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Kong tells you what to do and how to act on a first date with a hot girl. Read The Article: “What to Do On a First Date” –…



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  • Mr.Bubbler 4 years ago

    just updating my game keeping it in check lol

  • MrLiamzzz 4 years ago

    kong you should use this one “hey girl my name’s kong ,you wanna taste my king?”

  • TheTJA365 4 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of that background music?

  • Dove Eye Films 4 years ago

    If you half to prepare to talk to anyone. Even a women. Its sad. Its conversation with another human. Its not that hard.

  • Tedaus20 4 years ago

    SimplePickup have genuinely gotten me laid on multiple occasions. Cheers guys

  • Haribaksh Thakur 4 years ago

    thats perfect.  cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . just listen for now, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. dont run away have a try now ==>

  • Latvian Celebi 4 years ago

    Best E-book if you are getting ready for first date!!! htt ps:// pay hip. com/ b/xL YE

  • Mark-ZhongMing-Hau 4 years ago

    Haha fuckitol sounds like an amazing drug!

  • banjitson420 4 years ago

    Hes not aggressive he just doesn’t give a rats ass what you think about him. Obviously not giving a fuck will dramatically increase daily lifestyle in habits and structure.(if it was a drug it would be called Fukitol; side effects include tourettes like seizures with swearing, profuse sweating, Shitting your kidneys from your eyeballs

  • Blake Deyden 4 years ago

    Anybody who Disagrees with some of Donkey Kong’s advice.

  • Blake Deyden 4 years ago

    Never be aggressive; only assertive.
    Assertiveness is the mean between aggression and passiveness, and is a synonym to self-confidence.

  • Sean Bogan 4 years ago

    u give the suggestion to play the question game but in other vids i c u say not to go into interview mode, which should we do/not do?

  • Rasta Fari 4 years ago

    kong is th…. wait. no i’m still the man

  • Niwanthika Karunapala 4 years ago

    Wow! I was having the hardest time attracting ladies before using Gaining Digit Game. Google it. I don’t honestly mean to brag. Okay maybe a little bit but it’s basically because I could get any lady I want now. You will understand what I’m saying right after you’ve read what Gaining Digit Game does. Look it up on Google.

  • Meef Eater 4 years ago

    go to the vid he was talking about

  • tonyvspaulfreak 4 years ago

    Turning statements into questions? Why the fuck would you do that?

  • mpc22 4 years ago

    who dislikes this?

  • dragonswed002 4 years ago

    What do you mean by him being aggressive?

  • Billy Rowe 4 years ago

    I kissed her too lol. She was so shy and kept looking down. Her Dad abused her, emotionally and physically. He would tell her she isn’t good enough. So she wants someone she will trust… and that was me. She will only have sex with someone committed because having sex connects her to that person. So I think when she was putting her head down, she was avoiding getting close. After the kiss, she was happy and smiley and told me to text her when I was home. 😛 Hopefully feelings remain!

  • Billy Rowe 4 years ago

    OH, and we played that twenty questions through messaging, because we were introduced online. It works definitely! Be happy, laugh, and ask questions. It got her to me and she was like surprised she actually met a guy with something to talk about, rather than just like everyone else saying “hey what’s up?’

  • Billy Rowe 4 years ago

    Yo your humor thing worked haha. I met this girl a few days ago finally after talking for three weeks. She was definitely interested before meeting. I used humor and she just loved it and no guy had made her feel that. Well she has ‘daddy issues’ guys like to call it, and she can’t trust guys and always feels incompatible and it seems like she is avoiding me. She takes pictures of her shopping time for me, and sends them right away, but it seems like she is pushing away.

  • xhoni loca 4 years ago

    And theres a guy with a Luna nickname

  • Isaac Luna 4 years ago

    I came to learn how to fuck bitches and fuck bitches.. And I already know how to fuck bitches B|

  • alex Prov 4 years ago

    For your information, i dont clear my history, i use an incognito window. Good day sir.

  • jack tyler 4 years ago

    If you attempt to take her home for sex on the first date she won’t think you’re confident guy. She’ll think you’re a sleaze. This advice is for people wanting a quick fuck.

  • allwhatyouwill 4 years ago


  • marc thomas 4 years ago

    Bring her to your bedroom and eat out bro. simple!

  • unoriginality1 4 years ago

    burger king

  • Jafarmarar 4 years ago

    McDonald’s vvv

  • ThisLoadedGunz 4 years ago

    Guys I need help went right up to random girl at my school dance told her how I felt and were going to go on a date but i don’t where to bring her!! Somebody help ME.

  • Jemmy Padmore 4 years ago

    I’m what most people might call somewhat nerdy, so dating always was quite a challenge for me. Most of the time I mess up when I’m near girls I find attractive. One of my friends has always had it super easy and seems to be quite successful with girls. After spying on him I finally found out how he does it and I uploaded a free video. I’ve posted a link to this video on my channel so you can try it too.

  • Jose Espinoza 4 years ago

    Hey guys! This is not true!! I took the girl who is now my girlfriend out on a date and I was nice and myself and we talked about each others lives, she adored it!! Because I was real

  • Lang Jhang 4 years ago

    kissing vid plz

  • Jester Angel 4 years ago

    this guy……he is hot

  • Tim Quinn 4 years ago

    pause 0:05