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Our ladies give you their opinion on some of their major turn offs in dating. If you're wondering what turns girls on… or off.. watch our video for some cl…



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  • Zippy Poozelah 3 years ago

    This all depends on the person. These women don’t necessarily speak for all

  • Devin Houghtaling 3 years ago

    Lots of women say He must shave! Don’t shut a guy down right away b/c of
    that I’ll tell ya why-03 I had a VNS which is kinda like a pace maker only
    it helps w/my epilepsy well, it has helped me ALOT but left a BIG scar on
    my neck and I tried for a while not to think about it but everybody comes
    up-What’s wrong w/your neck? I decided that’s it less shaving and now
    people don’t ask me what’s wrong w/my neck it’s already hard enough telling
    a woman U can’t drive b/c you have epilepsy now this scar?