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For all your music needs ▻▻ Selena's Seventeen Magazine Deets▻▻ Selena & Justin's Reunion▻▻…



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  • Clevver Music 3 years ago

    Selena Gomez gets dating advice from Katy Perry!

  • Alex jr 3 years ago

    lord bitch get on selenas level .. u a jealous ass bitch SELENA HAS MORE
    FAME MORE HITS AND PRETTIER …. keep it classy selena never trashy=

  • Sam Woolaver 3 years ago

    I love how you say “girl power naturally” , when 17 magazine photo shops
    the shit out of their models, yeah, real natural!

  • Nicolo Pia 3 years ago

    I don’t think Selena is going to use the dating advices to JB anymore. (The
    faggot’s in jail) Good luck Selena!

  • adriana chavez 3 years ago

    Who would not want dating edvice from a super hawt singer /Katy Perry

  • Josh Mikoleit 3 years ago

    Finally a Katy Perry video! :D

  • Brent Heuser 3 years ago

    Selena may be 21 and under but her voice is way fierce and shes already
    showing CLASS. She’ll be around for a while

  • Atanas Orcev 3 years ago

    I mean hey it’s selena of course she will like lorde even if lorde doesen’t
    like her and Misty i’m LOVIN’ your tee

  • mialolm 3 years ago

    Who would take dating advice from Katy Perry? One divorce and dating
    womaniser Mayer.

  • Pretty Little Gleek. 3 years ago

    First comment yeaa

  • Jahmall Bernard 3 years ago

    lol… LOYAL – TEE!

  • Hamoody Sherif 3 years ago

    I respect selena cuz she supports a girl who doesnt even like her 

  • Dany Bucio 3 years ago

    Me encanta como ella de verdad se ve que es una buena persona, no como
    muchos artistas que solo pretenden serlo por buena publicidad. Eso es lo
    que hace que la admire tanto, porque a pesar de estar en ese ambiente tan
    dificil, ella ha sabido mantenerse con respecto a sus valores y no se ha
    dejado llevar por las malas influencias de ese medio. LOVE YOU SELENA.

  • Hamoody Sherif 3 years ago

    I respect selena cuz she supports a girl who doesnt even like her 

  • Sintia Pimentel 3 years ago