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REJECTED!! Man Proposes To Fiance & gets rejected:



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  • yuukisama2001 2 years ago

    Sadly I’ve seen this behavior in action. This guy was checking out this
    woman and he was wearing a damn “wife beater” shirt while sagging, hat
    backwards and everything. Meanwhile everyone else is wearing a fall
    clothing and it’s cold out. He had NO coat on. And he wanted to know if he
    was on the books in her book. Here this woman is practically in her mid
    40’s. He thought she was checking him out. I’m like WTH????

  • わさび オレンジ 2 years ago

    Nigeria bent over for the white people in our tour group. The Airport the
    military police Fuked with the Blk American but the whites got the red
    carpet. Other parts of Africa the blks were welcomed.

  • Chiefof Judah 2 years ago

    More blacks in Europe and America need to visit Africa especially West

  • T Didge 2 years ago

    Hey Nasheed I’m in my 40 how should i dress as a 40yr. old man ?

  • Chiefof Judah 2 years ago

    @TheMaybach1984 Tanzania is beautiful country that I need to visit in the
    future I have heard nothing but good reports about Tanzania. In the near
    future I will be traveling to East Africa and South and then back to West
    Africa. Africa is the best place to go on holiday. Brilliant educational
    video for the masses.

  • 009sage 2 years ago

    she looked like bobby Hemmitt LMFAO

  • Ebizzill 2 years ago

    The eastern Africa are totaly peaceful, chilled and unbelievably laid back.
    West Africa? They so loud… and all over your business and stuff. However,
    they are slowly being influenced by the west and that’s how they get the
    bad rep and stuff. But still gotta love’em all together.

  • Rachel curlylocks 2 years ago

    go visit Uganda, another great East African country. Ok so I’m a little
    biased because I’m from there lol.

  • David Neal 2 years ago

    Men do tell on other men

  • TheodoreMcFail 2 years ago

    What if the girl is wearing Sperrys? Who can’t recognize that shoe brand?
    Or Converse perhaps?

  • Loren B 2 years ago

    Are you a comedian? @TheMayBach1984 ? lol

  • xScarlingx 2 years ago

    Looool it depends on if they are a common shoe obviously… These days
    though, men even know what kind of weave and inches women have in. Loool i
    know if men have sisters (or another girl), they’ll know certain things.

  • gsecc 2 years ago

    the superfly part is the funniest shit ever

  • MrConnie33 2 years ago

    You 40 and don’t know how you should dress?

  • malik malik 2 years ago

    Tariq man I know exactly what your talking about that African
    funk,OMG.There are some African brothers and sister take the bus with us to
    school ,man you can tell they take baths ,but they don’t wear
    deodorant.They are so nasty funky mofo ,I can relate very much.

  • word..keep it fly!! loafers, good solid colors, no multi-print “logo-ism”,
    none of the “taught” fittin body huggin polyester, form fitted cotton,
    kahkis, nice fittin causal jackets… the “urban” look is out…

  • custom made suits is whats up.. and slacks, like dont be afraid to get them
    slacks cut!!

  • HARRIS2820 2 years ago

    Dope game been dead for a minute now. And there are wayyyyy too many
    snitches in the game too as well…that alone should be reason enough not
    to fuck with it.

  • Hakim Cunningham 2 years ago

    The Mack skit is hilarious !!!!!!

  • The Proverbial Hater 2 years ago

    Man, go get you some button ups, polos, vest, and this one is very
    important….. get you some fitted jeans, NOT TIGHT JEANS SAGGIN, but
    fitted. Stop wearing Jordans, hats backwards, and DON’T WEAR SPORTS JERSEY
    UNLESS YOU GOING TO A DAMN SPORTS EVENT. Also start getting suits….. not
    off the rack, but custom made.

  • bran1226 2 years ago

    no backward caps, no big baggy sagging jeans, no tee shirts long enough to
    look like a dress, no fake ass bling chains or ear rings, that should
    pretty much do it for you.

  • AkhDaVinci 2 years ago

    I want to go to Africa so bad

  • strandwolf 2 years ago

    The women do all the business and work, and the men drink all the beer.

  • Chiefof Judah 2 years ago

    In Africa majority of the adult male are married that is why you women are
    chill back and more respectable in their persona, we have being brainwashed
    to act like vain and rude in this western Euro-centric culture.

  • SinSeared 2 years ago

    Breh…business casual. Slim straights with a well fitting shirt. Leather
    casual business shoes. Peace. – Mr. Elite.

  • Ebizzill 2 years ago

    LOL… oh wow.