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Top 10 Dating Tips for Women: 10. Learn the art of combining sexy and cute. 9. Stop putting all your effort into improving your looks. 8. Develop your matern…



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  • Canb Mloxo 4 years ago


  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

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  • liebedichfurimmer 4 years ago

    thank you!

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  • trini4jesus 4 years ago

    Good advice …will keep it in mind.

  • Katherine Fischer 4 years ago

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  • sushi0802 4 years ago

    I feel I’m in a state to be in a relationship not out of need but I feel very comfortable and confident about myself, a lot ppl like to be around me. These tips are great I will for sure avoid Cosmo mag

  • wayne thomas 4 years ago

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  • Terezi Pyrope 4 years ago

    I got a friend of mine who’s has low confidence and she’s attracted to pigs but she doesn’t see that. I know I should just leave her alone with her own business, but it hurt me to see her like that. And the only reason she is like that is because of her mother, who has never let her, had her freedom :(.

  • MegaDiamondmine 4 years ago


  • despare564 4 years ago

    i’m glad that there is someone out there who gives tips that are about confidence and things

  • cafelover 4 years ago

    Great tips- down to earth and true. I love some of the posts on here from both men and women who demonize the opposite sex.

  • Sonia Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Great advice!

  • holdenyauch 4 years ago

    Thanks man…gud advice

  • Elaine Dev 4 years ago

    Good tips.
    Can you possibly give some examples of destructive advice.
    Maybe you could do a top 10 of the worst/most destructive advice.

  • daniellecarruth31 4 years ago


  • PemboProductionz 4 years ago

    thanks for the help

  • mira1111000 4 years ago

    I’m going to do the opposite. See how far that certain person can be there for real even if it means showing my bad side ( coz everybody has) as well. Some of those you mention are just like prerequisite most men now desperately seek for from a women to just lean on for some time, not to love for a lifetime. It’s mostly pretence, not gonna make a relationship last. And i don’t want to be just needed/used like that nor will i wait for more from that someone to value how i want him to regard me.

  • Nessa D 4 years ago

    2x…somethings i hadnt thoughnt about…can yhou do a vid on dating over 40?

  • Nessa D 4 years ago

    you really broke it down! i watched the vid 2-.

  • protostelth 4 years ago

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  • Sherilyn Fehl 4 years ago

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  • Shelly Ong 4 years ago

    Do you know that you don’t have to be pretty or sexy to attract men? Apparently, we girls did it wrong the whole time. There are things that make men cannot resist you and make him love you more than ever! And good thing is it doesn’t have anything to do with the way you look. Learned this hard way until I found this book: PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER.

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  • jpack c 4 years ago

    I don’t like the comment that bascally sounds like you want a mom not a girlfriend

  • jpack c 4 years ago

    Your great, thanks for the advice

  • jen s 4 years ago

    great points, so true!!

  • Salma Rahmawati 4 years ago

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  • Rania Firdasari 4 years ago

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  • HotBeastGirl123 4 years ago

    Fuck u carcano38

  • Annette Lawless 4 years ago

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  • MiamiDatingCoach 4 years ago

    You mad bro?

  • carcano38 4 years ago

    What a sick joke, dating tips for women, what the hell do they need tips for. They get overrun with letters, free meals, drinks, movies, concerts and on and on. The piece of shits have it made, the world handed to them. AH to have been born a woman. Whoever coined the phrase it’s a man’s world had their heads stuck up their as so far it must still be there.

  • Liteboyiam 4 years ago

    you think you’re the victim? you attract this. i’ve known awful women, and awful men… i don’t let them stick around.
    you seem, from your words, to have no ability to intuitively filter.
    you really think all men are sociopaths just looking to hurt people?!? maybe you wrote above when you were extra depressed and down?
    ” I was always expected to achieve so much” …ummm… and men held you back from that? wow… wtf????
    i suggest you search on youtube “girlwriteswhat”.

  • loveslifeslemonade 4 years ago

    I liked the video. I didn’t agree with the giving back rubs n cooking lol. If i have to do that then the guy better know how to do the same for me.

  • 519rule 4 years ago

    You have great advice that is not sugar coated or missleading. Thanks 🙂

  • Llama Person 4 years ago

    Great video. I’m a 20 year old woman in Ireland and this advice seems very helpful and realistic. I really enjoyed the honest, non sugar coated, tough love approach. Thanks!

  • alicia lucas 4 years ago

    i found this video very helpfull

  • Nitisha Chukun 4 years ago

    forgot to mention im going on a date in 2 days

  • Nitisha Chukun 4 years ago

    hey coach , im 18 ( im a girl) , i’ve never dated a guy in my life T_T , thanks for the tips 🙂 but cant stop being nervous :S

  • Elaine Ford 4 years ago

    Wow, best advice yet! Thanks!

  • SDSFDFSFSFE 4 years ago

    your princess is in another castle….

  • eleanor27x 4 years ago

    Probably the best dating advice on YouTube.

  • Clara Rusnak 4 years ago

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  • Kingsizenerd56 4 years ago

    what this guy says is true for the most part