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Welcome back to another episode of JRCtv!

First and foremost, I'm sooo excited to share some excellent news with you… I've partnered with Grand Harbor Press, an Amazon Company, to release my first book “Live It” this fall 2014!!! I cannot wait for you all to get a copy because I know you're going to love it as I wrote it specifically on what you want most: truly meaningful results to enhance your life and business making you feel free and fulfilled! I'm looking forward to seeing you on the book tour and signing a copy for you! Check out my facebook page for the full announcement:

Now this week on JRCtv, we are focused on one of my favorite topics and an area where I've done everything wrong until I finally got it right: love & relationships.

Specifically we are focused on a dating with more confidence. So much confidence in fact, that you're attracted to yourself! Now, the part of relationships that really put our confidence in question is the first date (and sometimes even dates years into a relationship). Before I go into building confidence around the first date and 50th date, I want to share a story with you… The story of my first date with Amanda, my fiance. We actually disagree on what was actually our first date. Tune in to watch our difference points of view and see for yourself why this really truly works!

Once you watch today's episode, you'll see there is a huge difference in how first dates tend to go versus how they should go for a great outcome. These days there are so many apps or websites for dating, for those that are single, that it can make you feel as if there's no reason to be going out on one on one dates every night of the week. Yet as glamorous and fun as it may sound, it can be very draining, emotionally exhausting, and frankly stressful because there is so much pressure we put on “is he(or she) the one?” ,or the hundreds of other doubts and questions we consider, upon an initial first date.

So this week, I want to share with you some insight and a tip that works insanely well to truly be true self and see the true character of a potential love interest without the awkward interview like processing of going out to dinner with a complete (or mostly) stranger.

Also, if you're in a relationship maybe this specific topic isn't for you. So what I did do for you was create a handful of tips for reigniting that spark in your relationship 200 dates in… As always, pay it forward by sharing this video or email with a friend who may could use a boost in confidence in love and relationships!

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  • Jairek Robbins 2 years ago

    Just a little 1st date advice!!

  • nathan mcandrew 2 years ago

    Wow u look and sound like Steve-O

  • Amanda Andrzejewski 2 years ago
  • Ahmed Hanif 2 years ago

    Jairek, mate, you’ve got to market your videos more.. people need to see
    this, instead of how to ‘pick up chicks’ prank videos..

  • Bellalili6 2 years ago

    Great video! I never thought of that, but it’s so true!