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This is what you've been wondering forever!! Does he like you? Here's how to know if he definitely doesn't! Watch more vids! and Subscribe! Order…



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  • GirlsAskBoys 3 years ago
  • SurferMan127 3 years ago

    #3 is embarrassingly true. It’s beyond just taking an interest. If I’m
    talking to a girl I like, I basically turn into an investigative reporter
    who just got the interview of his life. I work in politics, and I have
    given Senators less attentive queries than I do the girl who works the
    front desk at my gym.

    #5 on the other hand is unhelpfully broad. Just because a guy doesn’t spend
    every waking moment with you does not mean he doesn’t like you. Let’s go
    back to the example of the girl at my gym, I think she’s the greatest thing
    since the invention of the microwave, but when I go to the gym I don’t skip
    working out just to talk to her.

  • Caitlyn Compton 3 years ago

    Hi I need help with my boyfriend we keep it a secret we r dating cause we
    don’t want to be made fun of at school I want him to be romantic to me at
    school while people not noticing. Can u PLZ help?

  • XboxOneFTW 3 years ago

    Hello Girlsasksboys, in this video was a perfect balance between funny
    moments and serious tips, and they were true! (except 5, but that is
    because im very shy)… Can you post more often these kind of videos in
    wing girls channel? I ask this because wing girls are often meant to be
    funny and not for tips. PLEASE RESPOND, thank you!!!

  • j Isaac 3 years ago

    Hello…When he ignores you and tells you that he doesn’t like you like
    that…Then that’s a really big clue…Hint Hint…

  • alg11297 3 years ago

    One of your best videos yet. I like the music too.

  • Ketsu Yoplace 3 years ago

    When a guy doesn’t get nervous when there is awkward silence then he
    doesn’t like you 

  • TheSimplydar 3 years ago


  • Gabby Simone 3 years ago


  • Sean Graczyk 3 years ago

    #1 is a bit sketchy. Sometimes we are busy. But if they still take the time
    to drop you a line saying, “Hey, really wish you were here. Hope to get
    this done soon.” They are into you.

  • michaeljohnnylover 3 years ago

    all of these have happened to me 🙁 but with every guy I have ever
    known…. damn 

  • Princesslifex3 3 years ago

    he treats youu like a buddy 

  • Mayu Kei Hinamori 3 years ago

    LOL 😉 too funny I can’t stop laughing LOVE YOUR GUYS VIDEOS <3

  • Roslyn Grace 3 years ago

    Hey guys! I need ur help! I recently liked 1 guy whoz my friend since a
    year.. recently told him I like him coz hez been flirting wid me lately..
    but he dint answer me weather he likes me or not! I’m confused! Plz help!! 

  • ourworld80 3 years ago

    he asks you for advice like your his wing man or something my child hood
    friend did that too me 

  • Joshua Hughes 3 years ago

    A lot of girls reject me when I try to make time for them. Leave them
    alone. I have goals in life. I have to get ready for college and I work.
    I’m not going out of harms way to be with a girl I like because I am 19 and
    still single. I get rejected a lot so please. Because these days guys be
    sacrificing to keep a girl and then get played a fool. So please. I used to
    do that and then get played. Plus this is going to be my 19th Valentine’s
    day single. I really hate that day because I don’t know how it is like to
    have a girlfriend. I got my feelings hurt by girls and I get played. I’ve
    been played too much. So please. I don’t know what it is like to have a
    girlfriend. I have crushes and they play me and reject me. Sometimes guys
    need to know if a girl likes them back. By doing the same. Don’t just
    sitting there while guys chase you chase them back. Tell these girls that.
    I’m 19 years old and still single so yeah. I’ve got my feelings hurt way
    too much by these girls

  • Brittney Hagerman 3 years ago

    my boyfriend is studying abroad in the UK for four months, and i was
    wondering if you guys have any advice for long distance relationships ! 

  • joel valladares 3 years ago

    Dressed as guys but still have eye makeup okay

  • Ericka Hudach 3 years ago

    I had a guy hug me and kiss ne on the cheek and then he went to my
    bestdlfriend and made out with her help me please i really really like hin

  • Windell 3 years ago

    When you tell him that you like him allot and his response is, “Uhm, ok. Me
    too.” Then you know he is just not that into you. It might just be because
    he is shy, but i doubt it. If someone really likes you, they would respond
    by saying they really like you too. And remember, forcing him to say he
    likes you, doesn’t mean he likes you.

  • Tabbie Hazelton 3 years ago

    I’m like 4-5 right now…I’m not happy now…

  • Crystal Makondas 3 years ago

    So funny. You guys always know what you’re talking about

  • J3yblivion 3 years ago

    he sends you a dtf message .. jk

  • Gabby Toriello 3 years ago

    Hi GirlsAskBoys, I need help. There’s this guy who I really like, and I
    thought he liked me too for a while. We used to text every single night for
    a long time, and suddenly, he stopped texting me a few days ago, even
    though I would text him. So now I’m wondering why he stopped texting me,
    especially because he said he loved texting me. Please help, I love you

  • Esme Lillian 3 years ago

    I love you guys so much :D

  • Katie Chavez 3 years ago

    Hey wing girls I need HELP were having a girls ask boys dance and I want to
    go ask this boy but here’s the thing we hang out with different people . I
    really want to ask him but I’m afraid he’d get annoyed if I wanted to
    hangout with my friends I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO HELP ME PLEASE ?!

