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  • Chriselle Lim 3 years ago

    It was so much fun chatting with everyone!! Thanks for watching and
    chatting along with me! If you have any other questions feel free to leave
    them in the comments or on Facebook!! <3

  • Chriselle Lim 3 years ago

    NEW VIDEO- A very special and personal video as the hubs FINALLY makes a
    special appearance in the video 1 year after we get married (along with our
    2 kids ). Here are a few last minute date ideas for you to have the
    perfectly romantic Valentines! ENJOY! Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

  • Your puppy is so adorable! Love all the ideas. 

  • Waterlily716 3 years ago

    is this your backyard? the flowers are beautiful. 🙂 also your new puppy is
    soooo cute. >.<

  • Susana Manrique León 3 years ago

    Hi Chris! I don’t know if you’ll see this, but cooking pasta is just the
    easiest thing ever and well everybody loves pasta! also men love meat,
    maybe just pasta and steak it is the easiest ever! he’ll be enchanted!

  • MissYuu 3 years ago

    mignon’s ears at 0:51 so cute x)) 

  • Elena L 3 years ago

    Valentines day sucks when you are single!

  • Trisha Daly 3 years ago

    I love these ideas! Chriselle, you have a lovely home..

  • NeedlessQuestions 3 years ago

    I’m….//foreveralone on Valentine’s Day

  • MsHe1en 3 years ago

    Have a selfless valentine and volunteer with your love one to help the
    homeless or the less unfortunate. Adopt a shelter animal and don’t buy.
    Tutor a young child. Join the big sister org and take a child to a movie.
    Now that’s outside the box.

  • ThreadSeeker 3 years ago

    It was so wonderful seeing the fun and playful side of your personality 🙂
    You guys (including mignon and captain) are adorable.

  • Gabriela Axmanova 3 years ago

    Hello Chriselle, just wanted to say how amazing and great your videos are.
    The way you talk, explain the looks, present the looks…..everything just
    works so well and I love watching them and feel really inspired by your
    tutorials. Keep the amazing work up, lots of love Gabi xx

  • Ishita Anupama 3 years ago

    Hey’ which editor do u use?

  • Barbara Michalska 3 years ago

    I love Your videos! They’re so inspirational and look so professional!
    What program do You use to edit them?

  • Jennifer N 3 years ago

    Can you talk about your time at fidm? I plan on going there next year and I
    would like to know more about it :-)

  • Laurene Bandolin 3 years ago

    Chriselle what is the hiking trail that you took? IT LOOKED AMAZING! I love
    any waterfront hikes, theyre my fav!

  • annatata1234 3 years ago

    jeez, are you collecting dogs now, you treat them like an accessory, you
    spoiled rich bitches!!!

  • Tameka Llewellyn 3 years ago

    i love those tips

  • amyim2002 3 years ago

    The new puppy is just sooo adorable. This video makes me happy just by
    watching it. So full of love. Thanks.

  • Paloma Onaga 3 years ago

    Make a Nutella Cookie! (3 ingredients!)
    3 spoons of nutella
    1 egg
    wheat flour until you be able to make a cookie with it.
    Put it in the oven, for about 20 min, and that´s it.

  • clouis2222 3 years ago

    Love these ideas and your puppy is so cute!

  • Madeline Charlemagne 3 years ago

    Puppy! Great ideas Chriselle!

  • Julianna A. 3 years ago

    i love option 3 ! the little gestures do turn out to mean the most at the
    end of the day and not the expensive presents:)

  • Ellen Tran 3 years ago

    Beautiful couple ❤️

  • Stephanie Lee 3 years ago

    your family is too cute!

  • majia 3 years ago

    Oh ty ty ty for this video. I’ve been trying to figure out for ages what to
    do for my boyfriend. He loves working out, eat super healthy, and I’ve been
    running out of time. 😀 I just booked us some rock climbing passes (:D got
    a valentine day deal too!). The both of us talked about it in the past, but
    never took the time to do it. Thanks Chriselle! Have a great V-day!!!

  • YBluv4ever 3 years ago

    I love this video!

  • han ballen 3 years ago

    pita pockets filled with salads is very delicious and takes maybe 10minn to
    prepare. plus its healthy. and by the way your husband is really hot! lol

  • stvander 3 years ago

    Love <3

  • Michelle Parker 3 years ago

    Aw that private drive in idea is so cute! 🙂 Thanks for the tips and the
    advice! You and your husband are too adorable!

  • Scarlett Rain 3 years ago

    A great dinner idea that is really easy is a nice pasta dish! Buy some ziti
    and a really good pasta sauce, cook the ziti, and in a separate pot cook
    some ground turkey until no longer pink. take out any liquid and push the
    meat to the side of the pot. add some olive oil and minced garlic and onion
    and cook a few min. add salt, pepper, a sprinkle of basil and parsley and
    add as much of the store bought pasta sauce as you like. serve on top of
    the ziti and sprinkle with cheese for a delicious simple meal! I hope this
    is helpful and if you have any questions about the recipe let me know! I
    love your videos and hope you make this <3333 

  • bernle 3 years ago

    lovely ideas!

  • Melissa C. 3 years ago

    Your ideas are so good

  • DancingInTheDaylight 3 years ago


  • gabrielacamargo21 3 years ago

    I love the ideas of this video, definitely going to keep these in mind
    whenever I find that special someone, hahaha. 🙂 

  • Libby Loo 3 years ago

    What would you wear on a cruise?

  • Kiaria P 3 years ago

    meanwhile in canada…..this doesnt work unless we wanna freeze :Pat least
    the hiking part

  • Mireya Barba 3 years ago

    Wow with youtube, your blog, your fashion career and now another adorable
    addition to your lovely family, how do you do it Chriselle?!
    I love these genuine date ideas, it shows how well it works between you and
    Awesome video <3

  • Halcyon C 3 years ago

    you and your husband look really cute together!!!!!! i can not express how
    much i love you guys together :00 lol

  • Corrisa Tallman 3 years ago

    Anything in the slow cooker, if you have one would be very easy for you.
    Hope it turns out awesome ! <3

  • carmentee 3 years ago

    That last idea is amazing! I shall be dreaming of when that date comes haha

  • Brenda Lhara 3 years ago

    This is is the kind of stuff that i was looking for this valentines day,
    ill try to leave the bears, chocolates and flowers for later. Lot of hugggs
    to the cuttest new member of the family!

  • riverdaughter3 3 years ago

    Get the James Beard Cookbook. It’s absolutely elementary and will turn you
    into a cook. Guaranteed. It’s a classic. .

  • Mun Ali 3 years ago

    ur ideas are no original. Love em all hugsssss

  • linjaysha 3 years ago

    All great ideas! Love the private drive-in movie idea! Was that “Roman
    Holiday” you and your hubby were watching? Excellent movie! One of my

  • PearlMoss 3 years ago

    Is that really your house?? Looks amazing!!