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  • Amanda Marie 3 years ago

    I would be happy to take that poster off you hands…Your welcome Matthew
    lol 🙂 

  • monisha gandhi 3 years ago

    good information here….eye opening tips

  • Glamourosity Manila 3 years ago

    he looks like a mash up between Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Radcliffe 🙂
    I love your accent matthew!

  • Kelley Williford 3 years ago

    Seriously? The ending had me in tears I was laughing so hard!!! Sounds like
    you need some fresh eyes and sunshine that thinks outside the box and I’m
    just the person to help you! 

  • Allan horian 3 years ago

    Hahhahahaha..ending was so funny..why don’t you join pretty entertaining site..u will love it.

  • Lantu Mia 3 years ago

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  • Thomas Gonzalez 3 years ago

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  • Sabrina Scottland 3 years ago

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  • darla f.hardy 3 years ago

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  • Your New Partner 3 years ago

    nice video!

  • hobosorter 3 years ago

    Ending…Nailed it.

  • maehoua01 3 years ago

    I just think you are so adorable ♥

  • NV1596165 3 years ago

    The ending made my day.

  • grrlinglasses 3 years ago

    Love it! Get the Guy the musical. Great ending.

  • angela price 3 years ago

    go with the flow, synchronicity always works. LOOK at what is, instead of
    lookIng at what is NOT. I rugged funny men who like satsang, zen buddism,
    agnostics views as well. sex appeal always helps. I could go on an on on
    on. My friend recently quoted’ ” The way to get over one man, is to get
    UNDER another, ooops naughty. But hey don’t be to serious, enjoy you own
    company, don’t search. x

  • thebluray 3 years ago

    I’m on Gringr

  • Matthew Hussey 3 years ago

    Thank you! Be sure to check out some on finding guys if you’re now going
    without online dating.

  • hellokyyy 3 years ago

    You look so young, yet you’re so knowledgable. Love your advice on Ready
    for Love 😀

  • Natalie Williams 3 years ago

    Forget the dating cites, I wanna be with Matthew LOL

  • CaptainPassion 3 years ago

    His voice. Ummphf ♥

  • Layla Adawieh 3 years ago

    Oh my God, the ending… I’m still laughing!

  • Matthew Hussey 3 years ago

    It’s a big frustration of a lot of people – and why I’ve always put my
    attention and focus into helping women meet and attract men in person.

  • kelenna james 3 years ago

    This’ll be useful when like I’m older.

  • OA Skywalker 3 years ago

    Do you also giving advice to guy too? to get a girl?

  • selfadjusted 3 years ago

    Just adorable, he is!

  • littlesometin 3 years ago

    lol at the ending

  • tumejorpose 3 years ago

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the hot pink cover was: This guy
    has cojones.

  • TheBeautybound 3 years ago

    What camera do you use to film these? I need a new one for my videos and
    this one is great!

  • NV1596165 3 years ago

    I love you on ready for love. You’re my favorite dating coach. You give the
    best advice, you have good instincts, and you’re not afraid to be honest. <3

  • e304309 3 years ago

    omg, get rid of whoever did this poster and get me hired!!

  • Kimar Dunn 3 years ago

    Hshshhahahwhqhwuwhwhwhwhwhw. **hold sides cause they hurt so much from
    laughing at matt**….. yea matt they really followed your vision for the
    banner. Hahahahshshshshshshsh!

  • ooXsmileXoo 3 years ago

    LOL that ending was hilarious. I think the banner is lovely 🙂

  • verena kur 3 years ago

    I know it’s different but it will be cool if you did a Draw My Life!! ;D

  • zakia moin 3 years ago

    Sorry !!!! But u r really handsome 🙂

  • Donnarynn Oakenshield 3 years ago

    hahahaha I was wondering about that cover!

  • Alexa Heller 3 years ago

    I got the audio book! It’s awesome. Thanks Matt!

  • Tiffany Taylor 3 years ago

    I’ve done online dating for a while when I move cities for work. I find
    that it works in that respective but doesn’t do it for me when I am looking
    for a quality guy.. BTW I loved the ending to this video! I tend to give my
    friends that same reaction on certain topics, LOL. I’m glad to see new
    videos from you Matt! I missed getting tips from my favorite life/dating

  • tintannabulation 3 years ago

    the ending<3!

  • Ashleigh Fletcher 3 years ago

    Hahahaha Love the ending 😛

  • Rebeca Lazar 3 years ago

    That’s it I want to marry you:) xoxo love you Mat:) Always giving amazing
    advice!!! Thank you!

  • ellielane27 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh, dying laughing hahahahahaha! You crack me up, Matthew!

  • nyrew06 3 years ago

    Your face is hilarious! it’s ridiculous. it looks like a Broadway banner
    haha. I mean you look sexy but its not what you asked for.