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  • PDW Boss 3 years ago

    Whven a girl says lets make out does she usally mean toug or no

  • Denoseyhan WWE 3 years ago

    My first kiss was a french kiss. And the bad thing is that I was so drunk
    that I can barely remember it.

  • Stampy Eyes 3 years ago

    My first kiss didn’t go well because i got dumped and cheated on

  • Jordan Connelly 3 years ago

    no not yet sadly

  • Eyless Topanga 3 years ago

    would it be good to kiss my boyfriend in the middle of the kissing scene in
    “the Fault In Our Stars?”

  • Beth German 3 years ago

    I finally kissed my boyfriend. He did it when I was in the middle of a

  • Scarlet Diamonds 3 years ago

    Not been able to yet, But once he’s over here, I will. But I get so many
    butterflies just thinking about it.

  • Cory Chung 3 years ago

    My first kiss won’t feel good? that kinda worries me, since im going to the
    movies with this girl this friday :/
    Oh well, hope it goes well, subscribed still :p

  • Isabelle Rines 3 years ago

    I am going into middle school. I really like this one boy who I have known
    since kindergarten and I have been friend zoned. At one point ( this past
    school year) I told him that I had liked him in 2nd grade a lot, which
    seemed to make him happy. I am going to see him on Thursday for schedule
    pick-up and we were both accepted for the same technology and engineering
    club and we have similar interests. I can’t wait to see him, but my
    question is how do I know if he likes me, should I try to ask him to the
    dance, should I even like some one yet, and if I can get him to go to the
    dance with me should I dance with him or try to kiss him???

  • alli kat 3 years ago

    Im in junior high & all of my friends have had their kiss (iust need to get
    out more instead of wAtching netflix) anyways im scares to have my first
    kiss with someone i like i mean what if i suck and we never talk again, at
    the same time i want it to be with someone special so my first kiss isnt w/
    someone im just using to practice please help

  • jett birkett 3 years ago

    also my name is Jett so that’s kindof cool

  • Wafflezzz123Gaming 3 years ago

    I was 13 when I had my first kiss she kissed me at mt house cause I was
    nervous. Then later we were making out. But literally all your kissing
    videos help me with my girlfriends. I watched them all the time and it made
    me better and kissing. Thank you Jet and Star! +The Wing Girls 

  • taylor dunn 3 years ago

    I haven’t had my first kiss yet, but all of my friends are in relationships
    entering high school, then here’s me,single and they are all talking about
    kissing their bf/gf, is it ok for me to all alone and just wait for the
    right time?

  • Nicole Nicoleo 3 years ago

    I’m gonna be a sophomore in HS and never kissed anyone, which is the same
    for at least half of my grade, but it is still overwhelming. Some people
    started having sex in the 7th grade and I am still where I am. Your video
    made me feel like I was not alone and I am glad I waited, because at least
    now thanks to Youtube, I have much more relationship knowledge than other
    freshmen:) And there’s this cute guy in the grade above, and I really hope
    he likes me! It hasn’t went anywhere yet because I don’t know how he
    feels. Obviously if he doesn’t feel the same I will pull away (but I am
    taking I slow and just making conversation), but if he does, I don’t know
    where to go from there. It just feels nice to unload how afraid I am and
    how much I like this boy anonymously so no one I know can see it! Anyone
    have any advice for me? I don’t know what to feel right now lolz. btw im
    not interested in sex I am talking about the whole kissing thing

  • Jessica Biersack 3 years ago

    had my first real kiss last week, gotta say I wasn’t disappointed aha ;3

  • haley davis 3 years ago

    No omg I’m so scared cause my bf I think wants to to kiss him

  • jett birkett 3 years ago

    Hey Jet and Star thanks for making this video because I’ve been wanting to
    kiss my girlfriend so thanks guys :)

  • Jack B 3 years ago

    WHAT yearssss…..

  • DJ_TREVY 3 years ago

    I met this girl this summer and we both really like each other. I live in
    Texas, she lives in Oklahoma. We talk constantly and I’m going to go visit
    her. She’s made it obvious in our conversations that she wants me to kiss
    her, but I’ve never kissed anyone and she doesn’t know that. I’m gonna see
    her in a couple days and I’m nervous on what I should do. I want to kiss
    her but I’m wondering if it should be long or short when I see her. Any
    advice or tips?

