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How to Know what a Girl is Thinking: How to be Popular in High School: …



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  • Karyle Dizon 3 years ago

    You’re feeling type of like you’re back at square one, beginning over again. At one moment

  • Wade Boggs 3 years ago

    I deal with rejection through stalking. You have to teach these women that
    they just can’t arbitrarily reject you with facing consequences.

  • Raymond Mescudi 3 years ago

    Lmao the drag your corpse comment had me dying! 

  • Wouter de Waal 3 years ago

    Bro what is the worst that could happen, just go talk to her. If she
    doesn’t like you like you like her, just leave her alone, there are enough
    bitches in this world to bang.

  • troy wilson 3 years ago

    lol ive done that

  • Cameron Watson 3 years ago

    Hey Thad I Have a Problem Well Me and my Girlfriend Were going out for 6
    months and she Dumped Me for Being Dusgusting and Well Shes My First Love
    and i Really Do Love Her And were staring to be friends again WHAT SHOULD I

  • Maax Dee 3 years ago

    Fuckin john

  • NzLory 3 years ago

    HELP ME, everybody finds me funny but no girl ever seems to really like me,
    they are always saying im cute and always flirting with me but that’s it, i
    flirt back but they just seem to enjoy that and if i try to make a move
    they completely back off , it sucks:/

  • ReCKLESSx214 3 years ago

    what is this?.. what is this??? what? what is this?? aha what is this??
    what is this??

  • TheAdvancedhobo 3 years ago

    What if you really want to go out with that popular girl but the problem is
    that she texts you sometimes and ignores you other times? but you really
    want to go out with her?

  • Lillian Craig 3 years ago

    I am a girl and I like this kid that I am in school with alot. But he is
    popular an I’m not. Do you think I might have a chance?

  • GoodAgain10 3 years ago

    Hey thad, about what things do girls like to talk about?? Because I have
    the looks but i dont know what i have to tell her.. (sorry for my spelling
    i learned english from COD and GTA xD)

  • Josh Shayne Ber 3 years ago

    What if this girl knows you like her because I heard of this dumb thing
    called love struck my friend said it means someone acting weird around
    someone they like

  • The1000thPlague 3 years ago

    from the looks of it hes really sensitive and shit so hes probably going to
    like it if he gets a needy girl. 2nd way seems like a way better option.

  • YOURmom123MYdad 3 years ago

    lol thad

  • YMCMBLB2012 3 years ago

    What If U Want A Girl that has boyfriend but she’s a 9.5 hot A Model but
    her boyfriend is a douche & she keeps going back to him even after he
    cheated on her, what should I do? Cuz These Girl we were texting & She
    stopped replying should I text her again or na?

  • Garrett LaRoche 3 years ago

    I know a guy named John, he’s a prick.

  • TheOnlyNakedCreekMan 3 years ago

    Thad, I am popular at my school but when I dont know a girl very well I get
    shy. I where nice clothes everyday like Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren,
    Brooks Brothers, and Lacoste. I get all the girls like at the beach but I
    cant do it at home. What should I do? Ps: My friends say I should have a
    party because I always make partys better. Would that be a good way?

  • Gamerjunkie987654321 3 years ago

    I hav a crush on a do I ask her out without creeping her out?

  • DaFuMiquel 3 years ago

    i checked your profile. I’m Belgian BTW

  • haddon67 3 years ago

    I’m not as popular as the girl I like but when I was playing rugby and free
    running she was like hey your epic and I was like a super hero when free
    running and she “accidentally” nocked into me was she flirting or just
    being nice?

  • TickingTomBomb7 3 years ago

    hey can you help me out? im going to 10th grade and this girl i think is
    cute is going to 9th grade and we go to the same school. she added ME on
    facebook and twitter a while ago, idk why i guess she knows me, but i never
    noticed her till last month. its summer break and there is no way to meet
    her, that i know of. also she is never on facebook anymore, only twitter
    and there is no private message system on twitter, that i know.i would like
    to contact her but with what? help me please?!

  • mommasboysrule 3 years ago

    time for a bikini mud fight for you dude worked for me

  • name8895 3 years ago

    Oi Thad, what’s your opinion on guys not wanting to dance because they
    think it looks retarded?

  • MonoIs Wong 3 years ago

    Anybody can help me??the past 2 days I trolled a girl and said I love
    you…so as she didn’t go by the joke I stopped it and earlier today a boy
    which I dunno threathen me tat if I say I love you to her agn I will be
    wlreward by beat ups but I dun Reli care bout tat I say tat FUCK it try me
    and punch me but it made the situation tense between me and her and she had
    no idea eat he said anybody can gif an advice bout Wat ahould I do???

  • ETLstudios 3 years ago

    How do u rape

  • ChillGamesHD (and other shenanigans) 3 years ago

    im a girl and i think youre fuckin hot

  • Jakeiscoll8310 3 years ago

    i like this girl and she popular and i am to but a lot people think of me
    as ugly what should i do!

  • Himself_7_times 3 years ago

    @Gamer18A you will break up later not worth it

  • froiran aguilar 3 years ago

    we dont you make a video about girls cheating on us how to know when they
    are cheathing….plz

  • Techno_Dude123 3 years ago

    Yo dude I’m trying to ask a girl out but when ever I go near her either her
    friends take her somewhere or she has to go see a teacher help plz

  • Sid Sharp 3 years ago

    Surprising bitches works! Last year my gf thought i might have been gay!
    Just talk to her and back off continuously. That worked and i had her
    chasing me.

  • lolitsthad 3 years ago

    most do. just ask a few random girls and see what they say

  • 2airtoon21 3 years ago

    Omg go to a salon and trim ur dick!

  • LonexWolf2199 3 years ago

    well if my buddy john doesnt reply i spam the shit out of him

  • FluffyBu11et 3 years ago

    Thad i got no game except on the lax field i’m the funny guy with my
    friends i have a hard time talking to chicks and they think i’m weird
    because i tell jokes that my friends think are funny but they think are
    immature how can i lose this attribute?

  • Hermann TheGerman 3 years ago

    an airplane will help