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  • Vincent Wolf 4 years ago

    I think the reason for my lack of love life is my introverted, sociopathic and occasionally arrogant tendencies, along with the fact that I’m socially inept, often appear rude because I will always tell the complete truth in social situations, and of course, like you, am plagued with insecurity.

  • SitcomedyCD 4 years ago

    hehe I know what you did there

  • Samuel Dos santos 4 years ago

    my ears had to share this video between each other

  • Katherine Ryan 4 years ago

    Great advice!

  • New American Fishkeeper 4 years ago

    @Mia Miyazaki Not if you take a shower!

  • Chitransh Khanna 4 years ago

    Thanks, we’ll be going out sometime soon!

  • landon lane 4 years ago

    Thank you

  • Abby Donato 4 years ago

    What do you do if someone likes you but you don’t like them back?

  • 85singhavneet 4 years ago

    Make video on how to be yourself

  • Vishal Ganna 4 years ago

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  • Mai Miyazaki 4 years ago

    if you excirsize arent you going to be sweaty

  • juan reyes 4 years ago

    my right ear had a blast

  • Tushar Rathour 4 years ago

    simply stunning! . i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. just listen for now, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy 🙂 ==>

  • groydaman 4 years ago

    My moms is the day after too:)

  • Natalie Norman 4 years ago

    mine is tha day after urs ^_^

  • Natalie Norman 4 years ago

    same here i couldnt think of ANYTHING i lik bout myself all i could think bout is how ugly and fat and dumb and stupid and worthless i am glad im not alone in this situation ^_^

  • Kennedy Adams 4 years ago

    I like watching these because they actually have a lot of science behind it

  • MissUniqe324 4 years ago

    Thanks for making these videos. They’ll help me in the future. Your AWESOME :()

  • groydaman 4 years ago

    Uploaded on my bday with 666 likes :O

  • britbrat09100 4 years ago

    mine 2 😀

  • Donna Ruth 4 years ago

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  • moena parker 4 years ago

    Her voice makes it more interesting

  • Kawaiimiku101 4 years ago

    my left ear enjoyed hearing this.

  • alayna willams 4 years ago

    ok i love these videos because 1. it’s not boring and 2. it’s a real personnnnn!!!!!!

  • gametimewithjamie 4 years ago

    This would work for me but i have no date

  • Amirul Yusry 4 years ago

    Girls want men to be themselves so that they can see the “demon” within them

  • TheLalaflawis 4 years ago

    Thank u for the advice

  • Lindsay Oxley 4 years ago

    could you make a video on how to not be clingy with your partner?

  • San Wheeler 4 years ago

    That’s great animation !

  • cena rocks 4 years ago

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  • makena pashley 4 years ago

    This helped all lot

  • Hopefullyfunnyvids2 4 years ago

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  • annikamakela 4 years ago

    Your videos are so cute! 🙂