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I hope you guys enjoyed the rules of dating! Let me know if you want to see more!
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  • Griffin Arnlund 2 years ago

    Hey Kat! It won’t let me respond to your comment, so I am making my own
    comment! I think it depends. Did your friend dump the guy and now has ZERO
    interest in him? Make sure it’s okay with her and go for it. Did the guy
    break your friends heart and she’s crying herself to sleep every night?
    He’s probably off limits FOREVER. Each situation is different but I’d
    always ask for my friend’s blessing before moving forward.

  • Griffin Arnlund 2 years ago

    Valerie Brand, it won’t let me respond to your comment either! But here is
    a separate comment 🙂 I think it’s completely normal for guys to have girl
    friends. It’s only a problem when he pays more attention to them than to
    you. That’s a pretty good indication that he has feelings for her.

  • Rick Konadu 2 years ago

    I love your personality! Thumbs up for Griffin!

  • Maddie R 2 years ago

    I have depression and saying that people don’t wanna hang out with me
    because I’m always sad is very rude. I don’t know if I’m taking it the
    wrong way, but I just feel like I already can’t get a date because I’m
    super ugly, and now i added on the list that I’m “too sad”. Will anyone
    explain to me what she is talking about if I am taking this wrong? 

  • Bruno klyron 2 years ago

    You’re really nice :)

  • Kai Free 2 years ago

    Ur birthdays the day before me

  • Valerie Brand 2 years ago

    what’s your opinion on your boyfriend having friends that are girls 

  • Phil Reott 2 years ago

    how bout for starters don’t jump in bed with him or her just cause he or
    she said I LOVE U. Or doin anything u don’t want then do it cause they said
    I thought u love me.

  • Kevim Gist 2 years ago

    Hi me and my girl have been going out for about 2 weeks and she wants to
    move to the next level 1 should I wait or do what she wants and 2 how can I
    make it romantic and 3 how can I make her happy every day btw we are both

  • Amelia smith 2 years ago

    griffin? you names griffin? you’re joking right?

  • Ryan Fleming 2 years ago

    Hey there’s this girl and she doesn’t really know me and I only see her at
    church plus I think abet hunks I a bit weird. I’m not the best looking guy
    but I’ve liked her soooooo much and for about 7 months I haven’t really
    said anything to her. I get so nervous when she’s around and I can barely
    talk. She won’t date until she’s seventeen which is in 2 years. Should I
    move on or stick with it

  • Jazmin Whitley 2 years ago

    If a guy wants to talk to you he will! He will make time…very true. 

  • Kevim Gist 2 years ago

    Griffin could you please answer my question in very curious what to do

  • Quad Squad 2 years ago


  • Hunny Babie 2 years ago

    what’s on my iPhone video 

  • Lovely Beauty13 2 years ago

    Thanks griffin 🙂 it video is really helpful ♡ 

  • Kat Boukouzis 2 years ago

    What I always tell my friends is that you don’t want to date a guy that
    your friend just broke up with. You should probably wait at least 2-3
    months. Do you agree? Or do you think you should wait longer?

  • Ben Gaudreault 2 years ago

    just subrscibed and don’t know why 

  • Jade M 2 years ago

    Ilysm Griffin. Good advice

  • MaryGriffinsMusic 2 years ago

    Yep. I have a friend who I actually just broke up with. He was always
    downing himself, was depressed a lot. It was annoying. I’ve tried cheering
    him up lots of times but didn’t ever really worked.
    He’s also very manipulating which is a big NO haha. And threatening…never
    knew this about him until I started knowing more deep thing about

  • Griffin, I have the kik name ‘griffinarnlund’ & would you be interested?
    Just email tweet me @knowltoon ☺️ 

  • ana alvarez 2 years ago

    Heyy i love your videos griffin! ❤

  • Iliana Cesena 2 years ago


  • Reema MA 2 years ago


  • angelica soto 2 years ago

    I saw a pic of u on instagram and saw you make YouTube videos and now I
    can’t stop watching them haha your really pretty and I have officially
    subscribed!! Yay!! And ily 

  • Jolene Poh Jing Wen 2 years ago

    do an updated what’s on my iphone :)

  • Léo Jacquat 2 years ago

    Hi Griffin! I just discovered your videos, i love them! You have a thumbs
    up from Switzerland now 🙂 It’s funny to see the differences between here
    and the US! Might be an idea for a video.. :)

  • Lauren Winkleblack 2 years ago

    I love this video so much ahh! love youuu❤️

  • justin duque 2 years ago

    You are so beautiful i wish i could take you out to dinner 

  • Gina Cardwell 2 years ago

    Great advice, I’m dating my ex and we’ve been together for more then 2 yrs

  • Jesus Ocegueda 2 years ago

    up ur amazing

  • jacques weston 2 years ago


  • BroccoliBrigardist 2 years ago

    Only daterule: date me, griffin
    K lol bye