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We chat with The Vamps about their perfect dates! Subscribe to 4Music: 4Music brings you closer to the hottest artists around…



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  • Olivia J 4 years ago

    They look so fit

  • MrAlfiepie1 4 years ago

    Lucky me cause im gettin pink highlights 😉

  • MrAlfiepie1 4 years ago

    Ha Mordor lol i love lord of the rings

  • BringOnTheBeauty 4 years ago

    I’m perfect for brad, I’m short, brunette with blue eyes (like Zooey) and yeah I kinda love him <3

  • Aimee Hughes 4 years ago

    I would definitely want to date you Connor<3<3

  • GraceRobyn 4 years ago

    Brad you can date me anyday xx

  • Livvy Mango 4 years ago

    getting my face made up to be taylor swift RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Livvy Mango 4 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucía Scarrone 4 years ago

    ok so James and Brad are obviously out cause they are only interested in taylor and zoey, which isn’t fair, so i’ll go with tristan, tho I had pink hair at one moment so connor 😀 

  • iambritz 4 years ago

    the vamps can go on a date with me anytime…

  • Miza Marsya 4 years ago

    she is like 33

  • Shiloh Yonker 4 years ago

    I wanna date one of them! lol. Don’t we all though…

  • joshua mae dalugdog 4 years ago

    2:41 .. AHAHA !! AVATAR ..

  • taylornguyen14 4 years ago

    I wish i was zooey to…

  • taylornguyen14 4 years ago

    Okay….honestly idec I’d still date then marry Brad.

  • Olivia Diamond 4 years ago

    I think James is so gonna fangirl when they open for Taylor Swift

  • Ava Luna Despian 4 years ago

    but there not dating so… He is Single!! <3

  • Emma Harling 4 years ago

    Zooey Deschanel

  • Ava Luna Despian 4 years ago

    who is Zooey????

  • caitlynthebest 4 years ago

    The seconds guy down from the back looks like the guitar player for one dirction

  • Gabriella Turvey 4 years ago

    How tall is brad?

  • Emma Harling 4 years ago

    I wish I was Zooey

  • Honey Vie Dagasuhan 4 years ago

    What would you look for a girl?
    James: if she’s not like Taylor Swift then probably not interested. ahahahahahah

  • Honey Vie Dagasuhan 4 years ago

    OH my God James is so interested to Taylor like very very. In every interview that they does Taylor is always named, starting to ship Jaylor now.

  • ptvxsws 4 years ago

    Hahaha connor with pink hair aww cute.

  • Stacey Locke 4 years ago

    I love james and brad !!! They r so fit and james has got abs !!! Even better

  • trippinonmyswagga1 4 years ago

    James is perfect! He loves Taylor Swift ! And I love Taylor Swift! 🙂 OMG! 3

  • trippinonmyswagga1 4 years ago

    I love James!

  • KissYourHeart1D 4 years ago

    “You just can’t escape.” “Escape? It’s a date!” aha, I love them<3

  • Mae baker 4 years ago

    Omg I love them more now I now they are English coz I am

  • Natalie McCalla 4 years ago

    I would defo still go on a date with you guys no matter what ahhhhh. love you guys soooo much xxxxx

  • Charlotte B 4 years ago

    I want to go on a date with you!

  • Charlotte B 4 years ago

    I love the VAMPS!!