Added by on February 14, 2015 Joe Amoia, The Smarter Dating Guy, discusses why the only rules you should follow in your love life are the ones YOU decide work for you!



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  • Christina Cha 2 years ago

    My rule is to date others so you don’t get to infatuated with one person
    and in time see who is committed and treats you best 

  • maureen buchser 2 years ago

    Great advice! 

  • Baruch1girl 2 years ago

    So on point! Thank you for posting this. I could have used this information
    back in my twenties.

  • I think The Rules work. I haven’t tried it but it’s logical. I even read
    book supporting The Rules…. by male authors: )

    The book also says you may still be lucky and find the ONE without doing
    the rules , only if you want to make it a sure thing that you should
    follow it from A-Z

  • TheHawkssong 2 years ago

    This is really good, thank you