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Derek Mio plays Elliot in Geek & Sundry's new show Spooked! Watch episode 1 here: Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, co…



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  • Farlandir 3 years ago

    I’m just going to assume that Elliot is on the team because he’s been
    possessed by a particularly inept incubus, out on his first lark after
    slipping loose from the toddler pens in the underworld, and the ghost
    hunters are all humoring him until they can figure out how to safely purge
    the evil spirit without leaving him permanently brain damaged. :}

  • James Brent Isaacs 3 years ago

    I was MADE for that tip!

  • Ty Bey 3 years ago

    I think we have not only the right to demand an entire channel dedicated
    to Spooked with daily full spooked episodes preferably 45+ minutes long, I
    think we deserve it.

  • 2brokegeeks 3 years ago

    “Words. Movies. Characters. Uh, Visuals.”

    That is some poetry. CANNOT wait for the other parts. 

  • Allie O'Neal 3 years ago

    Elliot is adorable, as is his first dating tip, which is on the right
    track, but not quite there.

  • Ian Buck 3 years ago

    Really can’t argue with any of his points. Flawless advice all around.

  • Jon Spratlin 3 years ago

    What no neck beard and trilby?

  • Willem Verheij 3 years ago

    Somehow I think he’d get along real well with Zaboo.

  • Thirdy Summer 3 years ago

    Why is Wade out of Kappa Tau House?

  • Switcher Occifer 3 years ago

    Is Elliot the Love-Cloned child of Zaboo and Swoozie?

  • Lance Kirkman 3 years ago

    You’ve created a monster! Don’t encourage him ;)

  • lateworm 3 years ago

    i was hoping its elliot rodgers.

  • Mariko True 3 years ago

    Although great Gollum vocal, probably not a good silence-filling mechanism
    for date #1 (probably not for dates 1 – 3). But appreciate hearing hints
    from “the other side”, so keep posting Elliot!

  • darkblade87 3 years ago

    How about some tips to date gay guys?

  • Lauren Ruddenklau 3 years ago

    It’s not okay to make a show that’s already my new favorite with only one
    episode and two shorts. Not. Okay.

  • Derek Snow 3 years ago

    Instructions not clear enough. Dick is stuck in ceiling fan.

  • Leanne Kinkopf 3 years ago

    These need to be continued. Dat Gollum.

  • Joshua Trytten 3 years ago


  • Kemesha Vassell 3 years ago


  • Bob Bobucles 3 years ago

    Dear Elliot,
    I read every single day. I go to my favorite sites(4chan, webcomics, mlp
    erotica) and leave no webpage unturned. But when I finally find that
    special someone and sublimate the ice, it always ends with a big scary man
    escorting me outside. Am I not presenting myself correctly? How can I make
    a good first impression without ending up on the 10 O’clock news, uh,

  • Oshawosh555 3 years ago


  • georgia tobo 3 years ago

    I think Elliot and I have the same brain, which is worrying.

  • Elijia Velasquez 3 years ago


  • Equilibrium314x 3 years ago

    So awesome

  • David Lowery 3 years ago

    The big kids just read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, if you aren’t familiar
    with it, I would recommend a read. Actually, I want with a more complex
    technique with some scientific basis of having them read the same portion
    over a few hours later. Jake finished it in one day, and Mary in two.
    We’ll now watch commentary on it.

  • Matthew Brandon 3 years ago

    You don’t do much dating. 

  • Melting_Pot 3 years ago

    not too sure I like his character. he reminds me too much of that really
    obnoxious guy from Rock Jocks..