Added by on October 12, 2014 What you should and should not do when you realize that the girl you are interested in is not interested in you.



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  • bettaraybill 3 years ago

    If you meet a girl and she says your not her type, DONT FREAK OUT!!! If you
    do and start questioning her, itll come across as weak and pathetic. Just
    play it cool and act like it dosnt matter and that its her loss, but dont
    say that. Be friends. Continue taking her on dates if shes willing, and
    making the best impression that you can. If she starts dating someone elce
    or says she likes someone, stop ALL contact. this will get her thinking
    about you. Keep in mind this only works on about 80%

  • icanshoot06 3 years ago

    @MrKeepnit100 then u need to move on big man, life is too short to waste it
    on those girls that dont appreciate your true value, or good nature, at the
    end of the day MrKeepnit, it their loss, keep reminding yourself how good u
    are as a person, rock n roll 😉

  • lesslove12 3 years ago

    haha i use to do that but now i stop

  • Alexsis Barela 3 years ago

    What if the boy leads u on

  • Will Morales 3 years ago

    okay so…my girl is being very weird. shes been avoiding me alot and the
    physical side of our relationship has stopped almost completely and i think
    she isnt interested in me anymore. = im so sad….

  • Alexander A 3 years ago

    @mrsolofeo I know right? It must be really hard if the charade continues.

  • samweller96 3 years ago

    @RSCII are you for gay marriage?

  • JargonDragon 3 years ago

    Nope not interest. I don’t feel like it.

  • 1CHENTE 3 years ago

    if a girl turns me down, i see it as, she has her choice like i have mine
    to date anyone i like its a free country.

  • joe jarden 3 years ago

    THAT’S WHY you need to BE the SELECTOR!! YOU as the MAN are the one in the
    position of selecting or rejecting women. YOU as the MAN need to have the
    mindset of…”Is this woman worthy of me bringing her into my life, and
    into my circle of family and family friends”/ If so, then SELECT her…if
    not, then reject her. It;s SIMPLE once you have the right mindset. YOU are
    in CONTROL…NOT the woman.

  • zamogz 3 years ago

    i like a girl very much. And i asked her if she feels the same way, but she
    didn´t so i just said ok and trying to move on but i can´t stop think about

  • KVoyageur 3 years ago

    Just make sure to keep the flirting non-physical and if you think someone
    is getting the wrong idea you can try casually flirting with other guys in
    their company. Be careful though, make sure your flirting is of a very
    similar kind and level as with the first guy or you risk making him jealous.

  • fatpanda1011 3 years ago

    @FreeOnlineWorkouts IS THIS SERIOSE or is it some virus site

  • Myles Jones 3 years ago

    i know im gunna sound like a big pussy but i literally cried and begged for
    her back. (long story) but i never did anything really wrong. i dont
    understand. this happened only an hour ago. :_(

  • Iba1204 3 years ago

    acan can i do if a man was interested ??? and he lost the interest? why is
    it happen?

  • Jun Park 3 years ago

    @JayJayGrady4U LOL you amuse me

  • tcfreestyler123x 3 years ago

    HA your right I forgot about that one… I like the sandwich analogy will
    use that thanks

  • DjKDM7000 3 years ago

    One thing you MIGHT want to do (notice the big word “might”) if you end on
    good terms… well I started typing too early – he answered it in the
    video! But I was going to say if you leave or stay friends with her on good
    terms, then you could say “please tell me what I did wrong so I’ll know
    next time never to do that thing again” (of course, implying with someone
    else!) And don’t forget women are human beings too. They DON’T want people
    weirding out all around them all the time!

  • Bob Baker 3 years ago

    I think that “convincing” shouldn’t even be in your mindset when attracting
    a women. I think the guy should just wanna be friends with all of them and
    if you guys get along she’ll let you know she wants to go out. Most guys
    just don’t have any inner game, which is what they all have to cover.