  • Beatriz Bernardino 3 years ago

    I´m going to get my first kiss tomorrow! I´m so nervous about it… :/
    And thanks for the tips! :)

  • wyatt webb 3 years ago

    Mine was with a girl 3 years older than me and it was kinda awkward and I
    got it because I dared her to. 

  • Jake Backster 3 years ago

    My first kiss was with my best friend and it was kind of awkward…we
    didn’t see each other for about a week…

  • ally sanchez 3 years ago

    i have been dating this guy for eight monthes his best friend his always
    telling me how he is wanting to go for the first kiss he said that he has
    not done it yet because he does not know if i want to do it to how do i
    show him that i am ready too btw i am 13

  • MusicLoveFreedom32 3 years ago

    “Nooo! I’m a grown up now!” This actually helps a lot. I’ve been nervous
    about having my first kiss and my current boyfriend is super sweet and I
    freak out easily. This makes it better. 

  • darkfiremanga 3 years ago

    yep few days ago got a wow… anyone know what that means because i don’t


  • Chaundra Austin 3 years ago

    Your so right, lol first kisses arent great. my boyfriend kissed half of my
    lip. for my first kiss XD

  • megaptosh 3 years ago

    For your first kiss should u like French kiss or regular kiss wat do girls

  • xBrenn 3 years ago

    I’m scared lol. Insecure as *** :(

  • II Ranga Gaming II 3 years ago

    mine was terrible, she went in super fast and I freaked out. Now its kinda

  • kimberly perez 3 years ago

    My first kiss was with wrong person : (. But now I have a boyfriend and he
    gave my first real kiss or at least I count as my first kiss. 

  • Annmarie Grant 3 years ago

    Love your videos!!!

  • TwYsTeR 3 years ago

    My first kiss was acctually pretty fuc*ing bad because im a bad kisser and
    she is a bad kisser so yeah.and also i think she licked my teeth

  • MLG-progaming 3 years ago

    Thanks girls me and my beautiful girlfriend just had our first kiss today
    and it rocked thank you so much!!! :)

  • Please Love 3 years ago

    I had my first kiss. It was with a girl that shouldn’t of been there to
    take my lips virginity. But… This friday. I am meeting up with a girl.
    This girl is important to me. I’m hoping I wont regret it

  • Kate Jennings 3 years ago


  • lucy dickinson 3 years ago

    I had my frist kiss it was amazing but embarasing because we where on the
    back of a mini bus and all my mates were talking then me started kissing
    then tounges got involved then one of my friends turned round looked at me
    and my boyfriend while we were kissing and the shouted OMG they r snogging.
    Then the rest of the bus turned round and started watching us someone even
    videod us. He kept kissing me on the neck and stuff but not tounging. I
    love kissing but i think we need to find somewhere priverte. I love your
    channels videos and u guys.

  • Valeria Miguel 3 years ago

    My first kiss only lasted 4 seconds….. but it was awesome….. nUn

  • cesar contreras 3 years ago

    what if both people like each other very, very much and only one of them is
    a kissing virgin?

  • desirae gould 3 years ago

    What happens if like my bf never texts me but he always talks to me at
    school and that is it 

  • Viktor Isaksson 3 years ago

    you are so AMAZING! You giving great advices! You must do a video just
    about how to practice kissing! 

  • Gabe Frommer 3 years ago

    Just yesterday it was my first, as u can see I’m watching these cuz it
    sucked but I’m gonna work on it 

  • demi lovato 3 years ago

    I really stress about my first kiss. so look, i have a boyfriend and we
    have been dating for like 2 weeks now and when we’re in our music class he
    always tells me to come over to him because he has to tell me something and
    ends up trying to kiss me and i freak out and go back to my seat. Pretty
    soon, he’s going to want to kiss and i don’t if i’ll be ready. i mean don’t
    get me wrong, my boyfriend is HOTT and i want to kiss him, i’m just a
    little scared? does that make sense?? please help!

  • Joshua Castilleja 3 years ago

    Great Advice thank you so much!

  • rashad milhouse 3 years ago

    Had my first kiss a few days ago. Although it more like a make out session.
    I basically followed her lead the entire time. At first I thought i was
    doing it all kinds of wrong so I told her it was my first time and she
    seemed surprise. It was either that or she didn’t want me to feel bad.

  • michael ballard 3 years ago

    I really need to know how do you kiss someone with braces for the first

  • desirae gould 3 years ago

    Thank you
    Love you guys

  • Kaylie Hopkins 3 years ago

    You guys are hilarious! Had my first kiss this summer and like you guys
    said it was slime city.