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“Ken's Dating Tips #1” — In this featurette from Disney•Pixar's TOY STORY 3 we hear some GOLDEN dating tips from the man with the hard hair! The creators of…



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  • Sonicfanbybirth 3 years ago

    Okay guys listen: it’s not “you have to look good for someone to like you”
    it’s “you have to love yourself before someone will love you” absolutely
    completely innocent

  • weefrasey1 3 years ago

    hmm.. thats not the only solid thing girls like XDDD

  • Luis Ramos 3 years ago

    SOLID RIDE! i just noticed – ITS A ‘VETTE!

  • pinokosthewife 3 years ago

    A prettyboy? A “metrosexual”? He still loves the ladies, obviously.

  • tutamango 3 years ago

    @kittyfoxx obviously, he doesn’t get that these arent actually meant to be
    real tips.

  • James Bond 3 years ago

    the title said “Dating tips #1”, and then the beginning of the video said
    “tip #24”. XD

  • Kellie C 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses The quote you posted never appears in this clip. It’s
    actually “You need to love yourself before someone can love you.” And
    honestly, I think that is a pretty good message to send out to kids.

  • cpcreep 3 years ago

    @06soccerstar because, Toy Story is a legend in Disney, so obviously it’s
    BIG news, so they give Toy Story 3 vids #1, to show ppl that don’t have
    TV’s but get on internet can see it too. And also for something to do XD

  • Caleb Behrens 3 years ago

    WHO IS JEN?!?!?!?!

  • bodyanti 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses i think that’s where the humour derives from .. it
    wouldn’t be funny if barbie was doing it, it’s funny because it’s a a man
    being ‘girly’. this scene doesn’t harm men, as the humour drives from that
    incongruity, it’s not some degrading male stereotype. on the other hand, if
    this was barbie speaking, there would be a harmful effect – as it would be
    perpetuating the ‘girls are so stupid’ stereotype (AND it wouldn’t be
    funny, right?).

  • kittyfoxx 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses I doubt young children will be looking into it that
    deeply. After watching childhood movies/shows recently I have realized that
    a lot of it I didn’t understand when I was young and I thought it was just
    “funny” but now that I’m older I get the references. I don’t think that
    what children are going to get from this is they must look a certain way
    for people to like them I think they’re just going to laugh. You obviously
    can’t take a joke.

  • skad839 3 years ago

    teddy bear is evil

  • WormYourHonor64 3 years ago

    Michael Keaton Rocks!

  • arvupr 3 years ago


  • YourFaceXDwebs 3 years ago

    @amekathe yea and guys in tights and leotards aren’t… right

  • maddie nelson 3 years ago

    Ken reminds me of Kelso. Hahahhahah.

  • Justin Rios 3 years ago

    You need to love yourself before someone can love you. I love myself, well,
    ladies come running.

  • OllieHarris95 3 years ago

    7 Lotso’s missed the like button.

  • pandalover1009 3 years ago

    LOL!!!I saw the movie.Ken was pretty funny!!!!:]

  • cloudedpie 3 years ago

    18 people do not love them selves…

  • 7Lucky7Ducky7 3 years ago

    @darklight436 i agree!!!! (:

  • xsillixkaugummix 3 years ago

    sexy shorts ;D

  • bootr005 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses get a life.

  • Johnathon Sykes 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses or you know…you can take it for what it is, A joke.
    FFS, does everyone have to see the serious side of everything nowadays?
    REALLY? ITS A COMEDY! Get over yourself.

  • Marshall Husvar 3 years ago

    @MelanieD22 LOL I just thought…… Fred from scoobydoo with his fashion
    clothing and his scarf. scooby and shaggy are obviously high 😀

  • yesenia covarrubias 3 years ago

    its funny how in the movie they throw in lil hints about ken being gay LOL
    fucken hilarious

  • YoutalkWetalk411 3 years ago

    thumbs up if you know smeone like ken

  • Roxy Aedo 3 years ago


  • benjlope333 3 years ago

    #BaseGod Young Black Ken

  • tylermackenzie1 3 years ago


  • devonresha 3 years ago

    ken……….your hair IS solid not brushable like barbies’

  • Starlight Witch 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses I thought the point was to satirize that belief in both

  • darklight436 3 years ago

    @KriegerDesHasses this movie wasn’t aimed at kids, it’e targeted to younger
    adultes, who watched the first two movies

  • tigerloverLiz 3 years ago

    solied oh ya

  • mrb0404 3 years ago


  • Evergirl 3 years ago

    ugh i thought this was a new one

  • testiny101 3 years ago


  • MamaKnowsThangs 3 years ago

    @kitttykat248 “Action” Man?!? XDDD roflmao!

  • multihappydayz 3 years ago

    solid EVERYTHING

  • TheFunkyPz 3 years ago

    Out of everything in the Disney store our Princess had to have Ken and
    Barbie! Take a look!