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Ever wanted to do something more interesting on a date then just dinner, coffee or the cinema? TWITTER: TUMBLR: http://hanna…



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  • Hannah Witton 3 years ago

    How many times can I say the word “fun” in one video? 

  • Stevie 3 years ago

    I’ll show you how fish are sexy….

  • Hayley Morris 3 years ago

    Glad there is someone else who openly burps in their videos… Burp high

  • GraemeMarkNI 3 years ago

    You can’t talk the whole time at a gig! Gah!

  • Jemike5 3 years ago

    And now I know where to take Hannah on a date! When I travel to Britain at
    some point in my life I’d like to meet you!

  • Per Persen 3 years ago

    3:36 There they are….. :)

  • TheStrynch 3 years ago

    GIG doesn’t really work for Simon from inbertweeners… 

  • Eric La Rosee 3 years ago

    As an actual 15-year-old, I completely understand not wanting to be 15.

  • OnTheFritz602 3 years ago

    You are so cute, and the accent really hits it outta the Park!

    I think the Science and Industry Museum is a great idea. Being from the
    Mid-West, have been to the one in Chicago several times, and it’s

  • Jesse Meyer 3 years ago

    1. Dinner in Rio
    2. Balloon ride over the Serengeti
    3. Visit the Museum of Asian Civilization in Singapore

  • LogisticallyLinda 3 years ago

    These are all great idea! (Casually files video away for future reference)

  • TeaMakerJason 3 years ago

    You should start a company that’s dedicated to providing a building for
    first dates. A sex museum that also has bowling, food and a film playing in
    the background. Perf. 

  • Jan Kenk 3 years ago

    Haha nice twirl at the end 😀 I liked the last idea for a first date the
    most its so simple 

  • AbbyZinger 3 years ago

    Roller skating or ice skating might be fun too! Can do that cute holding
    hands and skating thing. 

  • historymeg83 3 years ago

    Also, the sex shop seems a bit high-pressure before you know someone. It
    would be fine once you already know each other, but to me, I’d be all, “Is
    he expecting me to be into all this weird stuff?”

  • SomarMan 3 years ago

    i always go out for a few drinks, like a fancy bar with lots of weird
    cocktails that are a lot of fun trying them out. there’s always something
    to talk about, and its a good chill vibe to get to know someone

  • SimplySalma 3 years ago

    I don’t know about the aquarium thing but I was talking with someone
    recently and they told me that apparently where i live, the aquarium is
    like a secret (well, i guess not so secret) hook up place, so maybe that’s
    just a universal thing? 

  • T Sohal 3 years ago

    Omg the tourist idea is great!

  • I’m fifteen ;__;

  • Jake Aspey 3 years ago

    ffs! I was gona go on a first date to the comedy store but they messaged me
    cancelling it 20mins before start…. I still enjoyed it though i texted a
    friend who was close by and we went instead. i now went for the cliche of
    movie for next week with them in there home town as travel to central was
    one of the reasons she couldn’t make it.. good idea? or not?

  • Sara W 3 years ago

    My first date with my husband was bowling :). It’s a good first date. 

  • Tom Davias 3 years ago

    Well I once took a girl I was dating on a long bike ride on date 3, she
    loved it! Pity it didn’t work out after date 7… I still fancy her

  • thelonelydirector 3 years ago

    Suddenly realizing I will forever be single. :P

  • historymeg83 3 years ago

    My first date with my now-husband was dinner and an arcade- something fun
    to do, and we got to talk while we played!

  • Hannah Reid 3 years ago

    I didn’t have the balls to say hi to you when I saw you near King’s cross
    because I’m silly

  • Justin Wolfy 3 years ago

    I like the idea of Hiking for a first date idea, all-though not all women
    like the “outdoors” type.

  • gottya see yay latr 3 years ago

    she so hot. and she has gigantic boobs

  • Supertraveller66 3 years ago

    I would take you to an amusement park!! Roller coasters, bad food, I could
    win you a teddy bear…Fun!!

  • DeusViator 3 years ago


    you didn’t really explain the sex shop one though other than “it’s fun” :P

  • Louise Fey 3 years ago

    Hey Hannah, Hannah, hey… guess what…

  • Cole Middleton 3 years ago

    Your accent is so sexy!!