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  • Amy Young 2 years ago
  • Sammy 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness the beginning made me laugh! My last two guys have been
    musicians and my new boyfriend is also a musician! +Great advice :)

  • Elizabeth Ratnik 2 years ago

    Thank you sooooo much Amy, I’ve totally been there before and I’ve still
    got a few rules I need to scrap as well, especially my facebook rule. Even
    as a lesbian, I still find your advice and your material very helpful and
    very uplifting cause the emotional rollercoaster with all these things you
    mention in your videos is not only helpful in my dating life, it’s also
    helpful in some fashion, in other areas of my life as well. One such
    example would be “if we were meant to be together, we would be together,”
    the more generic version would be “if it was meant to happen by now, it
    would have happened by now,” which is especially powerful and so
    emotionally freeing on the career/business front, especially as a filmmaker

  • matisyahup613 2 years ago

    Good looks and personality only get you a number and maybe a few dates.
    Then they take out the scorecard and see if you match up. Seriously as a
    guy, I have given up trying to find a great girl to date. Atleast amy is
    trying to show them how crazy they are and hopefully change a few to become
    normal once again. Oh by the way…. amy you are so well spoken and I love
    all your videos

  • Ellellevlog 2 years ago


  • Franc Werner 2 years ago

    the reason why girls cant relax when things start to get going is because
    nowerdays nobody can guarantee that when a boy starts courting a girl that
    he will also end up marrying her. which wasnt always so. we live in the
    hardest times for dating, poor we, but if we keep doing what they did back
    in the days it will raise the chances of that courting period ending up in
    marriage. another reason why girls get anxious n stick to an agenda more
    than usually could be that they have been hurt in the past n they dont want
    to go through that same experience again. its all just my humble opinion.

  • Dadra55 2 years ago

    yes there are rules made by pharaoh MMXVII to balance relationships and
    self esteem

  • Saritacheeks 2 years ago

    This is exactly how I felt when my boyfriend and I first started dating,
    And it’s ended up so great. If I hadn’t stepped out of those boundaries and
    hadn’t broken my “rules”, I wouldn’t have ended up with a person who wants
    to spend the rest of his life with me, and I with him. That is so
    incredibly cheesy, and some people will look at this and think I’m just
    some girl who’s in a brand new relationship going through some sort of
    honey-moon phase, I know, I know. I’m not going through a phase and my
    relationship isn’t brand new, which lets me know that this video is
    definitely 100% the truth, I’ve gone through it first hand. When you find
    the right person, what’s works will work. And I’m not saying to just give
    up the goods right away and expect it to work because, there, you broke
    your rules now and you took a chance so this guy has got to be the one
    right? You really do know and feel when the time is right and when you
    shouldn’t beat yourself up about not sticking with your “rules”. Sometimes
    it just so happens that the time and connection between a certain someone
    comes sooner than later. Yeah, It’s a big risk to put yourself out there
    and to dive into something so quickly, to put your feelings on the line.
    Sometimes though, it just works out. And honestly this goes for many other
    things in life. 

  • BleedingBullets4U 2 years ago

    Once a girl gave up the goods I always kept coming around.

  • LoqueBea podría inspirarlo 2 years ago

    OMG you’re a witch! How did you describe my actual situation? Yes, he’s
    another tattooed musician, and he’s driving me crazy in the very best way!
    There are no rules, you’re right! So.. relaaax & enjoy! =)

  • Monique Garcia 2 years ago

    This video was awesome! Thank you Amy! 

  • lerooock 2 years ago

    This is exactly what is happenning in my own life! Are you a mindreader,
    Amy? Love you and thanks, I feel a relief now)

  • Ken30NYC 2 years ago

    Wow, this video really explains why men and women have such a hard time
    getting along. Men know how to just go with the flow, live day by day, and
    just be happy. The average guy can be very happy if he’s well fed and well
    sexed, kinda like a dog lol.

