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Meghan of Strawburry17 and are here to teach you how to flirt. these flirting tips may or may no be effective. but don't worry we are experts! Meghans Video:…



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  • Andy Besbrode 3 years ago


  • James Cooper 3 years ago

    I dont think eating chicken should hurt Keith,, you might need to get that

  • Morgen Tillema 3 years ago

    Omg 6000th subby!!

  • Micheal David 3 years ago

    Your shirt is pretty awesome where did you get it ?

  • mionicman 3 years ago

    I can’t stop watching this video. The awkward timing is so perfect. 

  • WhatWouldKarlaSay 3 years ago

    I loved this video Keith!! So funny!! Your videos are getting better and
    better 🙂 ness’ part was the cherry on top

  • Twistertrav 3 years ago

    haha nice videos guys! 

  • Amber Bethel 3 years ago

    *I sometimes eat chicken.*
    *And it **-hurts-*

  • Dancer78able 3 years ago

    So I’m waiting for you guys to make a video saying ur dating
    Can I have a set day for said video

  • AbbyGirl28 3 years ago

    This is beautiful!!!

  • Jonasftw 3 years ago

    Sometimes I eat a lot of chicken

  • Turtle Shell 3 years ago

    XD this video is amazing #PeopleLoveCompliments 

  • Megg moos xoxo 3 years ago

    You 2 are soooooooo cute together xxxxxx love it xxxxxxx

  • Strawburry17 3 years ago

    Everyone loves compliments 

  • Stephaney Ferguson 3 years ago

    Lol…this was great XD I find eye contact followed by a sly smile and a
    quickly averted glance to the floor and then remaking eye contact while
    holding said smile works the best for me ;)

  • Jessie Ji 3 years ago

    In that photo at the end it looks like Meghan is the one touching your face

  • Roland Schlösser 3 years ago

    3:34 I have an iphone too, but i don’t have emojis, I downloaded a lot of
    apps of emojis but they’re all crap, can somebody help me and suggest me a
    good one? -.-

  • Vennie Fiston 3 years ago

    Come on, be her boyfriend. 

  • Kate Blaylock 3 years ago

    Hi Keith I meet you and Megan last week and I just want to say that it was
    so lovely to meet everyone and I miss the moment and your robot socks 

  • julie kloner 3 years ago

    i shall use these tips and get all da bait thanks :)

  • jalen scott 3 years ago

    Who is this guy?? Hes magical!! Any friend of Meghan’s is cool with me.

  • mAgiCaLsTriPeS 3 years ago

    Is it just me, or Keith has a crush on Meghan..

    They would be the perfect match. Lol.

  • David O 3 years ago

    great vid keith! 😀 hope there’s more like this to come :)

  • Clinton McClure 3 years ago

    2 videos in 1 week :)

  • Yenhao Lu 3 years ago

    I think you look like Christina grimmie from the voice and that’s a

  • Jamie Taberna 3 years ago

    OMG!!! This video actually helped me! My crush of 4 years and I are now
    dating all because of this video!!! THANKS KEITH AND MEGHAN!!! 😛 hahaa