  • Jimmy Jones 3 years ago

    Naw you don’t start off as friends frist homie big mistake only attraction
    first than go out for dates etc. That business lands you in the friends
    zone quick most women use that as a excuse

  • Kayenne54 3 years ago

    In the end between a male and female, its about “chemistry” anyway. That’s
    the “X” factor. You can do everything RIGHT but its still all wrong. And
    that works both ways. Have faith in yourself to attract a compatible
    person, who will be the best person to have in your life. Women are
    instinctively attracted to men who REALLY like women, not just those who
    pretend to. Analyze your attitudes and be really honest with yourself. (and
    that works both ways too!)

  • muffdriver69 3 years ago


  • VivaVistaMac1 3 years ago

    your kitchen is very nice

  • Goncalo Norton 3 years ago

    one way to MAYBE reverse the sittuation a litle bit, is if she says no to
    you, you say ” shame, we would really work out together”.just say it like
    it was nothing, but at the same time putting emotions into those words.
    that way you wont sound desperate and it will get her THINKING she may
    realize that you dont like her anymore, but you made a sugestion to her,
    and that litle sentence may help in some way. Maybe in the future you wil
    have a relationship, its hard,but its better then a simple no

  • wizechik 3 years ago

    You are SO RIGHT-ON with this. I’ve been asked often by guys I don’t want
    to date “why? what’s wrong with me? I’m so-and-so, I do such-and-such.. ”
    .. If I’m not attracted to a man because of something in his personality,
    or a physical trait I find too unappealing to overlook, that’s the way it
    is, and I will not ‘learn to love him’.

  • jasonhalliwell556 3 years ago

    Your super cute :p

  • Crassus Decimus 3 years ago

    Try it first before u criticize bitch. If u have the balls that is.

  • mutt1771 3 years ago

    @Johnkarnias Friend, when I was your age I felt exactly the same way. Now
    when I look back, I regret having spent so much time and energy thinking
    about the one girl. Even if you feel that way, you should at least date
    other girls. That can only help you. Girls are afraid of someone who is
    clingy. If you are able to free your mind from her at least a little you
    will become more attractive to her. You don’t have to give up. But do
    yourself a favor and explore the possibilities.

  • harpkang 3 years ago

    In addition to my comment below: I disagree with the fact not to ask why
    he/she is not interested in you because its at least good to know the
    flaws/mistakes that were made so they can be improved upon in the future.
    Having more time can also play a crucial role in fixing the problem. I
    mean, its understable if you made a big fool of yourself on one of the
    dates, like getting heavily drunk and banging a receiver of a pay phone
    like a friend of a room-mate did when he had his chance with a girl.

  • puppetmasterblaster 3 years ago

    yeah whatever dude, You sound full of shit.

  • greaterrome 3 years ago

    @987koolkid it’ll be okay, man…. if she’s worth your time, she’ll see how
    much you care and feel the same way. just don’t show too much weakness. and
    mess with her head a little. at one point, tell her she looks beautiful
    when she’s wearing regular clothes but don’t compliment her when she’s
    dressed up

  • tedder1931 3 years ago

    When a chick turns me down, I do not talk to her again. I just cant do that
    friend junk after she turns me down, and ends up dating another person down
    the line. Just me though. Im not saying every guy should do that. If she is
    not intersted, then she doesnt understand. Hell with it.

  • MrKeepnit100 3 years ago

    and if things are on your terms then she is basically thrown thru a loop
    because most guys she encounters make the fatal mistake of leaving it up to
    her DONT EVER DO THAT!!!!!

  • ofnir123 3 years ago

    yeah really. if she doesn’t want you, or if she puts a lot of pressure on
    you, it’s best to just let go. you would end up breaking up anyways because
    you’re not feeling good together. You should look for a girl that you feel
    good with, not a girl that puts too many conditions. and BTW, it IS easy to
    get one. just stop wishing you did and try it!

  • TheRussianGlory 3 years ago

    @tedder1931 I hear what you mean and I think exactly the same, but I try to
    stay friends on purpose because that way I know more people, get invited to
    more parties and events and meet more new people 😉

  • Kayenne54 3 years ago

    He’s totally right.