    Women, on the other hand, insist on over analyzing each and every word and
    aspect of the relationship till they turn themselves into an emotional
    wreck…..even when things are going well! Things can never be going well
    for too long. A women isn’t happy unless there’s a crap load of drama in
    her life. And she’ll always find a way to create some drama if need be.
    Because she has to feed her constant emotional neediness.

    All the stress they put themselves through because of all the stupid rules
    and crazy thoughts that they have in their head. Take a lesson from guys
    here, don’t worry and be happy.

  • Alyssa Tierno 2 years ago

    Amy! I love your videos, always. Buuuut I have a question/i’m in need of
    some advice. I’m dealing with a shy guy…

    I initiated talking to him, since I knew he was shy, which was WAY out of
    my comfort zone. Normally I don’t really have to pursue the guy at all. We
    talked about a lot of things…including traveling and all that, and
    towards the end of the conversation I said “well if you ever want someone
    to explore more local things with, let me know!” or something cheesy along
    those lines (again waayyy out of my norm). Immediately he was like I would
    love that! here’s my number…..

    so he gave me his number….and I then texted him so he could have mine.
    Conversation ended…and I didn’t hear back from him. After a few days I
    figured since hes shy maybe I should talk to him and see if I get set up
    for us to actually go out on a date or whatever. So I asked him about his
    weekend and all that, (he works 7 days a week and owns his own successful
    business) and told him if he was free on Saturday after work we should do
    something. He said he would really like that and he wants to see me…and I
    told him to let me know….but then I never heard from him.

    That was this past Saturday, and now its Monday…nothing.

    Im sorry this is so long. I’m honestly not used to dealing with shy guys so
    I don’t know how to take it. I can handle rejection…so I don’t care if
    its something I need to just let be. I can deal. But he’s shy and if theres
    a chance he just got nervous (and being busy on top of it plays a role
    too)…then I don’t want to miss a chance to get to know a nice guy more….

    Any advice? Should I just drop it?

  • Amanda Nicole 2 years ago


  • Elly Gee 2 years ago

    Amy PLEASE make an advice Video about being the side chic. I really like
    this guy and he says he likes me but I know he has a gf. He told me that
    they barely saw each other and I was considering losing my V card to him,
    but then i recently saw a video of him asking his gf to prom. I decided be
    passive aggressive and reused to talk to him and hug him. I really want him
    but I won’t ask him to leave his gf for me me. Help!

  • pinkypromisecat 2 years ago

    This is so true! Thank you!!

  • bboyroxas 2 years ago

    save me some dark chocolate.

  • Johanna G. 2 years ago


  • Candi Bacon 2 years ago

    I love your videos!!!! So excited about this new video lol

  • Jamie Halapchuk 2 years ago

    I just found your channel and I LOVE it! I feel like you are inside my mind
    haha. But really this question is totally off topic…what is your hair
    care routine?! Like how do you get it that perfect? Especially when it’s
    curly at the bottom but not a giant poofball…yeah you must share your
    secrets. Thanks for being hilarious :)

  • diebyflyguy 2 years ago


  • fashiongurus1 2 years ago


  • brendafranco1 2 years ago

    I swear you read my mind!!! You go girl!!! 

  • MM4dddy 2 years ago

    I really like your channel I subbed!!

  • TheMacDKB 2 years ago

    Rules exist for a reason, but all too often they get in the way. For
    example, I found myself in a woman’s car recently. We had planned to go
    back to her place and fuck the shit out of each other, but she got cold
    feet. Yet she then proceeded to put her left leg up along the door and on
    the dashboard, and spread her other leg. So here I am confronted with this
    woman saying ‘I’m not ready to take you back to my place’, and yet her body
    language is screaming “take me”. I’ve been trifled with before, and so I
    held back. I don’t need pussy THAT bad.

    Later she told me that had I made a move she would have surrendered.
    Anyway, she and I are no longer seeing each other, for various reasons (not
    the least of which being, as I suspected, she is a trifler), but yeah: the
    point is that you have to be careful about being too formal and cerebral.
    I’ve just started kissing girls I’m talking to, in the past, out of
    nowhere, and invariably we end up fucking. Rules are made to be broken.