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Love & Sex Tips from — Here are ten great ideas for what you can do on a first date – because a great first date makes the best…



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  • Cindy Vasquez 4 years ago

    omg thats awful ­čÖü it seemed like his friend was his date and you were the random friend´╗┐ who tagged along ­čÖü what a jerk

  • blackopking1230 4 years ago

    Thanks for the´╗┐ advice

  • ivan stoyanov 4 years ago

    Man, woman who want to go somewhere expect that the guy will pay everything … isn’t that prostitution ? I mean you go to a resturant you pay her a diner give her a expensive neckless and all that shit it’s same as fucking prostitution .. I mean you can pay some stuff but if she want’s you to pay everything that’s prostitution for me.´╗┐

  • Edward Kenway 4 years ago

    Jenn, What was yours and´╗┐ Dans first date?

  • happykid987 4 years ago

    income´╗┐ im sure

  • MrTerhX 4 years ago

    that’s racist ;C´╗┐

  • Mistah Airbear 4 years ago

    if you have money to go to that fancy pants restaurant that has´╗┐ $50.00 steaks.

  • Ben Miles 4 years ago

    What do´╗┐ you mean by “Depending on what you do for a living?”

  • barirdeeee2 4 years ago

    how´╗┐ was it?

  • Shawnastayflyful Minor 4 years ago

    i’m going on a date tommoro were going for movie and a dinner what should i do/ talk about because this will be my first date.´╗┐

  • Sheik767 4 years ago

    I believe its creepy to have a bf´╗┐ that is 3 yrs older. but unsafe that he held your hand while driving! but hope it worked out

  • coloredrose1988 4 years ago

    I went to a restaurant and we had a drink there, then we went some shopping and had a drink in a more romantic place and we ended up kissing alot in the car <3 these were such good tips. After two´╗┐ dates we are now a couple yay!

  • dayglo98 4 years ago

    I AM in “canda”.´╗┐ Anyways I was just messing around

  • GraphixsHD 4 years ago

    not in´╗┐ canda

  • gummynumberone 4 years ago

    Where’s this in England?´╗┐

  • gummynumberone 4 years ago


  • dayglo98 4 years ago

    15 / 18, isn that illegal´╗┐ ? haha

  • tintannabulation 4 years ago

    my aunt´╗┐ and uncle went scuba diving on their honeymoon and have pictures of them with their masks off kissing underwater<3.

  • tintannabulation 4 years ago

    …I wanna know´╗┐ about this plant Dan.

  • thenothingpersonals1 4 years ago

    well im 15 and my bf is 18 so r frist date was going downtown and going to the park that was near my house then we walk got his car and he drove´╗┐ me home holding my hand th whole time and bf he left i kissed his cheak well that was on th11th of july and tomorrow we will b dateing a month im so happy

  • Rooney8MUFC 4 years ago

    ouch thats sucks.´╗┐

  • murbones 4 years ago

    best first date: get her drunk at a bush´╗┐ party and bring her home.

  • murbones 4 years ago

    I took my date to a midnight screening of the new batman movie in colorado……bad´╗┐ idea.

  • murbones 4 years ago

    how do you get a “free” hot air baslloon ride?´╗┐

  • 600rockstar600 4 years ago

    I´╗┐ normally go mini golfing and take a free hot air ballon ride. Then at the mini golfing place they have a a little restaurant were they burgers and shakes. Always works ­čÖé

  • Adrianna Ruggio 4 years ago

    he tells me that his friend wants to see a different movie so we have to watch what he wants instead. My date pays for his ticket and his friend’s but doesn’t pay for mine!! Needless ´╗┐ to say, I left not even 20 mins into the movie.. WORST DATE EVER

  • Adrianna Ruggio 4 years ago

    My worst first date: I was meeting someone from online and´╗┐ we were going to go see a movie together. The movie theater was in the mall and we decided to meet up in Yankee Candle. When we finally met up we browsed for a bit and then we went to go see the movie. As we were leaving the store he said “Oh wait I have to go find my friend.” …. He brought his friend on the date! Then as we are going to go see the movie….

  • stagespectre 4 years ago

    1:45´╗┐ Misprint.