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  • jasonhorton 3 years ago


  • GirlsAskBoys 3 years ago

    Lorde and Taylor Swift Give Dating Advice! LOL! 

  • Jonah kingi 3 years ago

    I love lorde, creepy or not. But shes amazing

  • Ben Dover 3 years ago

    can you do porn?

  • rockerdriver 3 years ago

    Lol Jet,what drugs did you do to get in Lorde’s character?;-)

  • Omar Al-Abd 3 years ago

    OMG I hate Lorde she is so creepy

  • Huy Luu 3 years ago

    1:18 is Jet trying to touch Star’s boob ? Lol :D

  • j Isaac 3 years ago

    Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus…Always keep it fire and ice/hot and cold/in
    and out…Its a perfect combination…You two rock!!

  • ElliesWay 3 years ago

    cringey British accent :)

  • Toan Tran 3 years ago

    LOL. Wing girls are innovating, nice. The next celebrity has to be kim
    kardashian lol. It’d be so jokes. I love jet acting

  • Sean Hastings 3 years ago

    Wow… polar opposites.

  • NerdDuhvelopment 3 years ago

    Hey Wing Girls, How would you recommend holding a girls hand at the right
    moment? Like at the Movies, Mall,etc. Please help me lol. (I’m 16)

  • The Wing Girls 3 years ago

    Calling all Taylor Swift fans!!!

  • ProGamerDynamix 3 years ago

    Why is lorde retarded

  • Oscar Jeankarlo 3 years ago

    damn lorde kiss taylor swift, lorde must be bi or something. Why does lorde
    seem like such a Gothic girl is the real lorde like this in real life .also
    star is hot as Taylor swift

  • MihalisNavara 3 years ago

    Dating advice from Silvio Berlusconi…

  • j Isaac 3 years ago

    Oh lorde that was so swift of you two…I feakin’ loved it…Two
    Stars…Jet you did a bloody good job…You really creeper-ed me out…lol

  • Sarju017 3 years ago

    This was hilarious
    I like creepy lorde…….

  • ToreyTastic 3 years ago

    Lol nz and aus aren’t the same thing and that’s not how kangaroos show
    affection. xD

  • Leon Stuij 3 years ago

    Wait… Wut?

  • fortuna tj 3 years ago

    Well, Jet is way too beautiful to look like Lorde. It was funny though 😀 

  • joshua bryant 3 years ago

    LOL XD star you make a great Taylor Swift can you sing?

  • Renn Cameron 3 years ago

    It’s always a laugh hearing people try to do kiwi accents.

  • Haley Caswell 3 years ago

    Lorde is not like that.

  • mandy razon 3 years ago

    Can u do a video of where to kiss in school secretly @ wing girls 

  • Momo Policky 3 years ago

    I dont understand why people are getting upset over this video. Jet, and
    star clearl mde it for entertainment, not to make lordes, or Taylor swift
    fangirls mad. To be honest, I dont like either singer, but for people to
    get really upset about this video makes no sense. Its a joke, and they are
    trying to make people laugh. I thought it was funny atleast :D

  • chachodog12 3 years ago

    Won’t it be something if Taylor Swift and Lorde actually watched this.

  • raisbubble 3 years ago

    Genius 🙂 I love you

  • Elisha Schofield 3 years ago

    Haha! Lorde impression is so funny! More of these would be great 😉 maybe
    Kim kardashian? x 

  • Emma Kray 3 years ago

    Katy Perry and Lilly Allen please :3
    Awesome vid btw I really loved jets accent xD

  • Robert Hook 3 years ago

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! Really appreciate the change.

  • D-MAX DIESEL 3 years ago

    Guy’s love to be confused.

  • Vanessa Gutierrez 3 years ago

    One thing clear starting now okay Lorde dosnt anything like that her hair
    is why puffier her clothes aren’t nearly like that there funky and awesome
    what do you know I love the Lorde she has a New Zealand accent not
    Brittish/something else accent and by the way the next time you want to
    make fun of Lorde maybe you should think about it before you get people
    upset like me cause she is my role model and my favorite singer so back off
    I love Lorde thanks

  • Victoria Watts 3 years ago

    omg this is amazing in every way 

  • Brandon Dempsey 3 years ago

    Being from New Zealand you don’t have the accent down we don’t really speak
    like that.

  • Geforcepat 3 years ago

    LOL! Lorde have mercy..

  • Arc Day 3 years ago

    It would be good if you could reply to this:
    I’ve been speaking to this girl for about 3 months we ended up seeing then
    but decided to brake
    Up we’ve been speaking a lot and she says she doesn’t want a long
    relationship or a relationship what do I do?

  • Matthew Parson 3 years ago

    Please help me! There is a girl in my class and I’ve had a crush on her
    since September. She broke upbwith her boyfriend qbout 2 months ago, qnd I
    am dying to ask her out. It is just so hard! I am so shy when I am about to
    go for it. I have her number and I text her a couple times a week. I just
    want to know how I can ask her out. Please help me thanks! :)

  • OHardCorePipperO 3 years ago

    This was fantastic. So many hilarious moments. star at the very end
    “LORDE!” too funny.

  • Dan Gabriel 3 years ago

    You Rooooock girls, great video, both amazing!

    next advice from Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha pleeeeease

  • franklin cruz 3 years ago

    Can I get I ment lol 

  • Jessica Mowbray 3 years ago

    omg jet as lorde. i cant even. im literally dying over here!!!

  • tyler quance 3 years ago

    My gf left me 5 days b4 our 4 month and she left me for another guy. I
    tryed to tell her that he wasnt worth it but she didnt listen. So she lefy
    me and dated him twice. After he dumped her the second time he told her and
    me that he used her and now I think she wants me back. What do I do?

  • Violet Park 3 years ago

    That…. that’s uh… funny? heehee

  • franklin cruz 3 years ago

    Can ur numbers? ?

  • franklin cruz 3 years ago