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Peter Pretty talks about the 7 do's and don't on a first day for a gay man.



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  • Waxweazle NL 3 years ago

    Too many rules, i only keep to 1 rule 🙂

    *Be yourself

    Most conversations begin with hi or hello, most of the time you know what
    type of guy he is within 2 minutes.
    no need to be nervous, so is your date.. don’t rush things, start slow and
    the rest will come when things are ready.. ok i will shut up 🙂

    Just enjoy the date, thats about it

  • Matheus Lopes 3 years ago

    Are all gay guys so shallow…and annoying?

  • ArkScout 3 years ago

    Lol bullshit. Gay relationships are an imagination. Been there, done that.
    It all ends up in sex anyway.

  • Professer Deepshard 3 years ago


  • Omri Koresh 3 years ago

    some rules about videos…
    your speaker is terrible, every time you are a bit louder there’s a lot of
    and the “rules” should be move obvious, integrate text or something because
    otherwise this looks like a rant.

  • David Boubion 3 years ago

    you’re super funny, Mr. :-)

  • Eliot Mack 3 years ago

    you sound like a gay soprano…

    and i love it

  • waterONTHEsun 3 years ago

    Peter Pretty looks like Channing Tatum when he scrunches and drops his
    eyebrows. Example: At 5:36. That’s a big-ass compliment!! 

  • Sempervivum 3 years ago

    At 2:50 – 2:59 he sounds like Sofía Vergara, lol

  • Matt Ars' 3 years ago

    Why He’s acting so weird ?

  • I Talk About Bad Things 3 years ago

    Solid half-minute just trying to get the phrasing/numbers right. Are these
    THE rules, like, there was a gay grand council that decided on these? If
    that’s the case I missed the edict and committed about 2/3rds of the
    ‘donts.’ Love the video, haha, it’s like a convo with a friend.

  • nyyyankee 3 years ago

    hahahah ”so follow these and ur first date will be very gay” :’D

  • waterONTHEsun 3 years ago

    LOL!!! “If it has a Drive Thru, drive past it.”

  • kooldadrich 3 years ago

    Rule number eight. Don’t use profanity. It makes you look uneducated. 

  • Joe Cabarr 3 years ago

    no hecha pa’lante! hahaaha that was awesome!

  • legionbunny 3 years ago

    I disagree with the “You pay for the first date” thing. You date because
    you are interested in someone and if they accept and are willing to go
    somewhere with you, it means that they are interested too…also I’ve found
    that paying the full bill makes you too easy to take advantage of. Just
    make sure you clarify the billing situation beforehand.

  • JakobTennisMB 3 years ago

    0:51 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprised that this isn’t a universal rule.

  • Benjamin Ortiz 3 years ago

    I agree with all the rules! Sorry to commenter below but going dutch is a
    douche move! If I am asked out the hell if I split the bill unless its a
    mutual idea before the date. The trashiest thing someone can do is ask
    someone out then after sinner tell them they have to pay their way. I mean
    going splitting the bill is more of a hey your cute enough to date but I am
    not interested anything serious. Which is cool but something like that
    should be setup from the begining. Also I think it should be limited
    profanity, I mean come on lets face it everyone swears better to know them
    as they are then set some idea up only to start a serious relationship and
    find out they talk like a sailor… My 2 cents anyway!

  • Prince Tremaine 3 years ago

    I think your first point is utter bullshit. Sorry but I believe in going
    Dutch and because I think you might be somewhat cool doesn’t mean that I
    will be paying for it. I believe in going Dutch for everything until a few
    dates down the road. No sense in wasting money. 

  • donta hawkins 3 years ago

    Lol I love you should not be used on the first date lol

  • MrJpman2 3 years ago

    this sounds like a lot of work

  • Beautiful Brian 3 years ago

    wait when do you walk them to their car?

  • Chris Reyna 3 years ago

    Is that a picture of titanic on your wall?

  • W. Brent Chandler 3 years ago

    no, it has a tower on it not a stack

  • jarednil69 3 years ago


  • Michael Shew 3 years ago

    “You pay” “you pay”…you ask me, you pay, I no pay, you pay!!!

  • Jthan 3 years ago

    no kissing is a good rule

  • Josh R 3 years ago

    So how do you bid your date farewell at the end? Do you give a hug?
    (Hopefully not an awkward one!)

  • deshaunloverify 3 years ago

    I like this guy

  • Posner Biggins 3 years ago

    Don’t meet on Craigslist, Grindr, Blendr ever people are whack fucked
    lol… Peter Pretty your Hilarious

  • odyssey198812 3 years ago

    You look like Channing

  • rascalrich 3 years ago

    Hey, Peter! I found you over on Joshua Craze’s channel. You are fun, so I
    subbed! 🙂

  • Jeames Granger 3 years ago

    Hell yes you ask you pay = D make sure age appropriate place for your first
    date = D

  • Johnny Boy 3 years ago

    I think I may be having my very first date with a guy, in general, pretty
    soon so thanks for the advice!!!!! 😀

  • Kamari Romeo 3 years ago

    LOL best first date video ever. THANK YOU.

  • Joe Aguilar 3 years ago

    😀 lol You’re so pretty! Hahaha

  • LuisXY 3 years ago

    Today I had my first date, so I paid and there was no kissing :p

  • ambdance00 3 years ago

    ‘You like sports…..ok next question’ lmao

  • jeremypemy7 3 years ago

    3:42 subscribed!!! hahaha so funny thats it new favorite youtuber!

  • 1uhot426 3 years ago

    grinder is not a dating sight its an “i wanna fuck with no emotional
    connection” sight!lol

  • James Perez 3 years ago

    Oh Sean you are not old enough to give relationship advice…wait when u r
    a lil older. + for dates you should ask the other person when they ask u of
    options of what they like…

  • Alonn Barthels 3 years ago

    I watched the video after my first date, but fortunately I did everything
    right! 😀