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  • Chris Garcia 2 years ago

    I agree with you on the becoming the gay best friend thing if u don’t have
    sex within the first 3 dates.. And it’s true, If u leave her it does show u
    have balls and she will chase you.. She might not chase u forever lol, but
    she will chase u for a while . 

  • Xavier - The Jacked Philosopher 2 years ago

    I would say if you need to take a girl to a date, fucking go for something
    fun like bowling, snooker, darts something like that, Something you enjoy
    and you have fun with.
    That way you can talk to her, get to know her, touch her and escalate and
    have fun in general.

    Don’t go for the bullshit dates in a restaurant where you are eating and
    you can’t even touch her because she is too far away and you have a table
    between you two.

    Alex I did check Alan Roger Currie and it makes sense to me to use it in
    night game. For day game seems a bit too aggressive but I don’t know.

    Really excited for your Upcoming videos on day game, want to see the way
    you act. Is Alex Duckfeet going to be the camera man? Please when you do
    post a video with this include the rejections as well. It’ll be fun too

  • Deso97 2 years ago

    Alex, what about – How often to date a girl, best time to date a girl, etc.
    In the past I’ve heard people talking about this. Can you clear this out?

  • TheCosmiCriminal 2 years ago

    Take her for a stroll. Works for me. Srs. 

  • Big L 2 years ago

    Why the dislikes? Smh, these haters… This video was fukn great, thanks

  • Mman180 2 years ago

    AlphaDestiny: The channel to get success in and out of the gym! Thanks
    again for the helpful videos

  • Chris Garcia 2 years ago

    Nice receding hairline bro. Steroid free huh? Lol 

  • The Wolverine 2 years ago

    Damn these dislikes tho.. Bunch of beta male wankers 

  • Jose Alfaro 2 years ago

    Alex talks about the fear of opening . :)

  • Keyonta Smith 2 years ago

    Who date? Why pay for tail?

  • Long Journey 2 years ago

    People disliking your videos because your not helping them reach a total #.
    There’s nothing wrong with this video, its all facts

  • TotalWarChronicles 2 years ago

    the ppl dont accept u makign seduction vids yet alex!! dont worry thought
    time will chance them!

  • Deso97 2 years ago

    Oh man, I’ve only been doing coffee dates so far, lol. Thanks for the tips.
    Moar, please! :D