Added by on June 16, 2014 to find out how to escape the friend-zone. So today we're looking at some basic flirting tips for men, and I want to break thi…



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  • fantana 3 years ago

    Its not what you say but how you say it. Wygant you fucking pimp!

  • David Wygant 3 years ago
  • GiaGiascooking 3 years ago

    “hey” can you shut that ****ing dog up! “be nice” use “hey”

  • David Søilen 3 years ago


    I`m just going to get my ass out there now! Let`S Roll! B-)

  • Vapes 3 years ago

    Good man. Said hey before telling the dogs to shut the fuck up. Gentleman

  • Max King 3 years ago

    Wygant is the real deal I don’t know why he was so tense in this video. But
    the man has always some interesting insights.

  • MegaLochgelly 3 years ago

    Those flats look nice. Where is that? West Coast?

  • Horse Love 3 years ago

    How is Daphy doing ?
    I am so proud of you david .

  • tomek92pl 3 years ago


  • TheShah29 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip David. This video was a great wake up call for me
    because I typically over complicate things when it comes to approaching

  • simos Symeonides 3 years ago

    Are You Wolf Enough? Ebook how to flirt sexy ladies! 

  • Jc Scandon 3 years ago

    this guy has some interesting thoughts, but man! he is neurotic as fuck!

  • bwest8888 3 years ago

    Good stuff man

  • Andrew Becerra 3 years ago

    I hate small dogs too David. That’s why I stick to awesome K-9s 

  • Chris Kennedy 3 years ago

    I guess 5 people have little dogs ^-^

  • Shawn Cushnie 3 years ago

    Lmao, most of the time the simple stuff is the best 

  • Dario Andrade 3 years ago

    it,s called freedom of expression wigant, the negative stuff that you
    receive it comes mainly FROM =GARBAGE FILIES low level

  • PUA Vids 3 years ago


  • TEMPLAR KING 3 years ago

    Wygant is Amazing!

  • Bowen Xu 3 years ago

    Hi, David.

    i just had some bathroom though, about some social interaction issue.

    I met alot new people ( just people), good interaction, good reason for a
    next time meet up, contact information.
    But next time, when they went something awesome, they didnt tell me. So I
    tell them I would like to join if they got something like that again, they
    say “OK”. But they just forget it right away.
    I dont really care cuz I am busy on my path to success too.
    But that just confuse me.
    If you guys cant meet up enough time, they wont trust you, they wont take
    you out to their party and shit.
    Is there anything else effect this kind of things, beside “Value”?
    Is that because of comfort issue?

  • bullshark 3 years ago

    watching this video, i can see why his wife divorced him

  • nmr20067 3 years ago

    Hello or hi works! Believe me, some guys can’t even do that out of
    shyness and fear she will not speak back!

    Good stuff, David.

  • simos Symeonides 3 years ago

    Are You Wolf Enough? Ebook how to flirt sexy ladies!