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Two kinds of dating advice you should avoid.



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  • Andra Beauford 4 years ago

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  • Dharma Shrestha 4 years ago

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  • caliam213 4 years ago

    Hi Arkady. I really enjoy your videos. You have a really great vibe.

  • ayuandrian8888 4 years ago

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  • Rebecca Ramirez 4 years ago

    If they do then wow lol thats grody! Too much perfume happens sometimes, relate it to our over excitement because we only want to make sure we smell nice for you 😉
    Now dressing professional is good when your on an interview or working for a corporation otherwise why would a girl show up to a date in a suit??? And no offense to my lovely mother but I prefer not to dress like her.

  • nneevveerrmmoorree 4 years ago

    @steelydon19..It odesnt matter who asks who out steelydoc. if a woman asks a man out your telling me she sgoing to pay for the whole date >??? what paralell universe does this happen ?? are an idealist out of touch with the solution works perfectly…

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    Try for companionship, you may find it;otherwise, you’ll be unhappy if you settle for less, for loneliness/solitude. I know, I lucked into relationship when I’d given up hoping. I didn’t deserve to date- I dated a friend and room mate, happily for me. (She lost a better man, but the choice was hers. My choice was to risk everything with her, or to go crazier in love and lust over her with no dating prospects. senchaisgreen is right.

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    spamming ham

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    If I were to be asked out to MacDonald’s, I’d know that this was her preference or all that she could then afford, and that she wasn’t too proud or insecure! (After all, she invited me out, which most persons don’t have the courage or the good sense to go after whom or what they want in a date!) Treat her to ice cream afterwards, or a snack/meal, or popcorn at the movie, whatever- preferably, all of the above. She’ll possibly see you as being thoughtful, not boastful about your money!

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    Whomever invites the other pays as a matter of etiquette, courtesy and simple honesty. Men, if you don’t want to pay for a dinner date, then don’t ask her out- wait for her to ask you out, or do without dating. If she’s on the date for a free meal, is the gold digger worth your time, money and self-respect? One date may be your discretionary income for a month or more, even borrowed on credit (NO one is wroth this!) Date free, cheaply or separate checks- or appreciate friends, who may date you!

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    A few women make effort, but many don’t even smell decent, reeking of extreme body odor (not necessarily intimate odor) or far too much perfume or cologne. It’s far better to smell neutral or of nice, plain unscented soap than to be smelled yards away with an overpowering scent! As for clothing, many women would do well to dress as do their mothers, or professionally. any more than dressing as an adult hurt a man’s chances with women!

  • steelydon19 4 years ago

    3 women dated me (my teen years aside), one disliked how I dressed but asked me out anyway and dated me for six years off and on; one was neutral to how I dressed and accepted my marriage proposal, and one was neutral to how I dressed and didn’t like me, but asked me out once.Only one of these women was worth time and heartache or disappointment, the neutral woman who accepted my proposal on the basis of who I was, of liking me, not my hand-me-down, thrift shop wardrobe* or tastes in clothing.

  • feedthefurnace6 4 years ago

    Boobs. I must grow boobs. 

  • idikitos 4 years ago

    I agree.. she has to like you for you. So be you. Oh btw arkady, your whole channel is filled with advice on how to act/talk etc. isn’t this a little mutually exclusive?

  • WJValente 4 years ago

    What do you think about online dating?

  • InsidersHealthTV 4 years ago

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  • ARRON SPEARS 4 years ago

    if you dont learn to love yourself, then nobody else will, you will emit a negative energy and women will pick up on it

  • ThomasScarborough166 4 years ago

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  • NancyNoel6665 4 years ago

    Guys, getting girls does not have to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a dating course called Zuntramax Secrets (do a search on google). Seriously, that program has transformed my life.
    I probably should not even be talking about it cause I don’t want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am just in a good mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • TerryArguelles1986 4 years ago

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  • johnmas25 4 years ago

    I like your video

  • Sam Crawford 4 years ago

    Thanks man! I’ll pray for you too.

  • senchaisgreen 4 years ago

    I feel you. Pray about it. Things might turn around for you, and me. You aren’t alone, since we are both feeling the same way.

  • mikelorenz121 4 years ago

    In Soviet Russia, road forks you!

  • Sam Crawford 4 years ago

    I’m going to live to be very old but I’m going to die alone. . .But I don’t want to die alone. . .But I’ve realized that I’m going to anyway, and there’s not a goddamn thing that I can do about it–it’s all too much for me.

  • BillTheTrainer 4 years ago


    It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there. “The Game” by Neil Strauss started things off for me and most recently, I’ve been using the techniques from P.Box.

