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  • Ever curious: Michelle 3 years ago

    I’m a 24 year old girl/woman and I too would love to do all the things you
    mentioned but feel awkward doing so alone. And one more, going to a petting
    zoo and camping. I did go solo camping and enjoyed it but I was a bit self

  • Rianna Finch 3 years ago

    pbfff pbffhfff phhfff
    hot air balloon man

  • Scott Seitz 3 years ago

    The Carousel for Missoula is pretty cool. I will meet you and we can ride
    if you want. Probably have some free tokens laying around.

  • Stephen Parks 3 years ago

    Great vidya today. Your hair is lookin’ super fly, btw.

    The “Albert…pffft pfft” part was freaking hilarious. 

  • Eric Stokes 3 years ago

    Let’s face facts. We both know a few people who I at least would pay more
    money to go to the movies with if they talked the whole time lol. 

  • flasksofpop 3 years ago

    Just go and do them with matty Kerr 

  • pilocrates 3 years ago

    We could have a bro-date, you and I.

  • frigginboom 3 years ago

    Similar thing happened to me the other day. Was walking along a path and
    next to it there is a bunch of rocks running along it. When I walk past
    with my girlfriend we often balance on them. So even though I was by
    myself, I just instinctively started balancing. Then I realised people were
    watching a guy by himself having a balance contest

  • Raven Zoë 3 years ago

    haha damnit now i have “let’s go fly a kite” stuck in my head 

  • hugotheswe 3 years ago

    Force-A-Friend. If I had a friend who wanted to do all these things and
    forced me to do it would probably be the only time I ever did these things,
    try it out. Byron sits in his house all day, he could use some fresh air

  • Lindsay Covington 3 years ago

    This video has now created a checklist for me. Except the hot air balloon
    thing, because I don’t do heights. But everything else, I’m now determined
    to do by myself and force myself to not feel weird doing them alone.

  • LynneSkysong 3 years ago

    I am a 27 year old woman-child. And I actively avoid doing many things
    alone: restaurants, bars, rides, etc. But this has to do with my internal
    anxiety and introvertedness, not external factors. Whatever it is, it’s
    stupid that stuff like this keeps people from doing fun stuff.

  • okletsjam1 3 years ago

    I love going to Disney alone! 

  • Aiironic 3 years ago

    This is not actually a problem if you don’t have many friends where you
    live or your friends live in other places than you – you’re forced to do
    anything you want by yourself.

    basically you can do what you want to do whenever you want to do it if you
    want to – regardless of societal expectations. Who cares if you’re having
    fun? Unless you’re gonna do something drastic like walk around naked or
    like hurt someone then you shouldn’t feel obligated towards those
    expectations anyways.

    it’s something I’m learning that I can do myself now that I’m…an
    adult???? ?? ? ? ?? I went to VidCon twice by myself and it was much more
    rewarding than going with a friend because I got to do whatever I wanted
    and didn’t feel obligated to spend all my time with the people I met there
    because I didn’t /go/ with them, per se.

    But I still don’t take advantage of being able to go to places alone
    because I just mostly sit on the internet by myself so maybe I have no idea
    what I’m talking about. 

  • grlvball511 3 years ago

    Yeah, I would do all of those with you. *sigh*

  • Anne Kan 3 years ago

    I feel like some of these things could be done with families or friends,
    not just dates. But I understand you want to bring a date there, and I
    respect that. (Some of these things I would actually prefer to do with not
    a date though.)

  • thehappyplate 3 years ago

    I say: do all the things.

  • Katherine Wessel 3 years ago

    I’ve also just realized because of this video how glad you must be to have
    had a witness to that 233. 

  • Drew Brown 3 years ago

    Have you thought about joining a bowling league? It’s an option and people
    in leagues are generally pretty awesome. :)

  • Alex Bragdon 3 years ago

    I go out star gazing by myself all the time, and I never got a flack for
    it. Perhaps it’s all down to terminology. If someone asks just say you were
    out practicing your amateur astronomy. 

  • Dominique Lempares 3 years ago

    I think it’s perfectly fine to go and do things by yourself. For me, I
    don’t have any friends in the area, but I also don’t want to go through the
    hassle of planning something and someone that wants to go takes too long to
    reply or something like that. I go to the movies alone all the time and
    hearing this list, I may try a few of them out. Also, the beard is looking
    great. :D

  • Mikey Tsiang 3 years ago

    This is so great. You should do all of the things! I love movies by myself.
    I also love going to a park and going on the swings by myself. Swings are
    awesome. I definitely want to go to Disneyland by myself so I can go
    wherever I want, whenever I want. Also, there is a hot air balloon in
    Orange County (south of Los Angeles). You can come visit southern
    California and I’ll take you! It’s a big
    balloon though, so you wouldn’t actually be going up with just Albert.

  • Katherine Wessel 3 years ago

    I’ve seen several people doing the solo kite flying thing, but I don’t
    think I’ve ever seen an adult couple fly a kite. 

  • moistunicorn 3 years ago

    There is a difference although it isn’t a strictly followed. Carousels have
    only horses, where as a merry go round has many kinds of animals.

  • Liz Wilson 3 years ago

    Two things, one pffft pffft was definitely the best part of video, and two,
    the beard is looking good :D

  • Horace Harrison 3 years ago

    I think that all of your idea are pretty good!
    Though now I want to go to an amusement park by myself… oh well.

    The other thing that I think is a socially weird thing to do is go to a
    fancy restaurant by yourself. To me that seems like a great thing to do to
    treat yourself to if you’ve accomplished something or want sometime to
    relax; meanwhile, everyone in the restaurant will think you’ve been stood
    up and wonder why you’re so happy as you eat.

    Again, you just have to say “oh well.”

  • Annabelle Barrow 3 years ago


  • mustardsfire22 3 years ago

    Let’s go fly a kite! Do do do do do.

  • Jordan V 3 years ago

    You need a bro to do all these things with. You can do these things with
    non romantic partners also and it isn’t judged.

    Also, Im pretty sure a carousel moves up and down, and a merry go round
    does not.

  • Pitohui 3 years ago

    I have some solutions to your problems!
    Refer to star-gazing as astronomy. Boom, now you’re a scientist.
    Get a professional kite. Now you’ll be the beard guy at the park with a
    sweet kite.
    Buy a bowling ball and bowling shoes. Now you’re a competitive bowler and
    it won’t be weird to be bowling alone.

  • Surely Sarah 3 years ago

    Awesome vlog man, loved the list. Inspiring too :)

  • kelsypants 3 years ago

    I say go do those things! You never know, may meet some other people who
    are alone doing those things and then you can do those things together! Or
    you can just do them alone, too, and I still think it will be good. 

  • AllieBoomer 3 years ago

    I love doing things by myself. I can do what I feel like when I feel like
    it, and not have to talk while I do it. I like that I can let my mind
    wander when I do stuff alone. And as for balloons, the Albuquerque Balloon
    Fiesta is an amazing experience. I highly recommend it, especially at dawn
    or dusk.

  • sarahsourire 3 years ago

    I would ride a carousel with you!