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  • Br3nt 4 years ago

    Part at the end is true, about through friends… I know about 3 girls that I didn’t meet through friends and about 120 that I met through friends (not an exaggeration)

  • mw01908 4 years ago

    That guy is not black what he is on about, he is has olive skin

  • reddbehrens 4 years ago

    Wonderful country. Be real, and treat the people with courtesy and respect and you will have a great time. Don’t brag, don’t be full of yourself, be genuine, and you will make friends. I’ve been there twice this year and now have a Colombian girlfriend and friends.

  • 1010101DJ 4 years ago

    lol jubril look like he got some ass at d intro before d video

  • Mark Robinson 4 years ago

    found the right video jubril lol

  • jim bowen 4 years ago

    This puts me right of colombia .yanks everywhere ?

  • TheCreedWarrior 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t mind going to Colombia one day. Love Latin America

  • JubrilAgoro 4 years ago

    yes, Glad you enjoyed the combination

  • SFMIABOG 4 years ago

    my advice is for tourists to stay out of Colombia and leave it as it is.. From a Colombian born in San Francisco,CA 🙂 .. made me sad to go back this summer and see all these gross ass creep foreigners.. Hope it changes so i can move back next summer

  • jacben109 4 years ago

    be yourself but dont do this and dont do that, ???

  • Rakesh Kasera 4 years ago

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  • TheBobbyshaw101 4 years ago

    hey bro, when you say Gringos get a lot more attention in poorer part in columbia, What town or area would you suggest ?

  • romanianwisdom 4 years ago

    they are all americans not columbians.

  • ChocolateThunderBear 4 years ago

    Did you have any problems with racism in Medellin, Jubril?

  • scott smith 4 years ago

    I thought it was very useful for you to interview a mixture of locals and gringos. good stuff!

  • karlhanso 4 years ago

    empyt girls live everywhere. even In bogota. Not all girls behave this way and not all are gorgeous. Let’s face it without money not so many girls are going to love you even the most upscale paisa or rola 😀

  • Brenda Beoulve 4 years ago

    que porqueria de tipo, como te expresas asi de las mujeres.

  • Flame Thrower 4 years ago

    Man, I ain’t trying to wife these hoes! I just want to get some bonin’ in with the local punani before I jet. Ya’ dig?

    Shortie with the long hair and the pink or orange dress (green medallion necklace)…gorgeous!

  • dj4monie 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video JA, getting the truth out about Colombia is important! Colombia is much more safe than it used to be, but really if you’re scared? STAY HOME!

  • Sam Libra 4 years ago

    OMG, Beutiful women ever !

  • MrSteven2945 4 years ago

    spot on is right!……going real soon thanks 2 you jubril

  • anapao89 4 years ago

    your videos are spot on! You really show it how it is and remove all of the bad reputation!

  • jeff2321 4 years ago

    This is really good advice. I’ve learned how to salsa dance (sort of) and want to learn Spanish a bit more before I go to Columbia.

  • bhutchin1996 4 years ago

    Just subscribed to your channel. Great interviews and insights here! I’ve flown over Colombia, but I haven’t visited the country yet.

  • 77musica 4 years ago

    Yo! I want to visit but I do not know anyone there.

  • Andrés Velandia 4 years ago

    I`m Colombian (from bogotá) and I can surely say you gonna see a whole changes between Medellin and Bogotá.. For sure u will find tons of beautifull women In Medellin.. its a fu%&k!”·n paridise, but almost all of them lives in a world of fashion and glamour.. So depends on your style, if u are the guy that likes very gorgeous and fashioned (im not saying “empty) girls your choise is Medellin.. If you like simple, pretty and smart definly your choise is Bogotá…

  • Mostafa Mirzada 4 years ago


  • Mostafa Mirzada 4 years ago

    My lovely facebook girl lives in medellin, her name is daniela marquiz, i cant go to her cause i live in holland dont have money i hope one day i can see her : (

  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

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  • tillallareoneluv 4 years ago

    Hey, man. Your meds are in the mail. I hope the Dr. titrated you up to the right dose this time.

  • Jason Andrew 4 years ago

    how long do you stay in each country.

  • independent8mshindi 4 years ago

    Jubril are you going to the world cup in brazil 2014???????????????

  • OnlineDatingVIP 4 years ago

    Cool video. Why do I love Latin women? Because I find them to be the best girlfriends, lovers and friends. Here are two important rules you must know if you want to date them with success: ➽

  • Shaun Moss 4 years ago

    Good video – Laura is gorgeous.

  • Maleja Herndez 4 years ago

    Colombia is a beautiful pelase for everybody it dosent matter if pablo escovar live in colombia this country is make of art, love, music, dance, georgeus scenerys and a lot of culture just come one day and i can sure you that you are wrong with that idea of colombia its bad because is not, you are going to fall in love with colombia, the people and the food !!
    I am proud to live in colombia and birth here
    Spanish ” ser colombiamo es lo mejor que te puede 9asar”

  • antking1117 4 years ago

    great video, need to make more, love to watch them. I hate it when people talk shit about Columbia & saying its not a safe country

  • zeuthuk 4 years ago

    Medellin is home to Pablo Escobar who had no issues with killing people, he did some ruthless shit. Kidnapping was rife in Columbia, surely the locals think if your white or an American then your rich, making you a walking target for gangsters? I’d be too scared to leave the hotel in case I was bundled into a car and held at ransom.

  • Muchroom illusion 4 years ago

    isint english A big problem in Colombia?? sure some Colombians speak english but where my parents are from (armenia) English is not so common? I dont know.. Am going next year and I cant wait!

  • jeffrey ancheta 4 years ago

    my comment is that have you been to Bogota?

  • Jesus Anaya 4 years ago

    1. THANKS FOR THIS EXCELENT VIDEO 2. Beautyful weman 3. The young guy on the video is right you gust dont go to another country talking smack or showing off your goint of bud you might get your head shopped off by the Zetas(Mexico) Rastrojos or Urabehos in Colombia.

  • Lilo Oliva 4 years ago

    You should make a video where you teach these people it’s spelled ColOmbia, not ColUmbia! 😀 Just Saying!

  • Felipe Sanin 4 years ago

    If you all want to go to Medellin, just make sure you know someone from THERE>… or someone who lives here in the US but has spent enough time to understand lots of things might be common here, but not THERE>>>….. some of these people got it right in this vid.

  • Ivan Daniel Mejia 4 years ago

    I want to know more things about Medellin, are you currently there? I’ve been in Colombia too but it was in Bogota, as far as I can tell everything was exactly as the described in your video.. definitely I have heard from Bogota’s people that most of Medellin’s women are really hot though!

  • JubrilAgoro 4 years ago

    Glad you enjoy em

  • bla blaa 4 years ago

    cant get enough of your Colombia vids! thank you Jubril!!

  • reddbehrens 4 years ago

    I love Colombia!! Wonderful people, great climate, excellent food. I’ve made 2 trips there this year. I will go back every chance I have. I have a girlfriend there and her family and friends have been very welcoming to me. They now consider me part of their family.
    If living in the U.S. gets worse I will move to Colombia.

  • Vinnie Chavez 4 years ago

    No no my friend you need to learn what you are talking about first. then you tell people what you know I am just theorize don’t get mad at me and send me hate e-mail?? walk in peace my friend.