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This time, Kotonoha is voiced by AegisHikaru. It's okay if NikkiKora doesn't have to take the role of Kotonoha. I understand and respect that. However, Ageis…



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  • Daniel Thornburg 4 years ago

    What did that guard say when kicking Francis the second time?

  • Riggy95Productions 4 years ago

    thumbs up for Spider25 and SniperTheFox being in the vid 😀

  • iteachvader 4 years ago


  • logan castaneda 4 years ago

    7:46 painis cupcake

  • Kasey Enloe 4 years ago

    This is too cute and funny! You should make more of these with the other TF2 characters.

  • Calvin Wong 4 years ago


  • Calvin Wong 4 years ago

    ha ha ha

  • Mia Ishata 4 years ago

    The ending was just genius

  • dragonwarrior2995 4 years ago

    Dat moment at 7:50 xD 

  • dragonwarrior2995 4 years ago

    Probably because Mario always uses certain tricks to beat Bowser and Heavy always kinda blindly charges into stuff. That and because he wasn´t allowed to use Sasha.

  • cryax2138 4 years ago

    01:30, naturi in there!

  • thedoood3halo 4 years ago

    :( okay

  • Jaycee Cheng 4 years ago

    OMG! This tutorial is not bad at all.

  • flameblade49 4 years ago

    Did I really hear “porn cakes” from engy?

  • wMTF2 4 years ago

    Hanna Barbara Sound Effects Libary

  • hoffy1138 4 years ago

    the running sound at 1:37 were can i get that? love the vid by the way

  • nerdinthebackroom 4 years ago


  • ClownFan1 4 years ago

    Mario keeps kicking Bowser’s butt, but now it it is Heavy who gets his butt kicked from Bowser.

  • ClownFan1 4 years ago


  • cyrax010014 4 years ago

    i got Kotonoha, Heavy Weapons Guy, Satsujinki (well, he’s like Makoto, shut up X|), and Miku chars on my MUGEN (the gmodin fighter)
    can i take your idea from yours to my MUGEN vid project?

  • sucomimuswolf 4 years ago

    And arm omnomnomnom

  • sucomimuswolf 4 years ago

    Da, this is very good

  • Retro Ace 4 years ago


  • xxNuttysquirrelxx 4 years ago

    lmao at 7:15 hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaquille12 4 years ago


  • HomarRules 4 years ago

    Best 10 minutes of my life… sad really 🙁

  • AssassinOfCows 4 years ago

    the sniper and the green guy make a good pair

  • Arkalidor 4 years ago

    I know it’s rather classic manga-style design, but that girl’s leg-length to skirt-length ratio just doesn’t add-up >_<

  • SuperSonicRULAA 4 years ago

    SASHA! xD

  • nihilvox 4 years ago

    Could’ve sworn Kotonoha’s dating advice would’ve been “Go totally psycho”, “Keep a lethal instrument on your person at all times”, “Beg”, “Denial”, “Should a love triangle form, murder the hypotenuse”

  • Ricky Barker 4 years ago

    You’ve improved. The recent Gmod video ( the one with DK ) has so much more “life” than your other ones. That doesn’t mean the plots in them are not bad.

  • TheHumbleFellow 4 years ago

    Where’d you get that Pikachu model from?

  • andoykids 4 years ago


  • bladesnspades2 4 years ago

    PORN CAKES! 7:17

  • Petrico94 4 years ago

    wasnt there more at the start, i think i remember seeing an orc

  • bboythekidstudios 4 years ago


  • BymysideyoulldieXD 4 years ago

    Painis Cupcake should totally be the boss at Mann Manor!

  • MrNickItachi 4 years ago

    lol man it’s funny and awesome.

  • martin27000 4 years ago

    3:46 spider 25 and sniper the fox

  • yourbestiestfriend 4 years ago

    I know its just a sound effect, but can anyone tell me where to find that noise at 2:33 with the pills flying away? Also, great vid

  • Gemerald Suit 4 years ago

    Thumbs up If you think Painis Cupcake should be the next mod/boss for TF2 😀

  • Gemerald Suit 4 years ago

    OMG its even funnier with the captions on XDDD