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This is what happens when dating sites collide.

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  • Garrett Tipton 2 years ago

    Dear Cracked,

    This was seriously the best fucking miniseries you’ve come out with since
    Agents of Cracked. Thank you for extending this series.

    Sincerely, all of your fans

  • rasnac 2 years ago

    Other than After Hours, this series might be the best thing Cracked channel
    have. Ithink this is because of great chemistry of those two leading

  • Deborah Norwood 2 years ago

    She called the black guy “boy” then went on to talk about a Civil War
    dungeon she was playing in all the same sentence, I’m not American but that
    sticks out even to me

  • Jayden Dove 2 years ago

    And those police officers where neither seen nor heard from again. 

  • TheOSC 2 years ago

    The boss in this show reminds me of Veronica from Better off Ted… Other
    than being married and a brunet she is like the same character O.o

  • Nimbus Yosh 2 years ago

    Can someone call Netflix to get this picked up, please?

    This needs to be bigger, longer, and un cut

  • Gootothesecond 2 years ago

    Of course they make the black guy gay. Everyone’s always making the black
    guy gay. Gay and black are not synonymous.

  • elreymateo15 2 years ago

    I dont mind having sex with Dolaris. Shit, if shes into sharks, then I must
    be JAWS.

  • MiniMackeroni 2 years ago

    Holy fucking shit. What? Where did this series come from? Why is it so

  • David Shafer 2 years ago

    You lost me at the start of your gay rights plug (no pun intended.) I don’t
    watch you people for political crap I watch for witty banter about movie
    and shows and a few funny observations about life. Stop announcing what you
    do in the bedroom I don’t care!

  • quosmo1 2 years ago

    these are pretty shit but i stay cause i’d fuck her given half the chance

  • Adamant Hunter 2 years ago

    “oopz all buttz” could feature four people sitting around a table AFTER

  • TheRepty818 2 years ago

    I loved everyone in and everything about this series. 

  • Myfuck23 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind being in her dungeon if you know what I mean

  • WingedWyrm 2 years ago

    That boss lady is open for a lawsuit, right? I’m not the only one who sees
    the manipulative lies making for a hostile work environment, right? They
    could totally cost that company… everything, right? That’s going to be
    season 3, right?

  • GeorgeTheGreek1978 2 years ago

    Did that guy gain weight? He’s larger than the last time I watched a
    cracked video. It’s crazy how much I don’t know about the new cracked,
    don’t recognize the new cast.

  • Amanda Johnson 2 years ago

    So wait Max was the 8?

  • Nigel Franklin 2 years ago

    6:18 “You there, boy (white person talking to a black guy)”

    -_- You wanna run that by me again cracked?

  • MigNick George 2 years ago

    This show is SOOOO GOOOOD!!! Best thing after After Hours!

  • Andy Knudsen 2 years ago

    Really funny stuff guys and gals keep up the great work!

  • Kit Rox 2 years ago

    see heres the thing rush reminds me of a guy i knew skittlez yes thats how
    he spelled it and that was his nickname he never told anyone his name idk
    why that how he was then i kinda figure he was gay mannerism speaks volumes
    that men are like wild animals they never stop when they like someone lol

  • dareangel96 2 years ago

    I like that Dan O’ Brian took his time to explain and apologize instead of
    ignoring everyone. Honestly, I was more bothered by the poster but the
    explanation is very acceptable and rather funny with context. its just nice
    to see people provide information in a mature way instead of telling their
    viewers to calm down 

  • KelniusTV 2 years ago

    More items for the “Oops, all butts” restaurant menu?
    AZZ-pacho; All-about-that flame-grilled Atlantic Bass with BUTT-er sauce;
    Anus coffee.

  • Holdin Down 2 years ago

    What the hell happened to u guys?I used to love the magazine when I was a
    kid.You all need to study back issues and start this channel over.

  • kibateo 2 years ago

    Glad this had a well rounded ending and didn’t just cut off abruptly

  • iambiggus 2 years ago

    The recurring g-spot reference. Hilarious.

  • Gaa xure 2 years ago

    why do you keep making these?

  • Jevon James 2 years ago

    Change does begin at home

  • Arcilios 2 years ago

    That Milf like boss could get this 8 inch dick in her ass alllllllll day

  • Calvin Zero 2 years ago

    season 3 is coming? nice XD