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See what the rules for dating were like back in 1946 Classic video shows some of the rules for dating in 1946. A group of teenagers arrange to go out for a n…



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  • D33Lux 4 years ago

    I still behave like these gentlemen. Having class is timeless, and a genuine woman appreciates a respectful, considerate man. Also being thick like a pipe is a boner bonus with the ladies. 🙂

  • Nik Utchenko 4 years ago

    Its like a porn film starting

  • usman syed 4 years ago

    Holy shhhet William

  • danzjay 4 years ago

    Wow I would’ve been Casanova in 1946

  • austrianecoable 4 years ago

    A girl Shouldn’t make it difficult for a fellow to ask for a date…. Now those were the days.

  • THOMAS BRUNO 4 years ago

    Let us see! If William Strickland had told his school councilor in 1946 what he like to
    do with Helen. She (or He) would have immediately recognize that Will was a “Sexual
    Pervert!” Perhaps a predator, and want to speak to his mother and father! And! if
    she couldn’t she would have to call some kind of authorities in to it as to check into
    this kind of behavior and mannerism! But! Ha! that was 1946, this is 2013 and that
    kind of behavior and thinking is 100% Normal.

  • nismozx6r 4 years ago

    They use to teach manners and etiquette and social studies but all that went out the window

  • joe snow 4 years ago

    helen looks like she can polish a good knob

  • TheJojobeaner32 4 years ago

    Lay your Dick on her desk no… words needed.

  • C MacConville 4 years ago


  • William Strickland 4 years ago

    Watch frank pull out his penis. Helen who was a bit surprised accepts franks penis by slowly getting to her knees. Now watch how Helen wraps her young luscious lips around franks penis. Helen them moves franks penis around using only her tongue and lips. Frank starts to feel a overwhelming sense of pure pleasure. Helen then removed franks penis from her mouth and frank then ejaculates all over Helens face and breasts. A very happy frank then gives Helen a dollar and wishes her a goodnight

  • William Strickland 4 years ago

    I’d fuck the shit out of Helen

  • Jay Kay 4 years ago

    Now kiss~~

  • Rob Dyrdek 4 years ago


  • Mortiis558 4 years ago

    He who hesitates, masturbates…