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  • Derp Aherp 4 years ago

    Tip 10, Going into battle without a loaded gun is for pussy’s my friend.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Thanks buddy!

  • ohey6 4 years ago

    Best response EVER.

  • Jemmy Padmore 4 years ago

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  • BCo Sosh 4 years ago

    i’m subbing. this was funny as hell lol

  • xvani yolo 4 years ago

    too funny! hahaha LOL

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    thanks man. as you can see, we are much more handsome on this channel.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    watch some more and let us know what you think!

  • gabrielcrimson 4 years ago

    Ah whoops, didn’t realise I was replying to the video owner. Jake and Amir are pretty funny it’s not a bad thing to not be right up there with them considering they have all of college humour behind them. Plus this is the only video of yours I’ve watched so what do i know.

  • lorddragn1 4 years ago

    i didnt know jake and amir had a side channel, awesome keep doing what you do

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Thanks Carrotface!

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Got it.  We’ll go shoot ourselves now.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    We’re locking our doors now…

  • aGingerCarrot 4 years ago

    Haha you guys are hilarious!

  • ShadowPBPBC 4 years ago

    tip #11 make sure you are packing a gun, lots of these beeeetchzzzz ‘zz be crazy.

    NO SERIOUSLY, many of them are stalkers or on strong medication for their psychological issues, and the ones that aren’t…. well when you take her home, chances are good you will meet her shotgun carrying father wearing a shirt that says “D.A.D.D. : Dads Against Daughters Dating”.
    p.s. the gun makes a nice conversational piece to talk about when her father questions what your intentions are with his daughter.

  • gabrielcrimson 4 years ago

    yeah, similar but not as funny i guess.

  • Anthony T 4 years ago

    Ow wow, you have just made my day!

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Yes. Yes he is.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago


  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    ….no comment.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Only kinda?

  • gabrielcrimson 4 years ago

    kinda jake and amir-ish

  • VickyLynn1984 4 years ago


  • jadenyuki72 4 years ago

    dave is obviously a virgin… 

  • MrHellraser123455 4 years ago

    Answer me and I will subscribe!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm a wizard wby 4 years ago

    ‘Unless your black’
    hahah, made me laugh so much c’:

  • Snaggle Tooth 4 years ago

    How would you two know

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    we like TayCheng.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    and we love you.

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    “The Weasel!”

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Yeah, he’s heard that….

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Oh, we like it. We like it just fine…

  • razoredged77 4 years ago

    Oh i love your chemistry ! 😀

  • NickOloteon 4 years ago

    #7 is stupid. Men and women are naturally hairy down there so if you don’t like it, THEN YOU HAVE THE FETISH!! pedophiles…

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Ethan. Definitely Ethan. (Totally unbiased opinion.)

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Thanks, Syd!

  • Dave and Ethan 4 years ago

    Check out Ethan’s other channel, /AskDudeSrsly!

  • Sydney Short 4 years ago

    You guys are hilarious!! Keep it up! 🙂

  • emagine65 4 years ago

    dave reminds me of pauly shore

  • littlemisswanderer97 4 years ago

    I can’t decide who’s hotter Ethan or Adam Levine….

  • TayCheng 4 years ago

    I like the grenade one lol