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  • Bobb Graziano 3 years ago

    Dear Laurel, Screwing the dating rules, I would agree, but I have a
    question for you. You say with physical looks, get over and beyond it, but
    how do you apply that to chronological age differences? BobB

  • Mona Hertel 3 years ago

    Hi, 5 weeks ago I had my heart broken into million pieces by my ex fiancé.
    He got really paranoid and hit me. I called the police and i regret it
    very much because i miss him enormously. Its been 5 weeks and i am getting
    worse. I just came across your video’s and they are wonderful. I love
    your attitude and you are so beautiful. maybe if i looked like you he
    would still love me. what am i suppose to do? i think he might already
    have someone… we are not allowed to speak to each other. 

  • MrNotThatFamous™ 3 years ago

    Your smile made me smile….i feel all weird now.

  • verivici 3 years ago

    You’re like the big sister I never had. I love your advice videos 🙂

  • Eugene Shin 3 years ago

    gosh… i adore your eyes… your smile… your voice… your
    personality… you are FREAKIN’ beautiful!!!!

  • tapper36 3 years ago

    A well is what? 4 ft diameter, 5 tops… you dont want to be swimming in
    one with another normal sized adult- plus getting out is a bit of a
    trick-jus sayin- but a good analogy nonetheless.