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  • Drea Cervantez 4 years ago

    I like how my sister was like screaming break the rules Brandon break the rules

  • Amanda O'Hanlon 4 years ago

    He loves her! He can never stop looking at her! Ever!

  • kimistyles01 4 years ago

    I don’t don’t why he lied he knows he really likes Callie

  • Judi-Dexi Lokko 4 years ago


  • SarcasticxLiar 4 years ago

    “A horny teenager?” lmfao

  • Kayla Wilkinson 4 years ago

    Where I didn’t see it

  • Ingrid Brandares 4 years ago

    Hes a horny teenager

  • tymber kaufman 4 years ago


  • MissQueenBieber 4 years ago

    why did she correct him?

  • Ezri Gorostiza 4 years ago

    He’s lying he knows he wants to hook up with Callie

  • Melissa Hall 4 years ago

    Brandon’s mind: I don’t give a bleep I love her Me: dooooooooo it get the girl and dump the trash(his annoying girlfriend)

  • aliyahreed12 4 years ago

    Someone should explain this to Jesus in my Mariana voice always lock in lips and now she may be preggers

  • Miracle Smythe 4 years ago

    It shouldn’t be wrong. I mean I House of Anubis they all live together…. And they are horny teens

  • Letit besung 4 years ago

    Well, that’s stupid! I mean, it’s not like they’re really related! That should totally be aloud….wow…well, sorta…idk, but living together shouldn’t make it wrong!

  • funstuff81girl 4 years ago

    So when they get together.. how will they handle that?

  • selenam2399 4 years ago


  • Ian Leong 4 years ago

    break the rule brandon…break the rule

  • Kailene Nye 4 years ago

    dont deny it brandon…. you like callie and you know it

  • taiwangirlmiobi 4 years ago

    I mean I hope he did….. Cuz he’ll end up falling for her

  • music1kryptonite 4 years ago

    ok i dont see where he does

  • taylor watkins 4 years ago

    they aren’t adopted, they are foster siblings not “adopted” siblings. there is a difference

  • Quynhtram Nguyen 4 years ago

    Brandon should said u guys never adopt them

  • superpandabear213 4 years ago

    i swear he stumbled wh-?

  • qtpiefuuurrrever 4 years ago


  • superpandabear213 4 years ago


  • Alana Bakare 4 years ago

    Why did she say that why

  • kikimimia13 4 years ago

    Not yet.. 🙂

  • tlikia06 4 years ago

    Episode 4 that airs next Monday the 24th

  • Maricela Aponte 4 years ago

    Wait wat episode is this?

  • Michelle O 4 years ago

    <333333 so excited for monday even though monday was also just yesterday xD

  • taiwangirlmiobi 4 years ago

    Did he cross his fingers??? 😉

  • jcyass09 4 years ago


  • HaTeeB ReHMaN 4 years ago

    First :)