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Why do only gay dating sites ask for our status?



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  • marcin22578 4 years ago

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  • Tara Eva 4 years ago

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  • REALundertank 4 years ago

    But a good site to find someone?

  • dmarcus1260 4 years ago

    A friend of a friend recently found out he has AIDS. Hie still hasn’t told his girlfriend that he has AIDS. That is just fucked up. Anyway my point is YES I think ALL dating sites should ask what your HIV status is. Also what annoys me are gay dating sites that ask if you are a top, bottom or versatile. Not all gay people like anal sex.

  • msbuch72 4 years ago

    Knowing someone’s status isn’t the whole story. An HIV+ person who is on treatment will have an undetectable level of the virus and therefore can not spread the disease. Asking only for HIV status perpetuates the stigma of HIV and is a big reason why people simply don’t get tested. Here’s the T: Guys want to have bareback sex, they just want it with people they believe are negative. Maybe you should consider how YOU personally contribute to the stigmatzation of those living with HIV.

  • j432167 4 years ago

    FETISH for getting AIDS???? WTF that is realllllllyyyyy fucked up. I felt bad because I had a male foot fetish but that is just SICK

  • happinessblinds 4 years ago

    ‘YOU WILL GET PREGNANT AND DIE !!’ Hahaha isn’t that from Mean Girls ? :}

  • Mali Alva 4 years ago

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  • Martin Urban 4 years ago

    It I do try to be open minded and respectful towards anyone positive as well. I do have positive friends. I have received criticism on online dating sites from guys for disclosing my status upfront because it does make guys feel rejected or less important, which is wrong.

  • Martin Urban 4 years ago


  • Martin Urban 4 years ago

    I am HIV – and gay, but I also don’t go around looking to hook up for sex. I don’t disclose my status on my profile and I think it is something to discuss when the time is right. If they say they’re neg. but don’t know, get tested together. I have 2 oraquick tests here at home if we want to do that. Only that + safe sex with someone you KNOW are the safest bet. A lot of guys don’t bother to get tested and really know. Promiscuity in this community is dangerous PERIOD.

  • boobiesandshit 4 years ago

    I’m like wiping my screen to make sure it’s not it ahaha
    Maybe it’s your movie editor…

  • boobiesandshit 4 years ago

    Your screenshots make my eyes feel weird D8
    Some parts are blurry, y’know?

    Incase you didn’t know – if you’re using a mac it’s command+shift+4 which turns your cursor to a screen capture thing which you then select what you wanna screenshoot.

    If you’re on Windows… irrunnow – google it 😛

    That aside – great debate/discussion topic.
    It pokes at the whole “equality” illusional people chase after.
    “We’re all equal, it’s just that some people are more equal than others.”

  • KindaGayBlog 4 years ago

    Aw well thanks. I may have grown out of the awkward phase mentally but I have some emotional catching up to do. 🙂

  • tomoe1986 4 years ago

    i find it hard to believe that someone as attractive as you ever thought of himself as ugly. you are beautiful!

  • Natthawut Boonsan 4 years ago

    XD haha when You laugh x3

  • desktopmarco 4 years ago

    I was scared at first, insisted on protected sex, etc. His major point was that he didn’t want to infect me, and he was certain we were safe, even with unprotected sex. I verified this with a 2008 medical association paper. We don’t let the subject get in the way now – but we take joint ownership for not introducing external risk, + treatment & regular tests being followed seriously. Bonding I think is stronger, “mature”?.

  • JohnPaul Dixon 4 years ago

    (contd’), ‘bug chasers’.Go figure!

  • JohnPaul Dixon 4 years ago

    NO,absolutely not.I’m HIV + & I get to choose who to tell & when to tell,I don’t need a tick box on a dating site questionnaire to pass that information on for me.The virus is just 1 element of who I am & I take full responsibility for it. I’d far rather inform a date face-to-face & before indulging in (safe) sex with that person.Not everyone I encounter needs to know my status however.Oh & those who go looking for HIV + men with the intention of contracting the virus are,apparently,known as

  • KindaGayBlog 4 years ago

    It would be interesting to hear you and your partner discuss the dynamics of your relationship based on his status. Just a thought! 🙂

  • YoSoyDavidGalleta 4 years ago

    Well, then. Get to it, mister. 😉 haha

  • KindaGayBlog 4 years ago

    What a lovely comment. Thank you for all your support!

  • KindaGayBlog 4 years ago

    I wish I would make videos more often, too. 🙂

  • YoSoyDavidGalleta 4 years ago

    I really love you, and I wish you would make videos more often. :p 🙂

  • Cory Cartwright 4 years ago

    YES 1 out of 10!…Allegedly it’s more like 3…allegedly

  • astrolabe1976 4 years ago

    Great topic
    You definitely have the right to ask someones HIV Status. But Sero-sorting is horribly unreliable, because people lie, and people don’t know their status. You’re only as “good” as your last test date. The best advice is, just treat/assume EVERYONE is positive

  • Daniel Gauci 4 years ago

    Fuck ’em, Well not fuck ’em fuck ’em.

  • desktopmarco 4 years ago

    Yes, the checkbox should be there – my partner is HIV positive and under treatment and “undetectable” – that drives my care for him to ensure he sticks to the treatment and the regular checks, it also led to my own education about how we have sex, and the whole subject of people living with HIV. I’m less scared now, because I can talk about it and help others not feel aggressed by such a basic and important item of an intimate relationship. The checkbox is a reminder of this, and a door-opener.

  • Tom Mack 4 years ago

    Hahaha! What a mouthful! Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next video.

  • armver 4 years ago

    ######## i am glad i found your profile on yt, u are my little hero who reminds me that there actually are people who talks some importan stuff I like your point of view on many topics and what especially I liked in particular is your video How to Stop Hating Yourself U 😉 take care ########

  • MojoJujuVoodoo 4 years ago

    Hah november 26th was my birthday turned 19 xD

  • Will Rhoads 4 years ago

    Personally there should be but then again no because if you don’t think it’s important to think about before hand then u should probably get it then have a fun time with your ignorant self thinking about how to now deal with it :-$ me and my bad sarcasm lol.