    Here’s what you need to do:

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    Step 3: Use the tips and blend it in with your own twist

    Picking up girls is a skill. Educate yourself and you’ll laugh at how easy it is.

  • AmandaS1974 4 years ago

    Love your videos …. I totally agree with your video “Two kinds of dating advice you should avoid” … If I could give any advice it would be simply this BE YOURSELF!! Wear what you LIKE wearing … please don’t dress up to try and impress! 🙂

  • Alexander A 4 years ago

    @retailrockstar This guy is a genius in my opinion.

  • Rebecca Ramirez 4 years ago

    He says dont try to hard, yes that is true dont go over board but do try to appear well dressed and groomed! I dont like it when guys show up for a date wearing faded clothes, unshaved face and oily hair! Come on make an effort!

  • Rebecca Ramirez 4 years ago

    agreed! at least wash your hair when u come see me!

  • Keezy Alreid 4 years ago

    Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. Great video. There is so much useless advice. that’s why I also made a site! =D

  • nneevveerrmmoorree 4 years ago

    Here is some Non harmful dating advice..statistically .men pay for the majoruty of the dating experience…byw why is this in 2011? and why when its an equal opprotunity meeting? ..the solution..suggest dinner ..during which if you can tell she isnt into you of vice versa ..simply ask the waiter for seperate bills after dinner…why pay for a woman who isnt into you ??,,you dont have to impress her anymore- besides it just isnt fair…

  • prettypink2100 4 years ago

    ok ok u 2….. let me just speak for the ladies :D…we love masculine guys which includes sweat and all mhmm…but, we would like a kind gentlemen that takes us seriously by dressing and appearing hygenic and well groomed as we take time 2 make ourself appear fresh and beautiful for u. in other words we put effort into our looks and we expect the same…common sense, its a nobrainer really lol.take care

  • prettypink2100 4 years ago

    oh my God, right on point. I’m a lady and its true if the lady isnt in2 u then she will look at the small things around her like where ur taking her, what a mess you have, etc..but yea overall thats definetly true 100%. pay attention guys lol

  • colbysproduction 4 years ago

    awesome man lol. I completely agree with ya

  • mba2ceo 4 years ago

    2 myths 1. girls care how U act 2. if U send money on her she get to like U.

  • sandra2011J6teq55q 4 years ago

    Online Asian women for dating

  • AnonymousInternetPerson001 4 years ago

    I was dressed nicely. Look lady, go find someone else to bug and pass judgement on. Your attempt to guilt-trip me into feeling like I’ve insulted someone simply for riding a bicycle is just wasting everyone’s time. But yes, next time I will rent a limosine and a tux when I’m going a few blocks to StarBucks. Thanks for the advice.

  • KattWhitewind 4 years ago

    Wow, devolving into insults when someone is trying to help. How mature.

    Where the hell did I say anything about feeling guilty about the bike? Forget the bloody bike! Sheesh.

    And right, getting upset over a tiny bit of sweat on your forehead is idiotic. From what you said I derived that perhaps you were sweating more profusely than that.

    And to rephrase what I said before: dressing to the nines is not expected; looking at least decent on ANY first impression pretty much is.

  • AnonymousInternetPerson001 4 years ago

    You’re a moron. I don’t feel any guilt for simply riding my bike down the street. Yes, there was some presperation on my forehead. That’s what happens when you bike. Seriously, it was STARBUCKS. We’re going to the Academy Awards with President Obama.

  • KattWhitewind 4 years ago

    I see you completely missed what I said about the bike. The bike…should not have mattered. At all. Good for you for riding a bike instead of driving, even.

    Showing up to make a first impression while sweaty (I am assuming more than marginally) might say that you don’t care enough to look nice for her – or maybe that IS you looking nice. Thus, disrespectful or slovenly. Would you go to an interview like that? Or to meet her parents?  Likely not.

  • AnonymousInternetPerson001 4 years ago

    How is being active and in-shape considered being “a slob”? How is riding my bike down the street disrepecting a woman?

  • KattWhitewind 4 years ago

    I’d like to separate the two issues. That she was offended by you showing up on your bike shows she was just stuck-up; that shouldn’t matter to anyone. That you showed up for a FIRST date looking sweaty and bedraggled tells her that you are either a slob in general or that you don’t have the respect to clean up a bit. I’m not saying you need to dress to the nines, but you ARE making a first impression so it’s a good idea to find a place that is both ‘being YOU’ and ‘looking decent.’

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  • adultdatingsite452 4 years ago

    thumbs up for this video

  • karlakarliable 4 years ago

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