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Check out this ridiculous video on two people who met at a club and are planning their first date.



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  • laurahansons 3 years ago

    love this new concept. I hope you do more of this Shalc. Your boyfriend is
    really cute and so is his dogggg my god! he has such perfect fetures.

  • SHALcTV 3 years ago

    We had fun with it..will definitely try and do another video soon:)

  • excellent video, shal.

  • SHALcTV 3 years ago

    Thanks! I needed a break from the studio too:)

  • linda88lady 3 years ago

    i hope we get to see a kiss between you two. you nee dto do more of these
    videos. they bring life to your channel.

  • Angie C 3 years ago

    Yay!!! I have been waiting for this moment for soooo long! KRS and Shal in
    a video together! <3

  • ravisuryaify 3 years ago

    this is sooo funny…

  • MsZincman 3 years ago

    perfectly executed.

  • MsZincman 3 years ago

    good acting, hot couple.

  • Datta Dave 3 years ago

    Good stuff Shal!

  • winchap07 3 years ago

    yo guys nailed it…..!!!!!! Shals you are so gorgeous with that outfit…I
    envy Kapiel..booo!!!!!!

  • SHALcTV 3 years ago

    We can thank Kapiel for that! He’s really great with the camera..

  • jenkenism 3 years ago

    both of you are good actors. very impressive. you guys should make more of

  • superduperman49 3 years ago

    miss Shal, you are doing an amazing job, seems like you are brining more
    creativity into your channel which is always welcomed. Finally we see you
    outside of a studio and green screen. i like your new camera, looks

  • SHALcTV 3 years ago

    Yash is the cutest, sweetest dog you will ever meet!

  • MrAndygirlforlife 3 years ago

    wow shal, you look so beautiful in this video. Very good lighting. Your man
    makes me jealous.:p

  • SHALcTV 3 years ago

    I will ask Kapiel about that..we used his fabulous camera to shoot this!

  • alexjones7771 3 years ago

    this is awasome.