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  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    Great Video! the only thing that gives us an individual consciousness is
    our imprinted habitual traits and perceptions. Check out this new sacred
    geometry mobile app that uses a new science founded in south africa, that
    helps us understand how we are all programmed with active and reactive
    Please share and spread the love PEACE 😉 #compassion 

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    True! well I might cut it to 3 second.

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    much love to you Ralph I apply this rule veryday

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Your place or mine?

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    10 Seconds…Go. 🙂
    How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    You are so right. This is some good stuff. I will rem 10 secs from now
    on. Thanks you.

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    Your eyes are piercing, Anywho great advice as usual. 

  • bartsshorts 2 years ago

    same above as below yeah we have a tongue in our mouth and in our rectum i
    know i know.
    hey ive got the answer to all the worlds problems!
    listen and you gotta think about this, look at the big picture, this is
    traditional for a reason, work is for men, home life is for females, them
    going out in the world working has fucked everything up, theres so many
    reasons i cant list them all, for one, the kids, how do they feel not
    having a mother at home, bad right, and females have taken all the jobs, if
    none of them worked everything would be amazingly perfect!
    just please think about this, its so fucking true and natural, females
    working has caused so many problems i cant even begin to explain.

  • leo Solis 2 years ago

    Lol imagine Ralph with corn rolls

  • Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) 2 years ago

    So true I did it today. Your first thought of approaching a girl you think
    is cute seems perfect, but after about 10 seconds you start analyzing too
    much. Good tip. 

  • Dmitry Explorer 2 years ago

    I simply love you (thought and written within 10 seconds!) 🙂 Alright,
    I’ve thought a little bit more what to say else, no thoughts have come to
    my mind and clicked to post :-)

  • TechohPony 2 years ago

    Amazing rule, to also feel more powerful love from yourself, not just from
    others. <3

  • sloppypoppie 2 years ago

    I find that the reason we’re afraid to approach people is because we fear,
    because our mind isn’t in the present moment. We are not in the right
    state of mind, or proper state of mind because we expect to accomplish
    something when we see the other person. When we are in the right/proper
    state of mind, our thoughts disappear and we trust ourselves and the other
    person also trusts us so it becomes natural. 

  • Ishana Fruits 2 years ago

    Hi 🙂

    Do you think that the 10 second rule is useful because that may be the
    amount of time it takes for cortisol (maybe coming from the initial
    adrenaline rush we feel when approooaching someone 😛 ) to spread through
    our bloodstream, for us to feel anxiety?

    Just a thought 🙂 May i’ve heard this somewhere in the past, i don’t know

  • scathach2010 2 years ago

    I have found that for me, intuition/gut feelings should always be acted on
    immediately or I do overanalyze it and end up not acting on it. As far as
    being attracted to certain people, I believe that because we associate this
    strong pull towards someone as attraction, we do lose out on valuable
    interactions. Instead we should view a strong pull towards someone as a
    chance to have a Celestine Prophecy encounter where we have something to
    share with that person. The only way to find out what it is is to act on
    your intuition. You’ll find it is almost never a romantic thing.

  • VivaVistaMac1 2 years ago

    Wonderful advice per usual, Ralph. You put all of my thoughts into words.
    Keep sharing great wisdom, it is truly a gift of yours. :)

  • JasonJason210 2 years ago

    Hi – I like your stuff, and I like that you come across as a person, and
    not someone who is full of himself and imagines himself to be some kind of
    superior guru type…if you know what I mean.

  • DN.A FaSure 2 years ago

    Hi, I am constantly working on myself my confidence, image, self-love and
    more. I find that during this process I attract people into my life who are
    more like the old me or have issues like mine but more advanced (in a bad
    way) way. They may be more needy or less self-loving for example. How do I
    either not attract these people or attract more high quality of people who
    are trying to grow in the way that I am or already there without being
    totally there myself. I want friends but not the kinds of people that I
    attract with the energy that I have right now and am constantly trying to
    convert. Fixing myself is a slow process but I am attracting people who are
    not good for me or remind me of my old self.

