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  • salahhe . 4 years ago

    This was a bunch of crap.

  • Mantikore420 4 years ago

    Speaking of jealousy..

  • April Lou 4 years ago

    I just love how everyone dies in the end. XD

  • Martina Kirke 4 years ago

    you have no idea what women want… or you think you can revenge your ex by hating women… none of those possibilities is going to work

  • Andrew Kelley 4 years ago

    A pitiful attempt to defend the most banal writer who ever lived. “Dull” does not even begin to describe Shakespeare. It would be like trying to use a billiard ball instead of a scalpel for open heart surgery.

  • AwesomeMcGuirk 4 years ago

    I tried this. It didn’t work 🙁 I think I did it a little wrong… I told her that she was like a crow among doves. She did not take it as a compliment to her outstanding beauty. In fact, she slapped me and left the room.

  • Kualla Adolphe 4 years ago


  • DivergentMind 4 years ago

    uhm didn’t many of his love stories end in everyone dying?

    Is that really someone we should be taking advice from?

  • Omer Lavian 4 years ago

    I wish the Youtube descriptions had the qualifications of the lesson maker, as in doctor, masters in literature, etc.

  • Y0SSIE 4 years ago

    Reviving proper English :)

  • Ranjan Borah 4 years ago

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  • Dalibor Karlović 4 years ago

    You, sir, are an atrocious cad!

  • Dalibor Karlović 4 years ago

    You, sir, are an atrocious cad!

  • TheHansome21 4 years ago

    Allow me to correct myself, ATTRACTIVE women like being treated that way.

  • h0gan100 4 years ago

    the source volume needs to be increased please ^^

  • riddlers91 4 years ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the words he apparently created, wasn’t they just the slang words being used at the time? His plays were for everyone so he would of used everyday language.
    Not everybody could read so the slang of the commons didn’t make the archives except for in Shakespeare.

  • Teddy Skywatcher 4 years ago

    A lot of those words where not invented by him.
    But he was familiar and creative with language, plus he wrote a lot.
    The word assassination for instance is first seen in McBeth.
    But he most likely did not invent it, as it comes from an old arabic word.
    Still the man is brilliant and I love his works.
    Here is something interesting:
    Shakespeare: Original pronunciation
    It makes such a difference

  • MansionByBeach1 4 years ago


  • Jordan Reeves 4 years ago

    Thanks, Diogo!

  • supersporkspank 4 years ago

    Using the word “Shakespeare” within any classroom in the 21st century has become almost as dangerous for teachers as putting balloons in a toaster, unless of course words like “deconstruction”, “phallogocentrism” and “patriarchy” are used in the same sentence.

  • D4bbl3zGaming 4 years ago

    What I got from this episode: Read Shakespeare. Get laid.

  • D MacKenzie 4 years ago

    He is using the spelling that was using the spelling that was preferred in the English Augustan era (Queen Anne – George II), and found on the additional plays section in the 1664 Third Folio amongst other places. It was one of many ways of spelling his name found over the years. His own signatures gave us Willm Shakp, William Shaksper, Wm Shakspe, William Shakspere, Willm Shakspere and William Shakspeare. The modern spelling is just convention (maybe).

  • Jeremy Sutherland 4 years ago

    I love the Flight of the Conchords reference! “You’re the most beautiful girl in the room”

  • operativexeight 4 years ago

    I’m madly in love and some Shakespeare could sooth my heart right now.

  • Jesi Lyn 4 years ago

    Shakespeare invented my name (Jessica) so I guess I owe him that lol

  • wowitslee 4 years ago


  • Niloufar Hafizi 4 years ago

    What do you mean by out of touch? Given the circles he moved in, was he out of touch with his social peers for his time, out of touch with people in general, or does he feel out of touch for us because we are not accustomed to the language he uses?

  • Vincent W 4 years ago

    Sure, his language was unprecedented, but I always found his stories to be dull and out of touch.

  • AmadeosWolfgang 4 years ago

    And yet we still emulate his works. True, using the same language verbatim does sound drab and past its time, the method behind the language is what we can learn from and what we use. Language today is much more harsh, brutish and blunt, and children today are brought up with it, not wanting to listen to the more subtle, complex and acute language that is used by Shakespeare.

  • AmadeosWolfgang 4 years ago

    In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the language used is specifically on a subject you wouldn’t typically go into the first time you meet someone. One of the big stepping stones in a relationship is knowing if you agree (or agree to disagree) about God, whether he exists or not or if you don’t care if he does. I’m not saying it is a good idea to marry someone the day after you meet them, ever, but the love between those two was conveyed as truly as possible given the restraints on time.

  • AmadeosWolfgang 4 years ago

    There are ways of translating the method rather than simply using the language. You essentially want to subliminally suggest to her that she loves you, or at least the idea that you love her. Being too forward, or too obvious of your intentions can and likely will be construed as offensive.

  • Brust90 4 years ago

    To get the one you love, to love you back.

    This sounds like a horrible act. What did he mean?

  • Nathaniel Ziv Stern 4 years ago

    15 years old, love Shakespeare, and proud of it.

  • MrVankog 4 years ago

    Get the girl you love… if she understands the historic gibberish ^^

    As a foreigner it is really hard to understand Shakespeare’s language.

  • AlmightyDoubleHelix 4 years ago

    Romeo and Juliet was horrible, I don’t care who wrote it.

  • Diogo V. Kersting 4 years ago
    You’re welcome

  • Jacob Raihle 4 years ago

    I don’t think you’ll ever get high odds on that one… Regardless of what he did or didn’t accomplish in his time, Shakespeare is boring and outdated today. Kids boo for good reasons.

  • Jeni1984V 4 years ago


    boooo at you

  • Thor Nielsen 4 years ago

    That’s terrible dating advice right there.

    Let me emphasize this very clearly. Do not follow the example set by for instance Romeo and Juliet.. that shit is fucked up. They barely even knew each other! This here is a recipe for thinking that the initial chemical high is what relationships are all about.

  • Corbin Harper 4 years ago


  • Atalinay 4 years ago

    Basically Shakespeare writes complicated soap operas. Awesome!