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Some of the things you're likely to read on dating websites.



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  • SwordsmanRyan 4 years ago

    Have you been hanging out with Tim Kennedy? Would you like to star in your own Katy Perry video?

  • Ish Say 4 years ago


  • ReliveTheDream 4 years ago

    more like,

    “:hmm i think i’ll sign up for this dating site, just to see how much attention I get, IRL i have a boyfriend” “oh and, i dont respond to anything!”

  • Ersa Mayori 4 years ago

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  • darthdredz 4 years ago

    “I’m looking for someone who can keep up with me.”

    -classic line, yet no one knows what that even means since all girls do is eat and sleep in until 4pm everyday and then describe themselves as being “tired” and “busy” HAHAHAH

  • Lulu Wijaya 4 years ago

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  • FutureB0st0nCeltic 4 years ago

    *before the impersonation videos*

  • danielhako1 4 years ago

    you mean like fallon fox

  • mistikalnawe 4 years ago

    Loool im just as happy… (fill in the blank). So common lol

  • Nina Mardiana 4 years ago

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  • haitianxu 4 years ago

    I’m jizzing so hard right now you have no idea. My dick is hard and soft at the same time. I’m blacking out.

  • davis1220 4 years ago

    Stick with MMA LOL

  • hennessy323 4 years ago


  • Andres Fontanez 4 years ago

    “looking for someone to keep up with me *eats corn chip* lmao

  • unorthodoxtrotsky 4 years ago

    How about this? “I love to laugh,” “I love to have good time,” and “I’m real.” I find those three to be very common.

  • John Ganzon 4 years ago

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    Join the #1 Friendship and dating site –> WWWoBIZFRIEND•ORG
    Join the #1 Friendship and dating site –> WWWoBIZFRIEND•ORG
    Join the #1 Friendship and dating site –> WWWoBIZFRIEND•ORG
    Join the #1 Friendship and dating site –> WWWoBIZFRIEND•ORG
    Join the #1 Friendship and dating site –> WWWoBIZFRIEND•ORG

  • axel stoner 4 years ago

    Funny but true

  • jtifflezmarie 4 years ago

    Do you think the guys profiles are poetry? Just wondering…

  • jtifflezmarie 4 years ago

    So what pearls did YOU offer, sans wig, to help you collect these?

  • Myke Hawke 4 years ago

    So how do I contact this girl?

  • TheJesseGuerra 4 years ago


  • John Doe 4 years ago

    This is so true

  • Carl Larsen 4 years ago

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  • rimon sahana 4 years ago

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  • ElNinoCudi 4 years ago

    HAHAHA this is hilarious!

  • Ultimate Fighting Cartoons 4 years ago

    I should have included that!

  • ensoi221 4 years ago

    Has anyone posted this on reddit? That could revive this vid or is the shit girls say stuff over & done with?

  • philipee32 4 years ago

    wheres your impersonations at? I wanna see rampage

  • supercat821 4 years ago

    tepid humor

    The timing, delivery… all adequately copied. It’s the substance

    (I liked the Rashad/Rampage video)

  • Juan Mata 4 years ago

    how about “Dont contact me if you don’t know the difference between your, and you’re”

  • Ultimate Fighting Cartoons 4 years ago

    I know right? Maybe I didn’t post it early enough, when this stuff was more popular.

  • RealRainbowRapidash 4 years ago

    How is this not more popular? 😮

  • dustinf11 4 years ago

    you missed the point…

  • FIREHAWK1979 4 years ago

    The majority of men are under 6ft, no wonder these girls are single.

  • max powers 4 years ago

    is there anyone out there who got something positive to say about eharmony,this vid is just disturbing a dude pretending to be a woman??i’m starting to wonder if joining is a good idea or not!

  • Ultimate Fighting Cartoons 4 years ago

    i didn’t realize that haha, I should post some shirtless photos then

  • LightsofMadness 4 years ago

    It’s funny how they say they don’t want guys with shirtless photos. It is proven that guys with shirtless photos are the most hit up on dating sites. Rule of thumb! Just think of the opposite when a girl says something. Most that I have met are either shallow or very bitter at life!!

  • shatdog1 4 years ago

    Good Luck, lonely brother…. I think you should ask for you money back- ’cause none of those dumbass bitches are going to answer you well intentioned posts and emails. Mangina!

  • Ultimate Fighting Cartoons 4 years ago

    amen brother

  • Sapsapsap22 4 years ago

    Haha spot on. This is how most young female mind works. Contradiction after contradiction.

  • Ultimate Fighting Cartoons 4 years ago

    thank you kind person, whoever you are!