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Taryn Southern offers advice on what not to say when it comes to a first date—mentions of your ex and recent hookups, included. Subscribe to the all-new Glam…



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  • Braulio Gonzalez 3 years ago

    You are hot and sexy

  • Haley Nelson 3 years ago


  • alishow2207 3 years ago

    i dont what i tell you but you should be some actor

  • Jackie 3 years ago

    I have that same yellow tank top, Taryn! haha

  • Sarah Crystal 3 years ago

    What…… what was I going to watch?!

  • Supertraveller66 3 years ago

    even if you’re crying I would take you out! That’s just the way I am muffin

  • CatsInWondeland 3 years ago


  • jinnie do 3 years ago

    1 st and 1st like

  • MrSlendy123 3 years ago

    People still online date? HA! I hate this show already.

  • BrittanyHottie94 3 years ago

    This was on an ad that I didn’t skip 🙂

  • Hugsandkisses99100 3 years ago

    then they can go to the drycleaners to get their underwear out of a knot 😛

  • Zoe striker 3 years ago

    the part where she says ” like father like son”, had me laughing. funny
    shows i always 4get what im rlly going 2 wach <3 🙂

  • CircaOG7 3 years ago

    It’s Magical 😀

  • sixten saga 3 years ago


  • frvthecar 3 years ago

    Wasn’t the best video. I was offended at points.

  • ladybugrainbow 3 years ago

    I actually thought it was kind of funny. 🙂

  • BeautywithSheila25 3 years ago


  • TheKristaSteve 3 years ago

    ahahaha this came up as an Ad on Danisnotonfire’s video & I usually don’t
    like the Glamour Magazine’s ads, but LOL This one was awesome x’D

  • lola rushton 3 years ago

    I am a SPONGEMUFFIN!!!!! Lol.

  • Megan Dreamer 3 years ago


  • He is my dentist.

  • Priyanca Khan 3 years ago

    She looks… Not classy, that’s for sure.

  • sputnikalgrim 3 years ago

    Tiggy and boobs, Tiggy and booooooobs… Thnk god almighty for Tiggy and

  • Tracey Raymundo 3 years ago

    *I’m watching a pg-13 rated jenna marbles vid. whoops!

  • Joshua Prince 3 years ago

    hahahahaha….. laughed through the hurt from the laughs… 😀

  • ГРОБАРИ ПФК 3 years ago

    Mediafire … C:

  • Connie Chow 3 years ago


  • immatoll 3 years ago

    Keep your eyes on her head… keep your eyes on her head… keep your eyes
    on her head… keep your eyes on her head… still an impossible task…
    sometimes I wish I had boobs… 🙁

  • Breakfast At Stephanie's 3 years ago

    If you’re seriously offended by any of this, go on ebay and get yourself a
    sense of humor. Then go to the doctor and get the stick up your butt

  • Sarah Lewis 3 years ago

    Do you live under a rock? One-third of all married couples meet online.

  • SarahLogic 3 years ago


  • Katey Nicole 3 years ago

    ok, let’s see yours Steven Spielburg.

  • Tony Yang 3 years ago

    Those boobies!!

  • Jeffrey Livingood 3 years ago

    Can we loosen up. It is a comedy. Excuse Tayrn for portraying a girl who
    would try to look sexy on a date. Unfortunately in Hollywood sex sells. Too
    many great actresses did not gain mainstream appeal because they were not
    considered sexy enough. Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep come to mind.

  • Lena Owens 3 years ago

    That was awesome!

  • sert4321 3 years ago

    I luv Taryn

  • mightymousesundies 3 years ago

    nothing better then a bit of light comedy to brighten the day definitely

  • arsviatticae 3 years ago

    Like father, like son.

  • sarah yearly 3 years ago

    Wonder if I…Gave an oreo to the big bad wolf, how would the story go?
    Would he still go huff and puff? Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff?
    To decorate the deck he helped them build. Would they not get killed?
    Wonder if I….Gave an oreo to a vampire in a creepy show. Would he not act
    so undead? Would he thirst for milk instead? I just got this feeling that
    it might work out alright. Cause’ creme does wondrous things inside a
    chocolate sandwich dream.

  • ValPal 3 years ago


  • ImALopez08 3 years ago


  • JamesJoyce12 3 years ago

    This is the lamest quasi-professional vid on youtube. Did you spend more
    than 5 mins on it?

  • Katey Nicole 3 years ago

    the one time i actually watch an ad and it’s epic. haha

  • MaoieJoeyResieCats 3 years ago


  • Hugsandkisses99100 3 years ago

    I sing along with it 🙂 it brightens up my day

  • camua2z 3 years ago

    Makeup and hair tutorial of the front door part please!!

  • royalduckling101 3 years ago

    “We just broke up like 7 days ago and he hooked up with some stupid bitch
    within 2 days of breaking up with me” favorite thing she ever said

  • Cat Kt 3 years ago


  • slangoftheregions 3 years ago

    That wasn’t actually helpful, but it was hilarious. Not sure which was your
    end goal.

  • Marissa Cerone 3 years ago

    That Oreo commercial…too cute