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Sorry about my voice being so loud i never used a screen recorder and didnt know how loud to talk, so its a little loud. I made this tutorial after seeing co…



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  • Arcade FFA 3 years ago


  • FateXTime 3 years ago

    This tutorial was super helpful. I just moved to a new state and wanted to
    maybe and try and meet new people online (possibly). Maybe also meet a new
    lady friend or something. I know there are some fucking weirdos on the web
    now. I couldn’t agree more with these damn catfishers.

  • maskedathiest 3 years ago

    lol the hot girls that are bi are fake lol ?
    i guess where you live they are all 200 lbs and hairy lol ?

  • misanthrodee 3 years ago

    I use KIK. It’s just easier so I can keep in contact with other friends,
    mainly because I’ve had to change my number three times. 

  • Damien Hartley 3 years ago

    Kik is a android app for people with no life

  • JQUEST 3 years ago

    UPDATE: use chrome. You can simply right click an image to select “search
    google for this image.”

  • AndyAzz25 3 years ago

    You have to remember all the pornbots that are probably a dude trying to
    lure desperate creeps to their web cam. They always live an even amount of
    distance from you, like 1 mile or 5 mils, and their pic is perfect and
    there is usually just 1.

  • leiamarcelina1 3 years ago

    the first one is my cousin lol, she’s ugly in real life!

  • leiamarcelina1 3 years ago

    everyone that isn’t retarded know most “scene queens” online are fake’s!!!
    The scene is dead & it’s long gone, there is just the new kid’s that are
    way behind & refuckingtarded that can’t make their own trends. Look up
    everyone none of them are scene anymore lol, & another fact if you are
    younger than 20 you aren’t scene WHY? because it gone it’s done with. I
    can’t believe I thought it was a cute look, eat “scene queen” would say I
    was retarded to think i looked cute lol.

  • zaora90 3 years ago

    im sick of these fake profiles too I can easily find out when they ask for
    a skype request and and when I accept they dont really have a conversation
    with you and just ask you to see their cam on some site called flirtcam
    what the fuck cant they just be real and video call u on skype really i
    just delete them as soon as it happens

  • RhettTheThreatMelvin 3 years ago

    Way to troll these fake fucken bots!!!!!!

  • Nai Lematua 3 years ago

    alright he’s trying to help guys out there who can’t seem to use their
    brains instead of their dicks, if he has no life then how in god’s name did
    you stumble across this video?? btw if you’re on here to make fun of the
    uploader who I think is doing a good thing for men who generally love to
    online date, then you’re not helping…

  • John Zennon 3 years ago

    Once I sign out, I lost my account with MM. Now they told me feel free to
    open a new one. But if you do they ask your phone number to verify thy new
    account. The surprise is that your phone number is no longer accepted
    because already used before! So forget this MM it is not working properly!
    Do they want peoples personal information and then ban them? A good way to
    create more fake accounts! Otherwise why is support on this website not
    giving an answer that everyone can understand and accept?

  • Makenzie Riddle 3 years ago

    wow you obviously dont really have a life either if you’re on this website
    looking at these girls!? haha You’re not cool sayin the F word so much
    either so get a life and yeah these fake nasty sluts need to as well! my
    hell what has the world come to!??

  • paintboi2u1 3 years ago


  • AGlover9001 3 years ago

    You said fuck 10 times so far LOL

  • Aric Wilson 3 years ago


  • eduardo lopez 3 years ago

    Kik is an app for messaging. Search it up

  • Kotomi Taiga 3 years ago

    Its Jenn Curbstomp

  • Frank G 3 years ago

    lmfao she drives a f-350

  • Prince Purgatory 3 years ago

    Ya man theres alot of fake ass people on there is no dought about it.
    Theres also alot of ppl on meetme who are users too so dont get your hopes
    up on anyone

  • hummarstra 3 years ago

    Passion Search has it’s employees interact with members using fake
    profiles. DON’T USE THAT SITE ITS A SCAM!!

  • NyanTeaa 3 years ago

    Thank you now i know how to find fake people 😀

  • Ohbaby4Lyfe 3 years ago

    I’m so good at this hell it’s fun like a game for me lol

  • Hani Suniarti 3 years ago

    It still surprise me, how lots of people have no idea about DateFindersk
    (do a search on google), although a lot of people met his girlfriend on
    DateFindersk using this dating site. Thanks to my work buddy who told me
    about DateFindersk, I’ve met my spouse.

  • Nai Lematua 3 years ago

    alright he’s trying to help guys out there who can’t seem to use their
    brains and not let their own dick take control which is not a good thing.
    btw if he has no life then how in god’s name did you stumble across this
    video? If you’re on here to make fun of the uploader which I think he is
    doing a good thing for all the guys who online date, then you’re not

  • Scream Ayman 3 years ago

    Same happened! I’ve got 4 accounts banned like wtf?

  • pugs3211 3 years ago

    Just report the profile !

  • T-Lao x 3 years ago

    message her say fake bitch, google pic haha

  • Anthony Snow 3 years ago

    I love you, mein fuhur…

  • ray taylor 3 years ago

    its fun for me when they spam my page. that way it makes it even easer to
    report them for banning. and u can tell there fake just be what there

  • valex4526 3 years ago

    I know this girl i kneww she was fake lmoaooooo thanks bruhhh <3 for
    showing me this trick

  • ODSTRubicon 3 years ago

    Stfu!!!! Nai Lematua

  • Aric Wilson 3 years ago

    You are a very smart man now I know how to tell if a profile on a site is
    real or not

  • Diana Ruiz 3 years ago

    People think im fake on meetme lol