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Derek Mio plays Elliot in Geek & Sundry's new show Spooked! Watch episode 1 here: Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, co…



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  • Geek & Sundry 3 years ago

    Elliot’s dating advice continues with the second B of your A Game. What?

    What’s your favorite silly pick-up line? 

  • hempev 3 years ago

    Phone home, Elliot, there’s a glowing finger waiting for you there.

  • Xion Productions 3 years ago

    He reminds me of an Asian version of Leonard from Big Bang Theory :}

  • Mitch Hutts 3 years ago

    I love the vlog style bonus vids! Totally adds to the characters. Elliot,
    no man is an island. Stick with your friends! And be a bit more

  • Eric Canoy 3 years ago

    don’t worry asian bro, I got your back I know how it feels, us asian bro’s
    gotta get each other’s back…. even though you to go along with this ghost
    hunting thing instead of being a *pick one* doctor/engineer/business
    professional…. lol

  • Matt Evans 3 years ago

    This made me like Elliot more. I’m trying the $20 trick tonight.

  • BiblioRook 3 years ago

    Yeah, it’s really hard to feel sympathetic towards this character, I would
    go as far as to say he’s the weakest part of Spooked as a whole.

  • norabaron 3 years ago

    Yes, good job perpetuating the belief that women don’t know what they want
    and that all women are prostitutes. A+, writers.
    (I get that this is supposed to be humorous, but with recent events shining
    a light on the fact that this entitled view of women is not only pervasive
    but actively dangerous, it’s hard for me to feel anything but offense at
    it… Which pisses me off all the more, because the rest of the show is
    quite good.)

  • okrajoe 3 years ago

    Could have used these dating tips about a decage ago. :)

  • Brook Kuhn 3 years ago

    Elliot’s getting creepier and creepier.

  • walter S Sotoj 3 years ago

    Dude cash aint cool gotta get something from the heart something meaningful
    that will make her feel special

  • Steven K Smith 3 years ago

    I wasn’t really into Elliot at first but seeing Connor back stab him with
    Morgan has made me get a real soft spot for the guy.