  • jessica cameron 3 years ago

    if he dosent like u he wouldent look at you or talk to u unless u talk to
    him first or he needs to. (at least that’s what I abserved)

  • Anaileya Howard 3 years ago


  • Dantick09 3 years ago

    I don’t do 5 because it would make me look like a stalker. However if I
    happened to find out at what time her meeting is by accidentally peeking at
    her sheet and I just happened to be in the hallway she has to take then it
    would be a great opportunity to chat.

  • Sydney Croteau 3 years ago

    Slightly Akward 😉 

  • Lily Buchness 3 years ago

    Hey jet and star! My boyfriend drinks A LOT and is kinda a asshole but idk
    sometimes I like him it’s confusing he was my first time and he makes all
    these future plans yet he can be a complete jerk sometimes but also the
    sweetest guy I’ve talked to him about it before and nothing’s really
    changed I don’t know what to do please help! Love you guys!

  • Lance Yarrall 3 years ago

    Tip 1) If it feels like he doesn’t like you – he doesn’t like you – if
    you’re not sure, he’s probably not sure either. A young-ish guy will have a
    list of things the girl should be, I think girls are the same. Allow
    yourself time to prove to him his list should be more of you and less of a
    fantasy. Don’t hurry, don’t worry, and enjoy the moments you do share.
    Tip 2) At some point, when you’re single and he’s single, he is going to
    like you (Fact!!!) providing a) you are both hetro-sexual and b) you
    haven’t turned him off by being too intense e.g. intensely clingy,
    intensely moody, intensely aggressive, intensely jealous (when he wasn’t
    single) or intensely rude (when you weren’t single). Be patient and grow
    yourself into the beautiful, strong, independent woman you’re supposed to
    be ‘cos that’s when he’ll notice you.
    Tip 3) Be patient and grow yourself into the beautiful, strong, independent
    woman you’re supposed to be ‘cos then even better guys will notice you too.
    Tip 4) Never mention the things you don’t like about yourself – he may not
    have noticed or he may really like the thing you don’t like – if you tell
    him often enough you’re too fat, too thin, too ugly, too dumb, too
    lopsided, too pale, too dark, too short, too tall, too ‘anything’ – he will
    learn to agree with you. If he asks what you don’t like about yourself,
    tell him ‘nah, I’m good thanks, I’m working on a coupla things but I’m
    alright for a girl’ – he will learn to agree.
    Tip 5) Tell him he likes you – again he will learn to agree. Only tell him
    a couple of times a day though and never with a question mark at the end.
    Always, always make it fun so that if he looks embarrassed you can quickly
    save his embarrassment with a ‘just joking’ or ‘relax I like you too’ – or
    just get in the habit of saying ‘I like you too’ instead of goodbye. When a
    guy wants to say I like you or I love you he will do it ‘cos he won’t be
    able to stop himself unless he fears rejection.
    Tip 6) Be happy with ‘He likes me’. He doesn’t have to ‘want you’ for you
    to have an awesome amount of fun together, and for nature to work it’s
    magic. Again be patient.
    Tip 7) If you get sick of being patient, spend more time growing yourself
    into the beautiful, strong, independent woman you’re supposed to be.
    Tip 8) Tell him you like him – not ‘I want you’ or ‘have a crush on you’ or
    anything with a response required. Just say ‘I like you, you’re a great
    guy’ .
    Tip 9) Psych studies show we are more attracted to people we know are
    attracted to us so tell him when he get’s it right e.g ‘your hair looks
    awesome tonight’, ‘I love that shirt’ etc. Always be honest and make it fun.
    Tip 10) If you don’t feel confident with the above tips you may not be
    ready for a guy yourself so be patient and grow yourself into the
    beautiful, strong, independent woman you’re supposed to be
    Tip 11) Enjoy today, and say Thank You for all the good things in your
    life. If you can’t see the good things in your life stay away from boys
    ‘cos they’ll break you.
    Tip 12) Live your life in balance – no one person should be able to ruin
    your day without many other people making it better.

    Last but not least – dress cool whatever that feels like at the time –
    simple always wins. Think of guys as builders and architects – they like
    nice lines (including curves) and hate glitter. They may like the ‘hot’
    girl (nice on the outside) for a night, but they want the beautiful girl
    (nice inside that radiates outward) for their life.

  • Paige Wheeler 3 years ago

    Not really sure….my boyfriend talks about sports…. Like all the time
    and I don’t know a thing about sports…… ;-; he’s around me most of the
    time but I’m in7th grade and he’s in 8th