantStopSandman 2 years ago

    at 0:45 i thought she said “make him cum” lol

  • Cole McKown 2 years ago

    Why are telling girls how to be retards and the reason makes find them so
    confusing? They’re supposed to say no because they were asked on Thursday?