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Summer nights are here, and that means fun Summer dates. Here is an affordable makeup tutorial and some outfit ideas to look super cute for your date, or any…



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  • Kalyn Nicholson 3 years ago

    Let me know which outfit was your fav ! 🙂 

  • Bella Blume 3 years ago

    What is the name of the song 4:07 !! please 

  • WantedLover111 3 years ago

    Kayln, do you think you could do a video on your tattoo’s and the stories
    behind them? Ly Xxc

  • TheProudMountain 3 years ago

    Can u tell me the Font that is your tattoo “Nicholson” in? Love it.

  • BeautyByKat08 3 years ago

    you’re so skinny i’m so jealous :(((

  • BeautybyJess3 3 years ago

    What’s your nail color? It’s so pretty!

  • Kalyn Nicholson 3 years ago
  • 33jazzygirl 3 years ago


  • abstract geekology 3 years ago

    Your music taste is flawless. <3

  • Lindsey Melville 3 years ago

    Loved the coral dress and the high waisted shorts with the bustier! Love
    the nail color too :)

  • gabi b 3 years ago

    I liked the outfits. 

  • caity P 3 years ago

    You’re soooo pretty!!

  • Heather James 3 years ago

    Just adore you! Your always look so fresh and summery. I really loved the
    high low dress. Stay beautiful girl! <3

  • justmesar 3 years ago

    What’s on my iPhone video.. please?

  • Tasha Robinson 3 years ago

    #1 was my fave ☺️

  • gemma west 3 years ago

    when do we find out the giveaway winner? 🙂 my first was the favourite x

  • Clair Wells 3 years ago

    Hey, where did you get the high wasted shorts in the third outfit? Thanks

  • Lauren Oliver 3 years ago

    i was the 288th perso to watch this video xxx

  • Alexis Mcclellan 3 years ago

    My ideal summer night date would be my back yard with white Christmas light
    my boyfriend and my animals and just having a BBQ.

  • Cierra Carroll 3 years ago

    do a tattoo video!

  • Laura Beattie 3 years ago

    Love u please reply cx 

  • Cendy Zapata 3 years ago

    Love the makeup and love how you didn’t have to us expensive make up to get
    such a pretty makeup look (; way to go girly ♥

  • Brittany Leigh 3 years ago

    Omg I love those silk cheetah shorts! So adorable! I loved all of the
    outfits :)

  • marika213 3 years ago

    you are gorgeous, and I love all the outfits. The sandal flats from Wet
    Seal is so cute!

  • caity P 3 years ago

    Who won the giveaway?

  • Maxie Minkema 3 years ago

    I am obsessed with how your hair looks ever since i subscribed to you i
    wanted to know if you dye it or not could you please let me know 

  • amd23lovinglife 3 years ago

    In love with this video! Love your style those outfits are perfect

  • Jenna Thomson 3 years ago

    im so happy you’re canadian and you shop at sirens an UP! it means i can
    buy the same outfits:) 

  • Katy-Beth Brownfield 3 years ago

    Please use a different mascara, I think there are other mascaras out there
    that could do a better job. Not to be rude, but just a suggestion.

  • liliana pedro 3 years ago

    Could you do like a tattoo video ? Showing your tattoos and kind of like
    explaining for people who would like to get one done