    Awesome videos!
    Thank you
    Your friend

  • brain interpretation 2 years ago

    You clarify so much things about myself. Our hope and expectations are
    making fear and anxiety. Our mind is over calculating what will happen.
    Conscious breathing is the most helpful thing for me in every tense
    situation. Many thanks.

  • Alan Freeman 2 years ago

    Good stuuff as always Ralph.. VERY helpful indeed.. I mean, PREACH
    PREACHER!!! =-)

  • Nitin Maan 2 years ago

    Bro why dont u make a video on addiction its better for the peoples who
    need someone for help

  • Peter Gyor 2 years ago

    It hurts when you gaze into the eyes of the divine female essence but your
    mind takes over…freezes your body and you give in to low self worth.
    Ralph is 100% right. If I think back to all the divine females I’ve never
    approached in my life its always been becuase of the moments after the
    first few seconds. When you see someone you are attracted to if you are
    aware of the present moment you will act perfectly because you are coming
    from a place of love. If you act in delay and through your fears you will
    give off bad energy. I will be sure to step into radical action. No fear 

  • MrFlakito52 2 years ago

    i dont think ive seen anyone on youtube be as consistent as you as far as
    valuable information. great video, just like the rest of your videos

  • Cristian Ivanescu 2 years ago

    I thought time is only an illusion. 5:10

  • Beny Matos 2 years ago

    What if she is in a group with other guys or people?

  • Mohsinuddin Saiyed 2 years ago

    You doing good job helping other people!

  • War4Skills 2 years ago

    Woooow, amazing video Ralph!

    I am defenitely going to apply it. While you apply the 10 seconds rules it
    is important to just start the conversation naturally like saying ”Hi, how
    are you doing? What are you doing here?” and from that let the
    conversation flow. Do not think about better things to say. And most
    importantly, do not think about the outcome, do not treat it as the moment
    of truth!

    Have a nice day!!! :D

  • eribabygurl 2 years ago

    Thanks, Ralph..,,within 10 second, I think you are handsome :-)

  • ArsSpiritia 2 years ago

    …and what if by approaching the results were always the same, that the
    woman of interest shudders at your presence and you stopped talking to them
    entirely because of repeated experience which only tears down confidence?
    Stepping up within the first 10 seconds just gets the shuddering over with
    sooner. I’d rather deal with anxiety than be rejected before I open my

  • Tsepo Maleke 2 years ago

    Great great advice…for mostly other aspects of life…

  • Sam Bruton 2 years ago

    This is a great one. Especially getting rid of the judgement part of our
    minds as like you say, this causes most of our anxiety and worry and we
    doubt ourselves! No need to doubt 🙂 

  • Regal Ace 2 years ago

    10 second rule is interesting. Some women are medusas however, could turn
    you into stone right off the bat, others are .. I don’t know a goddess that
    is electric, perhaps a female zeus if that’s a thing. That, you get drawn
    to real quick. It’s a case by case basis for me i suppose

  • ToroidalVortexLove 2 years ago

    GENIUS and wise.

  • Darius Kodjo 2 years ago

    Ralph is the man. Everyone has experienced what this video emulates. Great
    video! Peace.

  • Swaggyswagswagcaillou 2 years ago

    Great video Ralph, you’re amazingly wise

  • paulo jansen 2 years ago

    i have learned before this was called the 3 second rule.
    If you wait any longer that 3 seconds you will get too nervous and won’t
    start talking to the person anymore

  • qbonumber1 2 years ago

    Best advise I heard in my life, thank you

  • Things INTERESTING 2 years ago

    he has the worst facial hair

  • Amy Upah 2 years ago

    very deep man! im diving deep today! lol <3 Now i have some good ideas for
    my anxiety! be your authentic self!

  • Roddy ThePimp 2 years ago

    Great video as usual, I wonder what is your knowledge and opinions about
    DMT ?

  • Julie Y 2 years ago

    All true! Great video. I’m married to the greatest man who approached me
    within ten seconds. He was so confident and sweet, I couldn’t resist.

  • Ralph Smart 2 years ago
  • GoPro Jacob 2 years ago

    Thanks for the advice! These videos help me to relax, I’m under a lot of
    exam pressure at the moment, thanks man!