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Derek Mio plays Elliot in Geek & Sundry's new show Spooked! Watch episode 1 here: Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, co…



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  • jnzkngs 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but this character makes me want to take a shower. Mostly because
    the only difference between myself and him is that I don’t have the
    confidence to say the things that are constantly running through my head
    that feel creepy as hell. If I had his confidence/naiveté’ I wouldn’t just
    get be friend-zoned, I’d be pri-zoned. :(

  • Jigsaw79 3 years ago

    I must have more Spooked. Spooked is the best thing that has happened to me
    since VGHS.

  • Brian Singer 3 years ago

    Yep, I unfortunately have about the same skills with women as Elliot. He’s
    like my spirit animal, and I’m not proud of that.

  • Naros 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tips. I feel confident that my next date will not end up
    like the last one. Even though the fire *was* easy enough to put out.

  • scubarang 3 years ago

    I think Elliot is my favourite character in the series. Not sure about his
    dating tips though…

  • brownsugr111 3 years ago

    Idk what to think about this, lol.

  • TheSidster21 3 years ago

    the tonight we dine in hell would be good if you went to a restaurant
    called in hell, I’d imagine it serve pretty spicy food

  • Gregory Taylor 3 years ago

    funniest one on this series – thanks!

  • Catherine Lu 3 years ago

    Why does it seem like he is talking about himself rather than women … ;)

  • TheGeekyIntrovert 3 years ago

    This video started out great until Morgan came in with her subtly annoyed,
    mostly nonchalant atmosphere…and then it became awesome.

  • Chelsea Conti 3 years ago

    hahahah XD u into morgan dude!!

  • Demonic Kittie 3 years ago

    hehehe I loovve johnnie <3

  • Carolyn Schroeder 3 years ago

    I think “Elliot” is hilarious! The absolute perfect typical guy who thinks
    he knows everything about women but knows absolutely nothing! You crack me

  • NS1973 3 years ago

    If Spooked was on a network channel, I could totally see these little
    Elliot Moments being shown as credits roll. Kind of like those “Knowing is
    half the battle” PSAs they ran after GI Joe episodes.

  • Sav S 3 years ago


  • Brad B 3 years ago

    This guy is quite literally a real life asian “Leonard Hofstadter”

  • Torrey Keown 3 years ago

    i get some of the quotes; 300 ron burgundy the shining whats the other
    stuff from?

  • Shellyx9 3 years ago

    God, I love all of this xD “Tonight we dine in hell” 😀 :D

  • Ariel Harmony 3 years ago


  • Krainazar MC 3 years ago

    Well Elliot, I honestly don’t understand why she isn’t in love with you
    yet…*sarcasm included*

  • sausageape1 3 years ago

    I’m sure that Ashley was trying to keep from laughing behind the door.