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Hey lovelies! Here are my top 10 tips for flirting with a guy you like in class! I know flirting at school can sometimes be tricky, especially in class, so hopefully you guys find these tips helpful!

I love hearing stories from my viewers of how my videos helped you get a date with the guy you like, or helped you get a boyfriend! I just wanted to say I read each and every single comment and it really touches me when I can see my advice has helped someone!

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  • Neomi Vafiadis 2 years ago

    You’re hilarious hahah; loved this video!!

  • Spaggetti Sauce 2 years ago

    kiss your hand 10 times
    say your crushes name 15 times
    post this on another video and if you really like the crush they will ask
    you out when you next see him! 

  • Summer Harrell 2 years ago

    I will use shout out

  • Natalee rebel 2 years ago

    i need help! my boyfriend is giving me a necklace but i dont know what to
    get him what should i do?

  • Jaz Dobs 2 years ago

    Hi Marissa, I need your help! So I like this guy and idk if he likes me
    back… We don’t really talk or see each other much bc we are in totally
    different classes. I really like him and one of my friends told him bc she
    wanted to see if he said anything which he didn’t, but recently he has been
    like looking for me a lot and just like noticing me more. Is that a good
    sign? See, me problem is that I honestly don’t talk to him so I need your
    help on how to gradually like hang out. I don’t just want to be blunt about
    it tho. Should I ask him out or should I wait for him? Please answer back



  • Grace Saenz 2 years ago

    Another one is asking him for help! Not necessarily acting dumb but if you
    need help fixing your mechanical pencil or pen or if you can’t open a water
    bottle, ask him for help on little things like that.
    Guys like feeling manly & that they can fix stuff.
    Idk if that makes sense or if it’s like super weird & stupid but hey, it
    works cx

  • marlysmakeup 2 years ago

    marathoning your videos <3

  • Marissa Schultz 2 years ago

    Kiss the back of your hand 10 times say your crushes name 15 repost on
    another video and your crush will ask you out tomorrow. 

  • Bhavika Shahani 2 years ago

    Tysm for these tips! Ilysm!!! Xoxoxo I will sign up for it & then we could
    chat 😀 ahaha

  • Rexi hall 2 years ago

    +Marissa Rachel What should i do if me and my crush are supposed to go
    skating and his friend is coming along. and i also have a crush on his

  • Aj lee nerd 2 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times
    Say your crushes name 15 time and post this on another video and if you
    really like him he will ask you out

  • Valerie Hernandez 2 years ago

    Thanks ..I Used The ” I Have A Secret About You ” And it Actually Worked ..
    We Have A Good Relation Ship Now And I Kind Think Hes Going To Ask Me Out

  • butterfly09 2 years ago

    Today I was a bit late in history class and he was sitting alone so I
    stayed next to him and dropped my pen and he picked it up for me and then I
    started asking him questions about the lessons and omg I was like smiling
    and he was so kind and funny I was happy for the first time of the week
    just thank you for the video I watched it before school and now I’m
    commenting the results ♥♥

  • GoldSparkels:) 2 years ago

    24th like! N 9th comment!!!

  • Mily Garcia 2 years ago


  • Santana Garcia-Alarid 2 years ago

    My favorite part was when you said sometimes girls are afraid to go up to a
    guy with their friend because he might like your best friend. A month ago
    my crush who I was really close to asked out my best friend after they
    became closer because of me :/

  • Jemima Alt 2 years ago

    I love the I heard a secret about you.

  • victoria Robinson 2 years ago

    Ps I think ur beautiful and I love ur stories +marissarachel 

  • Hoyerel Hernandez 2 years ago

    Teacher stops me from flirting called us out :/

  • Sami Huerta 2 years ago

    you are so funny lolol

  • Esma Smailbegovic 2 years ago

    Can you please tell me some advice on what to do if your crush found out
    you like him from one of your friends?? He is also two years older than me
    so how do I get him to like me back if that is even possible. Im also not
    sure if he knows but I think he does. Btw, your videos are great and
    you are you are so pretty and awesome! 😀 <3

  • Maya Edwards 2 years ago

    idk what I’d do without your videos

  • Makayla Campbell 2 years ago

    If you are in elemantry school and in fifth grade and u like a boy in your
    class, and he was also in your fourth grade class and u liked him to then
    and now . and it is the second trimester of fifth grade, and u stare at him
    and maybe 2 times a day to talk to him for like 30 seconds. Do u tell him
    to u like him or wait for 6th grade. Oh yeah this is for my friend. Maybe

  • Fionne bryan 2 years ago

    I think i’m going to try to make my firend push me into my crush.

  • beauty_bySydney 2 years ago

    I’m gonna have one of my friends push me into him and I’m gonna like put my
    hand on his arm like I was catching myself bc in an old vid of of yours you
    said to touch him and ik that sounds wrong but u know what I mean

  • Melodie Burnett 2 years ago

    Your so pretty

  • Rose nkouazen 2 years ago

    My cru8sh name is chris too twinsie

  • CraftyKitty Diys 2 years ago

    What if we have known each other for a while but haven’t talk in a
    while…he tries to make convo but i am too shy!

  • KaylaR101 Roses 2 years ago

    Kiss the back of your hand 10 times say your crushes name 15 times and
    repost this on another video and your crush will ask you out tomorrow

  • AlexBeauty101 2 years ago

    I was absent for two days at school and my crush asked my best friend where
    was I and the day before I was asking we were talking the whole period does
    that mean he likes me?