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What are YOUR school dress code drama moments? First Boyfriend Tips w/ Alli Simpson – Back to School Shopping tips w/ Teala Dunn – http…



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  • Caroline Amour 3 years ago

    In our *christian* school, we can’t wear shorts but we can wear mini skirt
    without underwear (the popular girls do it -_-) where you can see the
    girls’ tampon string hanging…

  • Emnet Kahsai 3 years ago

    We have uniform at our school and we can only wear what we want on Fridays
    BUT we have to pay $3!!

  • Alina Han 3 years ago

    So today I got dress-coded on the first day of school! And my outfit was
    fine! Everyone including the secretary was like why is she dress coded.
    Like literally it doesn’t show much skin. And yet girls wear crop top and
    show their belly bottom can go. Even girls who show their butt cheeks. Smh.

  • Sarah Brook Irwin Judge 3 years ago

    We have to wear a uniform and I hate it

  • Jessica Markkula 3 years ago

    We don’t have a dresscode in Finland! We can wear what eveerrr we want!

  • Evalina BrunoroBeilman 3 years ago

    My school has a uniform and it is so… Annoying. We can’t have nail
    polish, coloured hair bands, makeup or nail polish.

  • Fatima Khawaja 3 years ago

    What are both their utube names

  • Emma T 3 years ago

    Can somebody help, my school says bottoms have to go below your fingertips
    w/ straight arms I can’t wear practically any shorts what do I do⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • Rebecca Johnson 3 years ago

    my school dress code is that we r not aloud to wear leggings!! like that’s
    the only thing in my closet…. can someone help me with some advice so
    that i can still wear my leggings?

  • Issa Rockaholik 3 years ago

    So lucky – I never had any dress code at school we would have been allowed
    to wear whatever the heck we wanted – but usually it obviously was still
    totally normal – I think it’s crazy how conservative American schools
    sometimes are
    – wow a shoulder – cover that !
    – you show to much leg – cover that !
    Etc. At least that’s what I hear in the Internet
    (Btw I am from Germany ^^)
    I think in general the german school system is sooooo different from the
    American one. 

  • Emme Cooley 3 years ago


  • Turianne Phillips 3 years ago

    my school district has had dress code for as long as i can remember and all
    we could wear were khakis, black, white and navy but this year they finally
    changed it to wear jeans and a solid shirt!

  • Kat G 3 years ago

    School dress codes can suck sometimes, but we honestly really do need it. I
    don’t know about other people, but I prefer to not see girls at school with
    their boobs hanging out of their top and shorts that are so tiny you can
    see their butt cheeks. If we didn’t have these regulations, I honestly
    don’t want to know what girls would deem appropriate for school. 

  • Amanda Steel 3 years ago

    Here in sweden we have absolutely no dress code, I know some girls in my
    school who practically show their butt and bra. Okay, we have one dress
    code and that is that we are not allowed to have hats but that’s it!

  • GiGi Horan 3 years ago


  • Louise Brooklyn 3 years ago

    I live in spain and it get veryyy hottttt and theres noo aircon so its
    super hot in the classrooms and were not aloud to wear shorts or strapy
    So u have to wear like trousers and tops that cover your chest and
    shoulders and its like 31°c :(

  • Cassies Crafts 3 years ago

    I cant wear any type of tank tops or leggings but i can wear jeggings -.-
    and the bottoms have to be 3 in above the knee or longer. And you cant wear
    leggings under a skirt thats too short to make it work :/ and we can wear
    shoes with no backing :/

  • puppyluvnev 3 years ago

    Today was my first day :(

  • Mikayla Page 3 years ago

    It gets really hot in Iowa and at my school we are not aloud to wear
    spaghetti strap tank tops unless they are covered by a shirt or cardigan

  • TeenageVloggs 3 years ago

    my school acts like they care about dress code but they really don’t. 

  • Elizabeth Jacks 3 years ago

    I could see your boob so… I see why they would never let you wear that

  • pookiemookie 3 years ago

    My school hates me they try to find things to dress code me for

  • Mariel Z 3 years ago

    Actually no, school dress codes are trying to make you immature fucks less

  • kelsey f 3 years ago

    I’m from Australia and I go to a strict Catholic school where we have to
    wear uniform every single day. No nail polish, coloured hair no
    jewellery/facial piercings we have no freedom! Plus we have uniform for
    summer and winter which tend to get really hot with out blazer and button
    up shirts + ties! It really sucks to be forced to wear things that we don’t
    want to and can’t embrace our unique styles. 

  • Emmabella Steinbacher 3 years ago

    Well at least you can wear most of what you want. I have uniform :/ 

  • Hannah Murrow 3 years ago

    Ugh I HATE school dress code

  • Nora Hynes 3 years ago

    I agree with u guys soo much I should show this to my school lol jk cause
    if I did I might get suspended lol

  • Chelsea Zheng 3 years ago

    we have the thing is when your arms are straight they have to to be as long
    as your shorts and you don’t find shorts like that anymore

  • luvpeacehopehappy 3 years ago

    lol our school has no dress code, and is so academically competitive, so a
    lot of girls purposely use their clothes as a distraction for guys.

  • Rachandom67 3 years ago

    I have to wear a uniform. No exception except on dress down days but those
    are only about twice a year and there are rules on dress down day too. I
    have a plaid skirt, white knee socks, a white button up shirt, and a green
    sweater vest. Once you get older you can wear a blazer instead of a sweater

  • Isabella Vasquez 3 years ago

    INVENTED!!!!!!!!!! LOL :)

  • TheNinjaSqaud 3 years ago

    all our dress code says is to not wear clothes promoting drugs or alcohol,
    and nothing with foul language. No one ever gets called out for the way
    they dress.

  • Emma Love 3 years ago

    My school has a school uniform and even though everyone is wearing the same
    thing, the teachers go crazy if you are wearing a tshirt underneath your
    jumper and its showing because ‘its not part of the uniform’

  • Marieke Sillevis Smitt 3 years ago

    My school doesnt allow red, blue, or pink. Last year, admin wanted to
    eliminate all colors besides green, white, black, grey, and tan(we have.
    Uniform) but it was overruled. Also, we can’t wear skirts that are 4 in. +
    over your knees even with leggings.

  • Christian Hudson 3 years ago

    dang alot of u guys have uniforms. that suck. but we do have dresscode

  • Chloe Managad 3 years ago

    Uniform Dress Code sort of lowers my self esteem. I can’t where what I want
    and I feel like I look ugly ( even though everyone around me is wearing the
    same thing ) Dressing up gives me a way to express my self and feel
    comfortable being who I am.