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You also need to Shower!



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  • katie toben 3 years ago

    this is fucking stupid i can point out several flaws in the “advice” you
    give to people the only one i can possibly agree with is 5. That is it. All
    the rest of it is a bunch of BULLSHIT. i for one never paint my nails or do
    my hair and makeup just for my boyfriend. HERE IS GOOD ADVICE……IF HE
    DONT LIKE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE HE CAN GET FUCKED!!!! dont do this shit just
    to impress a boy. Its pointless and honestly a little fake…be real with
    your boyfriend…not a barbie

  • Bailey Gran 3 years ago

    Honestly you have your own opinion. thats you. i actually like to get up
    and get ready. not just for. him . and honestly you dont have to get ready
    for your boyfriend, Your right but I do. cause i want to. sorry! Thanks for
    being honest tho! But. this is my video. so please dont tryto start
    problems! and i when i wear make-up and paint my nails. itmakes me feel
    good, clean-LIKE A GIRL. maybe not to you. but thats u okayy!!!!!