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Still undecided on what to do for Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas that are inexpensive & easy to do! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this video! It will make me really happy 🙂

VLOG – When Wah surprised me with a picnic for our anniversary:
More Recipes:

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San Francisco

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  • julieeem 2 years ago

    So this video is basically for people who live in

  • Jade M 2 years ago

    omg too much flashing of the lights. very annoying to watch

  • Claire Burnham 2 years ago

    so this video is like only for people who live in la i guess…

  • Hanane Bk 2 years ago

    OMG people are fucking annoying ! like she did an amazing effort on this
    video and worked so hard on it then mr have no life come and say that this
    is useless !!! she lives in cali where do you want her to film ??? i don’t
    think she can go to Alaska so you can be happy ! she filmed where she lives
    and these ideas are not just for valentine’s day ! when it’s summer you can
    use them , so stop .

  • SweetEmelyne's 2 years ago

    I so wish I could have an adorable picnic! Ughhh new york 

  • Anais Maknae 2 years ago

    It’s not Weylie’s fault that in your country is snowing and freezing cold.
    She can’t control the weather so it would be very nice if you stopped
    complaining to HER about how her ideas are ‘not useful’. 

  • Michelle Lin 2 years ago

    You know you’re asian when you use chopsticks to cook instead of a wisk 

  • ilikeweylie 2 years ago

    4 days till Valentine’s day! Here are some fun date ideas!

  • Fluffy288 2 years ago

    there is NO way that picnic and backyard idea could work especially since
    it’s still winter and some of us have a TON of snow or got hit pretty hard
    by the blizzards. just pointless ideas to me imo :/

  • Stephany Chang 2 years ago

    how do you cut onions without crying?? haha I always lose the onion battle!

  • Fashion by Ally 2 years ago

    Loved everything about this video especially the editing girl :)

  • Hannah Ratliff 2 years ago

    I love broccoli but hate mushrooms

  • Pepsilova 2 years ago

    Cute ideas! I’m going hang with my best friend on Valentine’s day. So for
    all the singles out there you can still make the day fun. Treat yourself.
    It’s what u make of it. 

  • jenny teather 2 years ago

    I wish I could do these things outside.. except for the fact that i grass
    is 10 feet under all of the snow here in CANADA.. wishful thinking..smh

  • Miss Julie 2 years ago

    broccoli is awesome! awesome video! love you weylie! <3

  • Yan Chau 2 years ago

    Itsjudyslife is my fav!

  • Jennifer Montes 2 years ago

    Valentines day to me is not only about having a boyfriend or girlfriend or
    boo but its also about showing love to my family and friends. Maybe try
    doing something for them too? Idk its not just about your boo that day.

  • Beautyismylife13 2 years ago

    This video is so cute and creative!! I love your editing Weylie<333

  • IluvHKong 2 years ago

    i love the way you pronounce vegetables 

  • Eno Explores 2 years ago

    +ilikeweylie Thank you for sharing this! Super informative-Eno:)

  • superbang2pm 2 years ago

    Where did you get your elephant stuffed animal and lantern! They’re so cute
    <333 omggg

  • ThatxStaphyy 2 years ago

    ItsJudysLife on your laptop! I watch them all day err day haha. They’re
    either the start of my day or the end of my day. 

  • Jere Cullen 2 years ago

    Nice cooking! But i thought it should be high heat when searing
    steaks…instead of using low heat :)

  • ShalaLicia 2 years ago

    This video was so adorable! And the editing is amazing 🙂 

  • hoorayforliving 2 years ago

    Weylie, where the onions you sautéed with the mushrooms the ones that were
    next to the meat?
    I wanna try and cook this for da bae, hope I don’t fuck up lol 

  • Kyshia Marie 2 years ago

    did you just eat yogurt with a fork


  • Jonna Thorsberg 2 years ago

    This video made me somehow nostalgic, and really happy! Now I’m gonna have
    a great day~

  • Reem Hammad 2 years ago

    I totally loved this video even though I don’t live in a warmer area, but
    it’s so sad that most youtubers live in LA so I can see why some people are

  • Riley Cullen 2 years ago

    Since neither of us have boyfriends, me and my best friend are going to be
    each other’s Valentine’s

  • Ushio Okazaki 2 years ago

    Im a new subsciber and ur vids are AMAZING

  • TheMaterpiece19 2 years ago

    I love snow. How can people complain about it happening in NYC?? In oregon
    and washington, its raining all the time and it always looks depressing and
    sad! Id rather have snow than rain any day!

  • Jennifer Yara 2 years ago

    This is why I can not like Massachusetts!!!!

  • Missi Aling 2 years ago

    I like it. But can you make video about Valentine’s Day ? 

  • Loreli White 2 years ago

    i 100 agree with u. valentine’s day is really over rated

  • Lilo Marquez 2 years ago

    Weylie, yogurt with a fork GURRRRLLLLL lol love you ! And i see your
    learning new tricks in your editing

  • valerie dawn 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your Valentines date ideas.